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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/


The Izenda Maps add-on provides interactive geographical visualization to the reporting experience. For more information, please click here.

Note: You must have purchased the Maps module to access this functionality.

13.1 Creating a Map

In the report below, we are shading the colors of the states based on the sum of the freight, applying a hover over that shows the top products by state, and displaying an indicator bar on the location of the postal code while showing the number of orders vertically in the bar.

The result of the map in the above example is shown below. You can see that a subreport can be set to display on the map. This one shows the top products for each state.

13.2 Maps features

Feature Description
Map Type Sets the type of map to be used. Options include World, Europe, USA, and Australia.
Zoom to Data Zooms to the region or state the data is in
State/Country Select the field where state/country data is located. This field should contain the full names of states/countries and will allow that area of the map to be shaded.
Shading Selects the field and function you will use for shading. This should be numerical data. The shading swatch corresponds to the magnitude of the data from left(lowest) to right(highest).
Target report Allows you to set a subreport for this map. The drilldown key for the subreport should correspond to the field selected for the state/region data. You can specify if the subreport appears on click(Popup), opens a new window(Link), or appears when you mouse over it(Hover).
Fill Color From - To Fills the color of the shading from a selected color to a selected color (gradient).
Label (1st one displayed) Sets the text displayed for the Legend
City Select the field where city data is located. This will allow indicator bars to be used on the point where the city is located.
Postal Code Select the field where postal code data is located. This will allow indicator bars to be used on the point of the postal code.
Latitude / Longitude Select the field where GIS data is located for lat/long
Value Sets the field and function you will use in the indicator bar. This should also be numerical data.
Label (2nd one displayed) Sets the header text for the indicator bar