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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/ (November 25, 2015)

Case Category SubCategory Description
21723 API Saving Categories with apostrophes in names are causing Visualizations option to disappear in the chart tab of the Report Designer. This was also causing existing reports with Visualizations contained to be unavailable. Resolved.
22127 Scheduler Export Implemented support for the following settings system wide for scheduler. AdHocSettings.SmtpPort = ; AdHocSettings.SmtpSecureConnection = true; Previously these were only used from Dashboard 2.0, now these can be used with all standard scheduled items.
21944 API Fusion Found with this Fusion Implementation below, some Visible Data Dources were not being displayed: AdHocSettings.VisibleDataSources = new string[] { "central/CustOrderHist" }; FusionDriver fd = new FusionDriver(); fd.AddConnection("central", FusionConnectionType.MsSql, @"Persist Security Info=False;XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;"); AdHocContext.Driver = fd; Resolved and now all Visible Data Sources are showing as Data Sources.
21946 API Security Security issue where the connection string used by Izenda was recorded in logs found and fixed.
21964 UI UI Changing notice on Settings page to remove "Izenda". New warning text "The settings page is intended for trials and evaluations. For a production environment: All new settings, changes made to existing settings, and tests of settings should be implemented via the API in the global.asax - or wherever you instantiate the AdHocSettings class."
22271 API UI Added the following setting to Global file for new Reference Implementations AdHocSettings.ShowModifiedReportMessage = false; Default implementation of this setting is True, but some customers have seen issues with the setting. Turning off by default in Global only until final resolution can be made on cause of false errors. This does not affect anyone upgrading, this will only be seen if downloading new RI.
22276 Dashboards Browser Dashboards 2.0 not loading properly in IE9, fixed.
21661 UI Resources Added translations for updated RESX files to support localization in v6.9.x.x Dash2.0 UI and FORMS UI.
22055 API Optimization Fixed line of code in Driver.cs, line "asStrings.Add(asString, asStrings);" to "asStrings.Add(asString, 0);" as more definitive code reference.
22045 Report Design Visualization New Setting On Both Detail and Summary Tabs - "Hide Grid". When this is checked the grid for summary / detail will be hidden in the report. This is useful to hide the detail if you do not want to see it after building a visualization. Hiding a field will remove it from the visualization, but hiding the grid will remove the entire detail / summary report part. Detail/Summary will still appear in Dashboard as available report part, but will not display if selected.
22001 API Security When AdHocSettings.ShowDesignLinks = false, all buttons and links to the report designer should be hidden from the user. However, in Dash.aspx, the icon still exists and still links to ReportDesigner.aspx when a tile is reversed to show settings. Fixed
22011 API Optimization Incorrect spelling fixed in Class Filter, method Clone, line filter.column = filter.column;
18173 Report Design Charts For Bar Chart under "Charts" sort is not working for calculated "Value" field, resolved.
18837 API Logging Expanded tool logging hooks to cover more of core functionality. 1) Enum-based logging commands; 2) Logging areas system implemented - turn on/off INFO logging for some particular areas. Example: If you want to know the exact values of the settings - don't wan't to see heavy DB logs: AdHocContext.LogActiveAreas = new List() { LogArea.Settings }; Diagnose an issue on the Dash 2.0 page: AdHocContext.LogActiveAreas = new List() { LogArea.WebService, LogArea.ResponseServer };
21515 API PostgreSQL Support for PostgreSQL constraints in the database added. Izenda will find the Foreign key relationships existing in the database and allow the user to select these tables for reporting in simple join mode of the designer and in Instant Reports.
22195 API Export When exporting any report to, excel, or open report which has no thumbnail yet, the importCSS method puts a excessive data to logs. Altered amount of data logged for effective troubleshooting with log data.
21629 API Data Sources Implemented the ability to give Virtual Data Sources a category in Data Source Categories setting. Sample Implementation below: AdHocSettings.DataSourceCategories["Virtual"] = new string[] { "VDS.*" }; This would list all Virtual Data Sources in a category called Virtual (for both Report Designer Data Sources Tab and Instant Reports)
21570 Report Viewer Filter If user adds several filters and selects the same field more than once then the next filters copies the first instance for operator and data. Fixed
21507 Dashboards UI Removal of small gap on right side of dashboard tiles. Width of HTML was set to 98% now 100% in table style.
21739 API Resources Updated of RESX localization files for support of new UI elements.
21714 Dashboards Export While printing Forms from Dashboard the print appeared transparent. Resolve and form now prints as displayed on screen.
19866 Dashboards Resources New Dashboard page is now supported using localization for translation to supported languages.
