Izenda Logo (February 13, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
28148 Internal Data Corrected Oracle error which could cause exceptions when using expressions and pivots in the same report.
28371 Report Design Dashboards Fixed dashboard panels being "pushed down" the page when scheduled.
28568 Internal Optimization Refactored disk cache for constraints, general optimizations included.
28671 Report Design Dashboards Corrected dashboards sometimes not loading necessary scripts, resulting in a "report not found" error for no apparent reason.
28719 Report Design Filters Corrected "The given key was not present in the dictionary" related filter population error when updating filters.
28723 Report Design Dashboards Added truncation to long report names when selecting a report for a dashboard.
28731 Report Design Exports Corrected text scaling issues in PDF export when using VG page break.
28733 Report Design Dashboards Fixed some JS errors that could occurr in dashboards due to babel polyfill library.
28734 Report Design Exports Better supported modifications of datetime formats in Excel which use the am/pm flag.
28749 User Interface Report List Corrected element borders for report icons in the report list when using no thumbnails mode.
28754 User Interface Report Viewer Fixed some UI glitches when zooming the page in and out.
28755 Internal Settings Added AdHocSettings.FilterTextAreaHeight to control the height of filter text boxes.
28764 Report Design Exports Corrected encoding of spaces in XML export.
28778 User Interface Report Design Fixed incorrect display of functions for a field based on wrong datatype in Chrome.
28784 Internal Optimization Fixed XSS security removing