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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/


What are the different parameters I can pass to the rs.aspx page in the query string, and what do they do?


This is the current list of useful rs.aspx query string keys:

rn=[reportName] This is the name specified for the report (e.g. a report named Cost Analysis would be accessed with rs.aspx?rn=Cost+Analysis)

output=[ExportFormat], export=[ExportFormat] This will generate the desired export of the tabular data in the report (e.g. rs.aspx?rn=Cost+Analysis&output=pdf)

Here are the types you can request.

File Type Expected Identifier
PDF pdf
CSV csv
Word doc
Excel xls
JSON json
XML xml

run_scheduled_reports=[Minutes] Adds the report to the Izenda Scheduler to be run after the designated period of time (e.g. rs.aspx?rn=Cost+Analysis&run_scheduled_reports=30)

Note: The Izenda Scheduler must be configured in order for this parameter to have any effect.

reportonly=[0 or 1] Specifies whether the returned report will contain styling and scripts (0 indicates no styling or scripts are to be used)

clear=[0 or 1] Clears the cache

pxvalue=[value] These are directly related to the filters used in the report and range from 1 to the number of filters used in the report where x is the number of the filter. The value indicates what default value the filter should have. (e.g. a report that filters on country, company, and product could have p1value=usa&p2value=general+mills&p3value=lucky+charms)

wscmd=[value] This parameter takes any of the following string values and returns a JSON formatted object to the browser. This can help developers who wish to work with JSON objects to build customized application pages using Izenda.

Possible Values

  • reportlistdata - returns a list of all the reports on file.
  • reportlistdatalite - similar to reportlistdata but returns less data.
  • fulldslist - returns a list of all data sources.
  • getconstraintslist - returns a list of the database constraints
  • getcrsparts - returns a list of the current report set's report parts
  • getcrstables - returns a list of the current report set's table names
  • getpivotguidata - returns the current report set's pivot data along with field names applicable to the current report set and all possible values for pivoting

Note: At this time, Izenda supports at most 5 query string parameters


Here is a sample of a query in action using some of the concepts described above.