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14.1 Introduction To FORMS

Izenda FORMS is an add-on to Izenda REPORTS. It allows the user to input HTML5 into a browser-based HTML designer and then use that code to build an Izenda form report. Izenda’s point-and-click interface is designed for the standard business user, with advanced options available for those with greater access and skill. Izenda FORMS is one of these advanced options.

FORMS Design NOTE1: Though a basic user can easily make changes to existing forms, designing new forms does require a user who is comfortable with HTML5. Many users will never design FORMS, but simply make modifications to current core FORMS.

FORMS Design NOTE2: Izenda FORMS will override the normal reporting behavior within Izenda when a FORM is attached to a report; the FORM is what the engine renders. To use a standard Izenda report in tandem with a FORM, you must call the report into the HTML FORM itself.


  • Create WYSIWYG forms using HTML.

  • Import existing HTML forms and push data from your database into specific form locations.

  • Utilize our high quality HTML->PDF rendering engine.

  • Create, and easily customize, pixel perfect, printer-friendly, dynamic web forms to deliver to your end users.

  • Create Master Detail Reports.

  • Embed Sub-Reports and use smart tags.

  • Employ flexible filters and high performance repeaters.

  • Customize the product through our rich API.

Forms Tutorials

Basic FORMS Creation
Advanced FORMS Creation
Video Tutorials

Special Note on Fonts

You can add a font selector if you open the file RichEditorPopup.js in Resources\js, locate the line which starts with:

toolbar: "save cancel insertfile undo redo | style..........

and add to it " | fontselect | fontsizeselect"