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Known Issues

This list of issues is tentative and expected to change. Last updated on September 20, 2017.

Expected Release Tenative Date Case Notes October 10 27754 Refactored internal datetime handling to prevent some possible issues with Culture datetime translations. October 10 28261 Fixed location of dropdown menu in Instant Reports so as to not try to render itself partially offscreen. October 10 28263 Refactored use of forward and back slashes for greater ease of use (both should be acceptable for most uses). October 10 28294 Allowed caching of AdHocSettings.Culture. October 10 28326 Corrected some UI behavior in Firefox that would prevent deleting reports. October 10 28330 Minor tweaks to button color and appearance in the Instant Reports toolbar. October 10 28334 Corrected "Multipart Identifier Could Not Be Bound" error when inheriting a field filter against a field from a datasource which is absent in the joined tables list of subreport. October 10 28351 Changed URL generation for images so that they load without permissions errors in MVC.