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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/


The CrsDataSources command sends an AjaxRequest that is used to obtain the CurrentReportSet information. This returns the data structure of the current report set and can be used to make logical choices about how to handle various features on the report viewer.

Here is the AJAX call to use:

AjaxRequest('./rs.aspx', 'wscmd=crsdatasources', GotDatasourcesList, null, 'crsdatasources');


The GotDataSourcesList variable is a callback method that takes two arguments: the returnObj and the id. The returnObj is a JSON formatted object that contains the data sources used on the report. Below is an example of the hierarchy of this object.

  • SelectionsList
    • [0]...[n]
    • Fields
      • [0]...[n]
      • Selected
      • Description
      • Total
      • VG
      • Format
      • FilterOperator
      • FormatNames
        • [0]...[n]
      • FormatValues
        • [0]...[n]
      • FilterOperatorNames
        • [0]...[n]
      • FilterOperatorValues
        • [0]...[n]
      • FunctionNames
        • [0]...[n]
      • FunctionValues
        • [0]...[n]
      • LabelJ
      • ValueJ
      • Hidden
      • FriendlyName
      • DbName (field)
      • DataType
    • IsStoredProc
    • FriendlyName
    • DbName (datasource)
    • DataType
  • CanSaveReport

So if you want to use the returnObj, you could use the javascript standard returnObj["SelectionsList"]["Fields"][0].DbName statement. The id object is the name of the function (crsdatasources).