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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/

Functions are added to Izenda through the extended functions API code. You can learn more about UDFs (User Defined Functions) here.

These functions are available in the 'Functions' drop-down. They can also be used in an expression by clicking the gear to the right side of the field.

The specific process to deploy functions depends how the data is stored in the DB, and what the use-case is.

Example 1: Data stored in Meters - Output needed in Meters, Kilometers and Miles.

If the data for a distance column was stored in meters lets say, and you wanted to display either meters, miles or kilometers. You would add custom Formats to display desired values to append (m, km, mi), and custom functions to do the conversion to Miles and Kilometers from meters.

To use Example 1 in tool once API work is done:

  1. User selects column 'Distance'.
  2. User selects the appropriate choices for their needs
    • To display meters; user chooses no function, and chooses 'm' in format.
    • To display in Miles; user chooses 'Miles' in function dropdown, and 'mi' in format.
    • To display in Kilometers; user chooses 'Km' in function dropdown, and 'km' in format.

Example 2: Data stored in KpG (Kilometers/Gallon) - Output needed in both 'KpG' and 'MpG' (Miles/Gallon).

  1. Add custom Function to convert KpG -> MpG to DB.
  2. Add custom Function from DB to Izenda (API)
  3. Add custom Formats for 'MpG' and 'KpG'
    • To display KpG: Choose mileage field, choose no function, choose 'KpG' format.
    • To display MpG: Choose mileage field, choose 'MpG' function, choose 'MpG' format.