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Gets or sets the list of available drill-down report fields formats. This affects contents of all "Drill-down style" comboboxes in the ReportDesigner. For example, in the Advanced Properties of a field at the Fields tab.

Currently, the valid keys are:

  • DetailLink
  • DetailLinkNewWindow
  • EmbeddedDetail
  • DetailLinkPopup
  • ComboKey

Default Value:

  • {object[5]}
    • {Izenda.AdHoc.DetailFormat}
    • {Izenda.AdHoc.DetailFormat}
    • {Izenda.AdHoc.EmbeddedDetailFormat}
    • {Izenda.AdHoc.DetailLinkPopupFormat}
    • {Izenda.AdHoc.ComboKeyFormat}

Global.asax (C♯)

//main class: inherits DatabaseAdHocConfig or FileSystemAdHocConfig
public class CustomAdHocConfig : Izenda.AdHoc.DatabaseAdHocConfig
  // Configure settings
  // Add custom settings after setting the license key and connection string by overriding the ConfigureSettings() method
  public static void InitializeReporting() {
    //Check to see if we've already initialized.
    if (HttpContext.Current.Session == null || HttpContext.Current.Session["ReportingInitialized"] != null)
    AdHocSettings.LicenseKey = "INSERT_LICENSE_KEY_HERE";
    AdHocSettings.SqlServerConnectionString = "INSERT_CONNECTION_STRING_HERE";
    Izenda.AdHoc.AdHocSettings.AdHocConfig = new CustomAdHocConfig();
    AdHocSettings.DrillDownStyle = new FormatCollection(); //The relevant setting
    AdHocSettings.DrillDownStyle.Add("Detail", new DetailFormat()); //The relevant setting
    AdHocSettings.DrillDownStyle.Add("DetailLink", new DetailLinkPopupFormat()); //The relevant setting
    HttpContext.Current.Session["ReportingInitialized"] = true;

Global.asax (VB.NET)

'main class: inherits DatabaseAdHocConfig or FileSystemAdHocConfig
Public Class CustomAdHocConfig
    Inherits Izenda.AdHoc.DatabaseAdHocConfig

    Shared Sub InitializeReporting()
        'Check to see if we've already initialized
        If HttpContext.Current.Session Is Nothing OrElse HttpContext.Current.Session("ReportingInitialized") IsNot Nothing Then
        'Initialize System
        AdHocSettings.LicenseKey = "INSERT_LICENSE_KEY_HERE"
        AdHocSettings.SqlServerConnectionString = "INSERT_CONNECTION_STRING_HERE"
        Izenda.AdHoc.AdHocSettings.AdHocConfig = New CustomAdHocConfig()
        AdHocSettings.DrillDownStyle = new FormatCollection() 'The relevant setting
        AdHocSettings.DrillDownStyle.Add("Detail", new DetailFormat()) 'The relevant setting
        AdHocSettings.DrillDownStyle.Add("DetailLink", new DetailLinkPopupFormat()) 'The relevant setting
        HttpContext.Current.Session("ReportingInitialized") = True
    End Sub
End Class