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Report Restriction

The Izenda AdHocSettings class is the heart of setting up security. Within it, there are a number of variables which will prove useful in creating dynamic security. Below is a list of the commonly used variables.


This determines if the user is an admin and is true by default. Note that admins ignore share-with rights.


This sets the current user's name which is used as the report author during report creation. Authors always have full rights to reports they create.


This is a string array that allows you to define a list of roles/groups the current user belongs to.


This tells Izenda how many rows should be displayed in the Shared-With drop down on in the Misc. tab of the Report Designer.


This tells Izenda which shared with roles to show in the Shared-With drop down on in the Misc. tab of the Report Designer.


This sets the current user's tenant ID. A user can only belong to one tenant.


This will hide an entire category of reports from a user


This will hide any column with the given name. Be sure to fully qualify column names so only the appropriate tables are impacted.


This will append an equals condition to any report that has the given column name with the value specified.

Feature Restriction


This will removel the new button and the ability to save reports.


Removes links to the Dashboard Designer


This will show or hide the expandable New button on the Izenda navigation bar.


This will show or hide the settings button on the report list page. A redirect can be used to ensure that users can't reach this location by typing into the address bar.