22082 API Export Refactored Bulk CSV for optimized output times and less memory usage. 1 million record output to CSV file ranging in 2-3 minutes.
21141 Report Design Export In Report Designer Scheduler the year drop down was showing prior years. Now only displays future years for scheduling.
21530 Report Design Pagination Fixed inconsistency between Report Preview and Report Viewer when using pagination. When paginating a report with both Summary and Detail, only Summary would display with no additional paging in Report Viewer. Correct behavior was seen in Report Preview.
21322 API Data Sources Issue found when using tables with "." in name. Constraints were not loading from the database to allow users to join tables in simple mode of Report Designer and Instant Reports. Resolved.
22049 API Optimization Typo fixed in Izenda code causing the following error when using AdHocSettings.SavedReportsTable with MySQL driver "Unknown column 'global' in 'where clause'"
21291 API Optimization Fixed SQL generation error/crash when using AdHocSettings.StrictANSIOuterJoin = false;
22025 Report Design Filters Pop Up filter not responding in Report Designer (working as expected in Report Viewer) - fixed
21364 Scheduler Optimization Fixed timezone support issue in ScheduleTimeZone.
21496 API Resources Adding localization support for: Czech, Danish, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hebrew, Croatian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Latvian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, Serbian, Swedish, Turkish & Ukranian.
21440 API Export Java Script name was missing while exported to PDF or trying to Print HTML
22009 API Export Fix implemented for Bulk CSV exports. Receiving error message "Bulk CSV export is called against odata(or other kind of non-direct) fusion connection which is not supported" when not using Fusion connection.
21939 Report Design Forms @Subtotal used in Form reports causing report not to load. Fixed; now loading/formatting properly.
19163 Dashboards UI Dashboard ignores color selections on style tab of report designer, corrected.
21784 Report Design Charts On Charts Tab in Report Designer, the 3rd column drop downs have no label to indicate the drop down is for Format. Resolved.
21801 Report Design Export Issue found when exporting gauges to PDF that were consuming extra memory and exports were not completing. Resolved issue with gauge and now exporting properly.
21804 API Optimization Added support for the following settings in the Report Viewer and Dashboard 2.0. Settings to check: - AdHocSettings.AllowInvalidCharacters - AdHocSettings.StripInvalidCharacters Working normally in: - Report Designer - Old Dashboard Designer - Old Report Viewer More info can be found on these settings here in the Izenda wiki http://wiki.izenda.us/API/AdHocSettings
21668 UI Optimization When creating a category with an apostrophe in the title is is displayed incorrectly. The apostrophe is not being escaped properly and the category is displayed in the category drop down as a "%27". Resolved. Routines to pull category lists unified to avoid inconsistencies between Designer and Viewer.
21878 Report Viewer Filters When using "equals field" filter operator filters are not appearing in the report viewer. Resolved.
21380 Dashboards Export When exporting Dashboards (v2) to PDF, the exported version does not follow the same order as it appears on screen. Fixed
21284 API Optimization Fixed AdHocSettings.ShowHtmlAsCode = true; not being respected.
21758 Report Design Visualization Fixes to 'Tree Chart' Visualization logic (aggregation and value listing).
21438 API Filters Server side validation added for filter values. Validation added for the following field types: - Date/Time (both mm/dd and dd/mm are validated based on what AdHocSettings.Culture is used. - Numeric - Boolean - GUID User will be given a message stating that Invalid value entered in filters and an example of proper input. Example: Invalid value entered in filters. Field: isnew Value: hhhh Please enter a valid value in Boolean(1-TRUE/0-FALSE) format.
21503 Report Design Optimization Fixed rendering errors Field-Value VG type caused by commas in the [Field Description] field values.
21280 API Optimization Made Wildcard constraint syntax compatible with BulkConstraints setting. (EX:'.ID' '.TableID')
21826 API Resources Fixed internal mechanism to refresh localization. This mechanism conflicts with the request-wide settings cache, causing custom aggregate functions to disappear.
21579 UI Browser Using Internet Explorer, when adding a new filter or changing an existing filter operator the advanced filter options pop up will not close when clicking the "OK" button. This fix can be implemented without a new DLL using the following code sample: Add the lines below to the beginning of Resources\js\ReportViewerFilters.js file String.prototype.endsWith = function (suffix) { return this.indexOf(suffix, this.length - suffix.length) !== -1; };
22295 Report Design Pagination Paging when using a summary was fixed in Case 21530, additional issues found when using MySQL and PostgreSQL. Resolved.
