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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/


How Do I Force a User to Click on 'Update Results' Before Showing Any Data?


There are three ways to get this functionality. Method 1, using filters, is the easiest to implement, but it requires the user to input filter values to work. Method 2 should be employed if you do not wish for the user to input any filter values when hitting Update to execute the report after page load. Method 3 should only be used in versions of Izenda older than

Method 1 - Filters

If you are using filters in the report you want to force this functionality on, you can use the Filter tab controls to require a user to enter the filter parameters before ever displaying data.

Method 2 - Modifying ReportViewer.js

In the file:


There is a function called GotReportViewerConfig. Change this:

if (!initialized)

to this:

 if (!initialized) {
        initialized = true;

Method 3 - Modifying ReportViewer-Body.ascx

NOTE: This method should only be used on versions of Izenda older than!

To ensure a user must click on "Update Results" before showing any report data (regardless if there are filter parameters or not), add the following to the ReportViewer-Body.ascx file in the <script> tag at the very bottom. This will override a javascript method that normally runs when the page is loaded:

function GotReportViewerConfig(returnObj, id) {
    if (id != 'reportviewerconfig' || returnObj == undefined || returnObj == null)
    nrvConfig = returnObj;
    if (document.getElementById('rlhref') != null)
        document.getElementById('rlhref').href = nrvConfig.ReportListUrl;
    urlSettings = new UrlSettings(nrvConfig.ResponseServerUrl);
    responseServer = new AdHoc.ResponseServer(urlSettings.urlRsPage + '?', 0);
    responseServerWithDelimeter = responseServer;
    ChangeTopRecords(nrvConfig.InitialResults, false);
    if (urlSettings.reportInfo.exportType != null) {
        responseServer.OpenUrlWithModalDialogNewCustomRsUrl('rs.aspx?output=' + urlSettings.reportInfo.exportType, 'aspnetForm', 'reportFrame', nrvConfig.ResponseServerUrl);
    if (initialized)
    initialized = true;