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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/

To change the default print settings, you will need to modify the PreExecuteReportSet() method and set the related properties. The code sample below demonstrates how to accomplish this.

Note: This will not affect the global print settings, but will instead affect the settings on a per-report basis. This allows for more granular control over different types of reports.

public override void PreExecuteReportSet(ReportSet reportSet)
    reportSet.PageWidth = 8.27f;
    reportSet.PageHeight = 11.69f;
    reportSet.OutputAreaWidth = 7.27f;
    reportSet.OutputAreaHeight = 10.69f;
    reportSet.OutputAreaLeft = 0.5f;
    reportSet.OutputAreaTop = 0.5f;
Public Overrides Sub PreExecuteReportSet(reportSet As ReportSet)
    reportSet.PageWidth = 8.27F
    reportSet.PageHeight = 11.69F
    reportSet.OutputAreaWidth = 7.27F
    reportSet.OutputAreaHeight = 10.69F
    reportSet.OutputAreaLeft = 0.5F
    reportSet.OutputAreaTop = 0.5F
End Sub