21576 Report Design Visualization Report with Heatmaps break subtotals - fixed.
21549 Report Design Visualization Fixed 'Sunburst' Visualization logic surrounding breadcrumbs and 'level' navigation.
21625 API Optimization Fixed hard-coded relative paths to be more compatible with various integration methods & use-cases.
21656 Report Design Optimization When using ODATA connection number of results drop down was not properly working to increase or decrease number of results. Resolved.
22248 Report Design Gauge Fixed 'broken report' bug when 'Gauge' format is used.
22251 Report Design PostgreSQL Fixed Postgres support for 'Crossfilter' Visualization.
22253 Report Design Visualization Fixed 'Time Bubble' help message: "This chart has been set up incorrectly (see Help)."
21798 Report Design Gauge Implemented symbolic logic for Gauge support of large numbers. Example - x=0-999 xK = x,000 xM = x,000,000 xB = x,000,000,000 xT = x,000,000,000,000
22304 Report Design Resources JS Error appear in report when using Bold/Italic on field settings that are Visually Grouped and Sorted
21706 Report Design Pivots Intial issue was " User was getting Pivots column limit error". During retesting found issue with "Calculated cell values" i.e. default description was displayed and unable to delete it
22179 Dashboards Filters Fixed broken filter cascading in Dashboards 1.0.
21727 Report Design Pivots Using the same field more than once in pivot resulting in system column alias being displayed in the report instead of the actual column name in some pivot columns. Fixed
19444 Report Design UI "Collapse/Expand" buttons on Visual Groups to show that the group can be hidden and expanded. This functionality already existed in the product, but was not clear in the UI that it was available. The new arrow buttons will indicate to the user that they can collapse the group.
21196 Report Design Forms Fixed 'residual HTML' left by FORMS UI when form is deleted &/or cancelled.
21346 Report Design UI Behavior fixed where total box is checked on all fields even though we only added it for one field.
21473 API Data Sources Issue found with Table Names containing "&". Fields would not load in designer drop downs and report would not build. Resolved.
21535 UI Gauge Though gauge tab has percentage - gauge display does not change (says 0-1 instead of 0-100 for % selection)
21768 Dashboards UI Chart Title showing up in Dashboard and appearing as Chart@"ReportName". Resolved
21903 Dashboards Browser In the Dashboard URL, if the user deletes anything after "#", user is navigated to blank page.
22079 Dashboards Visualization Data was not being properly filtered properly when using a Visualization in Dashboard 1.0, but working properly in Dashboard 2.0, fixed.
21501 UI Browser I found that the error is caused by a bug in IE11. The error is in the wrong determination of the number of rows in the table. Fixed by changing method of working with rows table.
22280 Dashboards Optimization Fixed spelling issue in dashboard - on reverse side of tile the hover text shows "Select a preport part to add" fixed to state "Select a report part to add".
21906 API Filters When setting up ProcessEqualsSelectList to populate a drop down filter, and using auto complete filter operator (@autoCompleteVal), the autocompleted filter value is not updated in the filter collection. This is used in the where clause of any subsequent filters when implementing cascading filter functionality. This value is now retained and can be used for cascading.
21707 API Data Sources Database objects with Period "." in Column name displaying literal string "INTERALDOTCHAR" in column name in Izenda. This was due to internal literal string replacement in code. Resolved.
21791 Report Design Export Implemented new method of rendering dates to excel, which solves a lot of problems/cases like given one with dates formatting in Excel. Previously, when exporting to Excel, Izenda converted datetime values to string (text) of necessary format, and wrote those string values to html file with a mark for Excel that they are dates in some string format. Now when exporting to Excel, it writes to HTML the native for excel numeric value of date, and description of format in which this date should be shown.
21862 UI Optimization CSS files were reloading from iis server versus from local cache causing lag time. Change implemented to reduce time to load by ensuring the css is loading from cache when available.
20936 UI UI "Limit Outputs to CSV" checkbox in Misc tab of the report designer has been deprecated in the release. It will no longer show on the UI.
21524 Report Design Forms When Subreport created using Form designer (with Filter) is embedded with parent report. Subreport Filter is missing
21929 Dashboards Security Fixed shared with locks on new dashboards to work the same as reports. Izenda guidelines Full Access: Dashboard is available to the user to view, modify, and save changes to the report. Note that owner user(UserName property of the ReportSet) will not be changed on saving, i.e. the original owner(creator) of the report will stay the same. Read Only Dashboard is available to the user to view, user can modify existing filters' values. Also user can modify(design) the Dashboard but cannot save it, however user could Save As a new Dashboard. View Only: Dashboard is available to the user to view, but not to modify in any way or save changes to the report. Locked: Dashboard is available to the user to view, and user can modify existing filters' values None: Dashboard is unavailable to (hidden from) the user.
