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This method allows for custom handling of whether specific fields can be used in filters or not.

Note: Overriding this method with custom behavior will cause certain settings to get ignored, such as HiddenColumns and FiltersRegex.

C♯ Example

public override bool IsFieldAllowedInFilters(string fullColumnName, string columnName)
    switch (columnName)
        case "OrderID":
        case "CustomerID":
        case "EmployeeID":
        case "ShipperID":
            return false;
            return true;

VB.NET Example

Public Overrides Function IsFieldAllowedInFilters(fullColumnName As String, columnName As String) As Boolean
    Select Case columnName
        Case "OrderID", "CustomerID", "EmployeeID", "ShipperID"
            Return False
        Case Else
            Return True
    End Select
End Function