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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/

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The reportviewerconfig command is passed through rs.aspx via an AjaxRequest. This returns JSON formatted data related to the Report Viewer page's configuration. It can be used to control whether the current report that is loading is read-only, view-only, or locked. It also returns several settings that are found in AdHocSettings related to the report viewer.

Here is the Ajax call to use:

AjaxRequest('./rs.aspx', 'wscmd=reportviewerconfig&wsarg0=' + jq$(window).width() + '&wsarg1=' + jq$(window).height(), GotReportViewerConfig, null, 'reportviewerconfig');

Here is a list of the object keys sent back and their default values

Key Value
ReportListUrl ReportList.aspx
ReportDesignerUrl ReportDesigner.aspx
ResponseServerUrl rs.aspx
ReportViewerUrl ReportViewer.aspx
DashboardsUrl Dashboards.aspx
InitialResults 100
ReportIsReadOnly false
ReportIsViewOnly false
ReportIsLocked false
AllowNewFiltersInReportViewer true
AllowRTFExportFormat false
DateFormat m/d/yy
CategoryCharacter \
UseBulkCsv false

GotReportViewerConfig is a callback method that takes two arguments. The first is the data above. The second is the id of the config object.