21556 UI Data Sources Izenda removes underscores contained in column names in Field Descriptions. This behavior was inconsistent in the Report Designer and the Instant Report Designer. Now, underscores are removed in both places.
21779 UI Expressions Added "Current Date" (Today) option to the DefaultDate setting. GETDATE() can be used in the expression text boxes.
20980 API Filter Fixed error in Report Viewer, when editing the filter operators list, if equals is removed it was still added as default filter operator when new filter is selected in report viewer. Now the first remaining filter operator available will be used as the default if equal operator is removed.
21527 UI Filter Corrected Stored Procedure Parameter use as Filters. User cannot add any parameter more than one time in the Report Viewer as this will give an error "Procedure or function ##SP_NAME## has too many arguments specified".
21456 Report Viewer Filter Long field names overlap the filter buttons. This has been corrected by truncating the field name using (...) to ensure buttons are clearly available to the end user.
21119 UI Data Sources Fixed Stored Procedure parameter support of European date format in equals calendar and equals filter options. Before fix when formatting date in European format (using equals or equals calendar) the report would return no results as date format was not properly converting.
22040 Report Design Auto Chart When using a stored procedure to create an AutoChart the chart was not properly exporting to excel after save. Now chart will export before or after saving the report.
22102 Report Design Auto Chart When exporting an auto chart that uses a link (links are added via the URL Link field of the advanced field options in the Report Designer), the chart appears correct but the export would only show one value as slice. This has been corrected so HTML/WORD/EXCEL export as shown on screen.
21717 Scheduler Optimization New Setting added for offline mode of Scheduler to initialize Visualization folder. AdHocSettings.VisualizationsFolder = @"Add Folder Path Here"; Please Note this MUST BE SET PRIOR TO LICENSE KEY
21814 Report Design Auto Chart Fixed long strings from overlapping chart in AutoChart. Long Stings will be truncated using (...) to prevent them from overlaying the chart
21866 Report Design Auto Chart When exporting an auto chart that uses a link (links are added via the URL Link field of the advanced field options in the Report Designer), the chart appears correct but the export would only show one value as slice. This has been corrected and PDF exports as shown on screen.
21689 Report Viewer Forms When a subreport which is created using "Form Designer" for image field is used, images are not displayed in the parent report.
21891 API Data Sources This fix ensures that names of temporary tables in generated sql queries will not have database name/schema nodes that were causing issues with some SQL versions when using Stored Procedures.
21846 API Export This interface is used to apply specific formats to excel exports when custom formatters are used in Izenda. Add the following to the formatter class: [Serializable] public class ProportionFormatter : IFormatter, IExcelFormatter { public string GetExcelCellClass { get { return "xls-"; } } ... The following formats are supported xls-text xls-percent xls-date xls-time (October 21, 2015)


Case Category Subcategory Description
19596 Feature UI Responsive Grid Control added to Style tab for changing on a report level basis
20203 Feature UI Added user-friendly invalid date error message for date based filters
20292 Feature Filters Added New option to filters tab for user to select if each filter is required
20726 Feature Export Send Deshboard as a Link will now use client side email function allowing user to add message to email
