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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/

This page is for the legacy Instant Reports feature. The New Instant Reports documentation can be found here

The Instant Reports feature allows you to build reports rapidly using a streamlined ad-hoc designer. This feature is useful for mock-ups, data exploration or for users not familiar with data or your DB.

To access Instant Reports, simply click on the 'New' drop-down, located at the top of your masterpage in a vanilla Izenda BI deployment.

Instant Reports 1

This will take you to InstantReport.aspx, which is a streamlined, simplified version of the report designer. Here you can select tables from your database, and then select fields from those tables. Fields that you select will appear to the right in the preview section once you click the Preview button.

The most important new and unique feature of the Instant report designer is the search box. This box allows text string matching on tables or fields within the connected database.

Instant Reports 2

While most of the features of the full Izenda report designer are removed from the Instant report designer, all of the basic functionality is included. To reorder fields, simply click and drag on the field header in the preview window. If you mouse over any given field, a gear icon will appear which allows access to the field options panel.

Instant Reports 3

The options accessible here are as follows:

Description – Changes the text label applied to the column header for this field.

Format – Allows different ways to display the same value from a field, as with the standard Izenda designer. For example, the value 2.1 can be displayed as 2, 2.1, 2.10, or 210%.

Filter Operator – Allows the application of a filter to a field. This filter will affect the entire report, but only once the user clicks the View Report button to exist the Instant report designer.

Total – Applies the SUM() aggregate to this field. This field also applies a subtotal at the bottom of the field display.

Visual Group – Applies a simple visual group format to the report. Values in this field will create their own subheaders, against which subordinate data is displayed.

Label Justification – Changes the justification of the column header between Left, Right, and Middle.

Value Justification – Changes the justification of the cell value between Left, Right, and Middle.

At the bottom of the Instant report designer, the user can access the full report designer by clicking Design Report or the report viewer by clicking View Report. If the user clicks Design Report, the entire instant report as currently built will be transferred over into the full report designer. This step is necessary if one wishes to save the report, as there is no way to save a report from within the Instant report designer.

Buttons on Instant Report

Below is the table that describes the function buttons of Instant Report

Icon Control Name Description
Update Preview Click this button for filter to take effect into preview
Add Subtotal 'Add Subtotal' adds a subtotal at the end of each number column
Add Chart 'Add Chart' adds a chart instantly. As a default, A bar chart is added. User can change the type of chart by clicking chart icon on the chart
Design Report Allows user to move to 'Design Report' with chosen data fields
View Report View the report instantly made