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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/


Gets or sets the value indicating what print mode will be used for printing PDF reports from the ReportDesigner and ReportViewer. EO.PDF is a .NET class library (DLL) that converts HTML to PDF. EO is lightweight, and all conversions occur inside the Izenda application, but it has some size limitations. PhantomJS is a headless webkit that is provided in all Izenda reference implementations in the bin/phantomjs folder. When PhantomJS PDF exports are requested, an EXE is triggered on the web server that produces the export and sends it to the client browser for download.

Default Value: PdfMode.EOPDF

Possible values:

  • EOPDF (not currently supported in windows 10)
  • PhantomJs - Available 6.9 (not currently compatible with Azure PaaS installations)
  • iTextSharp
  • EvoPdf - Available 6.10
  • EvoPdfAzureCloudService - Available 6.10 (Uses cloud service which must be configured for use. More information on setting up service can be downloaded here)
  • Custom

Print Modes

Global.asax (C♯)

//main class: inherits DatabaseAdHocConfig or FileSystemAdHocConfig
public class CustomAdHocConfig : Izenda.AdHoc.DatabaseAdHocConfig
  // Configure settings
  // Add custom settings after setting the license key and connection string by overriding the ConfigureSettings() method
  public static void InitializeReporting() {
    //Check to see if we've already initialized.
    if (HttpContext.Current.Session == null || HttpContext.Current.Session["ReportingInitialized"] != null)
    AdHocSettings.LicenseKey = "INSERT_LICENSE_KEY_HERE";
    AdHocSettings.SqlServerConnectionString = "INSERT_CONNECTION_STRING_HERE";
    Izenda.AdHoc.AdHocSettings.AdHocConfig = new CustomAdHocConfig();
    AdHocSettings.PdfPrintMode = PdfMode.PhantomJs; //The relevant setting
    HttpContext.Current.Session["ReportingInitialized"] = true;

Global.asax (VB.NET)

'main class: inherits DatabaseAdHocConfig or FileSystemAdHocConfig
Public Class CustomAdHocConfig
    Inherits Izenda.AdHoc.DatabaseAdHocConfig

    Shared Sub InitializeReporting()
        'Check to see if we've already initialized
        If HttpContext.Current.Session Is Nothing OrElse HttpContext.Current.Session("ReportingInitialized") IsNot Nothing Then
        'Initialize System
        AdHocSettings.LicenseKey = "INSERT_LICENSE_KEY_HERE"
        AdHocSettings.SqlServerConnectionString = "INSERT_CONNECTION_STRING_HERE"
        Izenda.AdHoc.AdHocSettings.AdHocConfig = New CustomAdHocConfig()
        AdHocSettings.PdfPrintMode = PdfMode.PhantomJs 'The relevant setting
        HttpContext.Current.Session("ReportingInitialized") = True
    End Sub
End Class