20733 Feature Export Added option on style tab to remove headers for CSV exports
20761 Feature Fusion Implemented ability to add custom Fusion Connections
20948 Feature Auto Chart Implemented change to always show Denominator in the Auto Gauge Round Style.
20974 Feature Visualization Introduced setting for visualization base path
21260 Feature Fusion Implementation of stored procedures joined from different fusion connections
21311 Feature UI New Setting to disable Izenda automatic divide by zero handling in both regular and subtotal expressions AdHocSettings.UseSafeDivisionInExpressions = false;
21317 Feature Filters AdHocSettings.AutoOrForRepeatFilters setting implemented
21343 Feature Filters Improved style for popup filter on Dashboard 2 - uses modal
21430 Feature Export Support Landscape orientation inPhantom PDF export implemented
21450 Feature UI Implemented localization of Forms Designer - English language is complete, all other languages will be released with
21519 Feature UI Updated Record Count Slider for Dashboard 2 - added increments to slider
21553 Feature Optimization Refactored D3.js for ease of client customizations - Learn How Here


Case Category Subcategory Description
19328 Report Design Filters Updated formats for filters viewable in report
20246 Report Design Forms Implemented new spellchecker in forms designer
20757 Instant Reports UI Corrected borders on Instant Reports
20863 Report Design Charts Dundas Map https internal resources loading image error fixed
20864 Report Design Forms Fixed overlay style of Forms Designer in Report Designer
20952 Report Design UI Implemented target/Max behavior in Round Style fixed
20961 Report Design UI Fixed visual notification flag on advanced field options of pivoted columns to show changes
21029 Report Design Visualization Fixed Visualizations - Fields hidden in grid should not render in visualizations
21069 Report Design Visualization Fixed Visualization subreport popup
21090 Report Viewer Export Analysis Grid print to HTML as expanded error resolved
21093 API Optimization Altered Setting AdHocSettings.AllowVirtualDataSources to show all when enabled (Without using Visible Data Sources)
21148 Report Design Charts Fixed Combo Chart xAxis - Date values not respected
21149 UI Pivots Subtotal display (NULL) for Non Interger Date Grouping - fixed
21179 Dashboards Filters Dashboard Filter issue resolved using table/column name without respect to UseColumnNameForDashboardCommonFilters setting
21219 Report Viewer Charts Fixed Pie Chart Seperator Lables not appearing
21224 API Optimization Added user-friendly message when fields are not sorted in Transitions Visualization
21248 UI Filters Format dates using AdHocSettings.Culture in the Equals(Select)-like filters fixed
21249 UI Filters Hardcoded datetime string patterns replaced with formats specified in AdHocSettings.Culture
21257 API Fields Fixed Boolean filter operators not showing in filter options
21273 Report Design Pivots Fixed error associated with Advanced Field Options on Pivot Columns
21277 Report Design Filters Filters in Designer when additional constraints are used - empty results issue fixed.
21287 API Analysis Grid Show error message when invalid Analysis Grid is constructed
21293 Report Design Export Properly split table cells in reports separator in the Excel output of footer text
21310 Report Design Optimization Fixed funnel highchart size adjusting from div generation
21319 UI Visualization Use stand-alone fonts resources in visualizations
21321 Report Design Expressions Properly process FieldAliases (Set in Field Alias AdHocSetting) in the Expressions
21371 Report Design Export Fixed relative images links in the headers and footers when printing in PDF EO.PEF mode
21381 Report Design Export Fixed Chart cropping with PDF exports using EO.PDF mode
21412 Report Design Optimization Fixed missing data for last column of reports using VG Hierarchy when one field is hidden
21453 Report Design Visualization Optimized scrollSize method for visualization popup subreports.
21458 Dashboards Optimization Optimized Dashboard to reduce long-running script errors in some browsers
21459 Report Design Saving Fixed duplicating html part of report after saving.
21488 Dashboards UI Removed scrollbars in dashboard tiles where not needed
21489 API Optimization Fixed misspelling in JavaScript
21491 Report Design UI Fixed Analysis Grid not respecting all cell highlighting
21506 API Optimization Fixed License for Language Feature - English file availablity
21520 Dashboards Visualization Fixed errors in exporting Visualizations in Dashboard2 for PEF / Excel
21526 API Optimization Fixed wrong values passed to userConstraintsActions
21558 Report Design Optimization Drilldrown filters missing parameter fixed
21559 Dashboards Charts Maps not rendering properly in Dashboard 2 - fixed
21560 API UI Properly handle div/0 in Subtotals when Expression is used instead of arithmetic
21577 API Optimization Advanced Settings lost when new Data Source added to report - fixed
21589 API Optimization Fixed Subotal calculations when using Timezone offset feature
21602 API Optimization Apply date as an interval feature to the Date filters when Stored Procedure is used as a data source
21626 API Optimization Fixed handling Field data type according to the applied Function
21628 Dashboards UI Fixed dashboard "folder" menu in toolbar for small resolutions.
21647 Dashboards UI Apply Custom CSS from the parent report to the tile in the Dashboard
21683 API Optimization Fixed HiddenCategories when using DatabaseAdHocConfig mode for saving reports
21685 API UI Return NULL for NULL-valued dates when TimeZoneOffset is applied
21734 Dashboards UI Fixed scrollbars for charts in dashboard2
21740 Dashboards Optimization Regression Fix for detail report parts not responding in dashboard
21744 API Saving Fixed Report XML truncating when saving reports using DatabaseAdHocConfig
21745 Report Design Forms Fixed saving issue with reports containing Forms
21794 Dashboards Optimization Regression fix for using HTML/Visualization in dashboard
21800 Report Design Export Fixed bulkcsvexport error when using fusion driver
21840 Report Design Auto Chart Regression fix for AutoChart not displaying properly (September 22, 2015)

Case Category Subcategory Description
18056 Report Design Optimization DataSourceDropDownTimeout - Obsolete
19284 Report Design Optimization Oracle - Average(Days Old) inconsistent data types causing issue - resolved
19401 Report Viewer Export Excel Exports will respect
tags on export for wrapping large large text lines
20002 API Compatibility Language Packs - Storage/Distribution updated for use in standard kit
20051 Feature New Setting for use in Extended Functions and Expressions
20131 Feature FEATURE - Update to Forms Designer adding Field/Column/Smart Tag and SubReport Dropdowns for Ease of Use in creating forms
20164 UI Optimization Gradient header removed still being displayed - resolved
20173 UI Optimization Random Color Palette Changes for visualizations resolved
20219 Feature FEATURE - "Add Repeater" button in forms implemented
20280 Feature FEATURE - Add Calc Fields for use in Map Charts
20333 API Compatibility License key locks - standardized to remove features which should not be locked
20473 API Compatibility not working on azure with Redis session state provider - resolved
20479 Report Design Visualization World Tour Visualization - resolved issue with Country names in mixed cases
20509 API Export Resolved issues with "copy these files from filesystem to database" on settings page
20548 Report Viewer Export PhantomJS missing print features added - page break after visual groups / pivot columns per exported page - resolved
20594 UI Optimization Long String text not being displayed when using Responsive Grid - resolved
20596 Report Design UI Cell highlight not respecting VG field in Analysis Grid - resolved
20613 API Optimization Hiding buttons in the ReportDesigner breaks button in ReportViewer - resolved
20636 Report Design Filters Filter display error showing schema and table resolved
20678 API Optimization AdhocSettings.HiddenCategores not working properly - resolved
20692 Report Viewer Export Issue resolved using BulkCSV and export from Stored Procs
20711 Dashboards UI Pie Charts Sizing Issue - now autosizing for dashboard
20732 API Compatibility Rounding issue in Oracle Driver resolved - Added Custom driver for Oracle that can be implemented using and execute this code after AdHocSettings.OracleConnectionString is specified
20749 API Compatibility Internet Explorer issue with extra padding in dashboard cells resolved
20760 UI Optimization Tables Misspelled in Error message - resolved
20765 API Optimization AdHocSettings.ChartingEngine now set to ChartingEngine.HtmlChart by default
20777 Report Design Optimization Report Header/Footer with [date] or [time] fails to render - resolved
20781 Dashboards UI UI Change - Dashboard name field showing "report name"
20784 UI Pivots Pivot headers for collapsed Visual Groups sections still render when using Visualization - resolved
20785 Report Design Visualization Visualizations on Pivoted Reports Hover Over displays incorrect formats
20814 Report Design Charts Chart reports not working propertly with HTTPS
20821 Report Design Filters Drilldown filter - Doesn't Equal causing subresports to display everything other than item in drilldown key
20857 UI Filters String Characters causing issues when used in Filter Values - resolved
20861 API Optimization "Data is too heavily clustered" dialog appears even when show value labels is not selected in Report Designer Preview
20889 API Data Sources Time Zone Offset for date/time stamp - Offset is from UTC Time NEW SETTING AdHocSettings.ReportTimeStampTimeZoneOffset = (numeric value);
20932 Report Viewer UI Filter listing data types in fields resolved
20950 UI Filters Popup Filter In SubReport Not Working
20962 Report Viewer Export Print Function corrected when using embedded subreport in form
20983 Scheduler Charts Charts/Graphs not appearing in email - resolved
20990 API Optimization Oracle Database Timeout - Deprecated
21015 Report Design Charts Changing Subtotal Function on Chart Skews Charts
21036 API Optimization Update report list issue causing infinate loop with AllowVirtualDataSource
21037 API Compatibility Resolved Permissions issue with GaugeRadial.png
21039 API Optimization Fixed issue with inconsistent code around table/column name when using report set
21046 Dashboards UI Problem with visualization's tooltip on Dashboards v2
21056 Report Design Optimization Getting error Grouping by the same datetime more than once in different ways
21058 Scheduler Charts Charts/Graphs not appearing in email
21059 Report Design Forms Empty Format options displayed in Forms editor
21097 Dashboards Optimization Using of same report parts in one dashboard should not be allowed
21098 Dashboards Optimization Refresh button: refreshing dashboard itself, not content of the tiles
21104 Report Design Pivots Pivot Value Functions for min/max, count/distinct for text and number field types
21125 API Optimization Add fields using schema name not alias names -resolved
21131 UI Optimization Sorting columns no longer in the right order - resolved
21134 UI Optimization "Show Page Number" and "Show Date and Time" options in Style Tab not working with Header items
21140 Report Design Filters Filter disappears when user choose "Isn't Between" as filter condition
21147 Report Design Auto Chart Auto Charts Using Count of incorrect item
21157 Dashboards Visualization Incorrect size of visualization on Dashboards v2 - resolved
21158 UI Optimization Scrollbars do not appear after expanding window to larger size
21159 Dashboards UI Dashboards v2 request server with incorrect height of tile - resolved
21160 Dashboards Visualization Incorrect Sunburst size on first load inside new Dashboards v2 resolved
21173 Report Design Pagination Corrected differences in resources
21174 API Optimization Duplicate VisibleDataSources causing Key error - resolved
21183 Dashboards Visualization Visualization errors before refresh in Dashboards v2
21185 API Optimization Category / Report Name Check - should not echo back unfound report name or category
21187 API Gauge Cannot run Reports or Report Parts containing Gauges using sort
21191 API Optimization Unable to read beyond the end of stream error using ODATA - resolved
21206 Report Design Optimization Error - length cannot be less than zero when using sub report
21210 UI Visualization Visualization automatic display of string text error - resolved
21212 API Compatibility PostgreSQL Fusion Connections cause error resolved
21215 API Compatibility Virtual data sources not working with PostgreSQL
21221 UI Charts Changes to stacked horizontal bar chart - stacked propertey being ignored for horizontal chart
21226 Report Design Pivots Pivot Update to allow for header and column to be used as params for drilldown
21227 Scheduler Optimization WCF Scheduler Issue - Fix implemented when Izenda is executed in a WCF service
21256 Dashboards Forms Forms not working in Dashboard - each form must be reivewed in dashbaord for verification
21313 API Visualization Curly Braces causing issues in string when used in Visualization - resolved
21316 API Optimization URL Drilldown Capability of Header Link - ""{column}"" feature should work as we expect, for example you can use a custom URL like this - Page.aspx?id={0}&value={column}
21323 API Compatibility Issue in Designer while using Izenda as IFRAME
21347 Report Design Visualization World tour Failing on mixed case Country names
21370 Report Viewer Export Save issue in branch for
21374 API Export Impossibility to switch to phantomjs pdf generator - reinitializes pdf was removed from ShowPDFButton setter in error
21375 API Auto Chart Auto Chart crashes on Record Count metric
21390 Report Design UI Reports order in Designer from Style Tab incorrect
21391 UI Auto Chart Problem with expand panel on Auto Chart
21392 API Filters replaceAll function undefined error in JS causing filter misfunction
21415 API Charts Unable to export Pie Charts using seperator to excel
21445 UI Visualization Visualization Breadcrumbs not working in Firefox - resolved
21449 UI Visualization Visualizations not displayed when adding subtotals - resolved (August 24, 2015)

Case Category Subcategory Description
13518 Report Design Pivots Pivot Reports Now Available to be Saved as Datasources
15076 UI Optimization Improve "expand" border concept for popup
18540 API Optimization Properly handle inputs where HTML input is allowed
18555 API Optimization English Resx File Missing Translation
18717 API Optimization Update to Driver Performance
19492 API Filters Filters for Report Parts & Exports Fix
19876 API Responsive Grid responsive grid fails with embedded subreport fixed
19950 UI Optimization Update to Izenda License Text
20054 API Data Sources Optimization to getting schema of stored procedures
20130 UI Optimization CSS for dropdowns text color fixed
20132 Dashboards Visualization Issue with Dashboards v2 tiles and AutoCharts with Drilldowns resolved
20134 UI Dashboards Color overlay issue on slides in presentation mode in Dashboards v2 resolved
20175 Dashboards UI Dashboards v2 Thumbnails Don't Generate resolved (outside of Azure PaaS)
20180 Dashboards UI Resovled Dashboard 2.0 Toolbar issue with Min/Max Screen Resolution
20184 API Optimization Multiple instances of Izenda in one browser - Multiple current reportset available
20195 Report Design UI Remove Join Alias box if only one table is used
20199 Report Design UI Properly handle data source aliases in multi-conditional joins
20217 UI Analysis Grid Problems with the Analysis Grid style - Move VG fields to the top of the list automatically and show warning message when issues found
20223 Report Design Expressions Expression type on advanced options does not set function list - Properly update Functions list when Expression type is changed
20224 Report Design Expressions Apply Expression type during the Arithmetic SQL construction
20228 Report Design Expressions Apply Expression type when calculating subtotals
20239 Report Design Visualization Do not hide grouped header of the grid if Visualization is attached to this grid
20252 Report Design UI AutoCharts Subtotals Don't Appear After DrillDown - fixed
20262 API Optimization TrimSqlFilterInput setting implemented - AdHocSettings.TrimSqlFilterInput = false and leading spaces will be kept to make filters work properly for db columns containing leading spaces which must be preserved
20282 Report Design Export Fixed drilldown filter loss in export
20297 Report Design Export Fixed applying AllowClientSorting settings when using Scheduler.
20313 Report Design Export XXS Issues in Report Designer - Added Setting to Avoid XSS issues in Designer AdHocSettings.ApplyAntiXssToReportOutput = True. Please note this could cause any existing HTML customizations on reports to not render. Especially with use of URL links in report designer.
20316 Report Design Optimization New Header Formatting Options added to Make Headers Bold or Italicized located on the Style Tab
20321 Dashboards Optimization Removed extrawhitespace when datasource tab is hidden
20322 Report Design Optimization Properly handle Footer justification when AdHocSettings.ShowJustification is false
20323 API Optimization Fixed icons not appearing in IE8 in reportList on hover & JS Errors
20377 UI Optimization Do not drop join condition selection when data source is added to the join above specified data source
20379 UI Optimization Settings page Page width corrected
20400 API Optimization Report List SQL Calls Optimized
20421 API Data Sources Changed conditions of the definition of a simple stored procedure.
20428 Dashboards UI Changing background option in new dashboards in IE fixed
20464 UI Optimization MVC Settings page missing images resolved
20475 API Optimization Make Utility.GetMd5Sum public
20492 Report Design Charts Fixed displaing horizontal labels of bar chart (HighChart).
20494 Report Design UI Hide Field Not Respected When using Invert on Summary - Resolved
20501 Report Viewer UI Fix fields in UI when arithmetic is used.
20513 Report Design Optimization XSS Issues Resolved
20529 Report Design Forms Fixed subtotals in forms
20542 Report Design Optimization XSS Issues Resolved
20543 API Security Security Scan Cryptographic Issues - Remove obsolete feature (Version checker) causing issue.
20544 API Security Security Scan Directory Traversal issue noted in static scan due to obsolete feature (RDL export) resolved
20545 API Security Security Scan Information Leakage - XXE issue found in static scan. False positive result, but code changes made to avoid findings in the future.
20624 Report Design Optimization Resolved AutoGroup Feature Not working in Designer
20630 Dashboards Optimization Dashboard event system improvement.
20689 API Dashboards MVC4r2 reference Install and new dashboards
20697 Instant Reports Filter Filter condition (Equals Popup) doesn't work on Instant Reports - Resolved
20708 Dashboards Visualization Fixed autochart broken in dashboard if reportset is created on IR page
20717 API Visualization Handling of server errors in Visualizations
20718 Dashboards Filters Fixed Applying Filters in Dashboard 2.0
20720 UI Optimization Added Warning Text to Settings Page
20745 Report Design Fusion Fusion Driver + Stored Procedures with constraints issue resolved
20754 Report Design UI Fix inconsistent behavior when Column property of the Fields is changed automatically
20756 Instant Reports Optimization Fix error on the Instant Report page when Uncategorized category is absent
20774 Report Design Forms Fixed Issue with Forms Editor in Google Chrome browser
20780 Report Design Data Sources Fixed stored procedures designation to datasources categories
20795 Report Design Pagination Properly handle pagination in reports with Form
20853 UI Optimization Adjust doughnut Pie Chart style thickness
20867 API Optimization MVC4r2 namespace change in RI for MVC5r3 branch
20882 Report Design Optimization Izenda Vulnerability Issue - XSS issue resolved
20908 Dashboards UI Fixed wrong "detail", "summary" and "chart" tiles.
20941 Instant Reports Optimization Instant report filter Table Names Corrected
20957 API Optimization Possible null reference exception in Utility.UnifyReportName method
20978 Report Design Forms Forms Editor reference error resolved
21031 API Optimization Fix in field.GetSql
21045 API Optimization Resource files desynchronized in FromDLL folder and in DLL
21050 UI Optimization Fixed scrolling of container inside tooltip
21105 Dashboards Expressions Subtotals in Dashboards Not Appearing correctly resolved
21120 Report Viewer Export Export Failure for back of dashboard tile resolved (July 27, 2015)

Case Category Subcategory Description
15400 Dashboards Optimization Added automatic dashboard tile update when source report was updated
18324 API Optimization Changed report.ParentReportSet to report._parentReportSet in SQL generation routine, movedparent
18333 API Optimization SetValueInternal set to internal
18769 API Optimization Fixed possible exception when existing constraints collection has duplicates
19042 Report Viewer Export Print Page Headers not Loading for All Pages
19149 API Optimization Text with bracket issue - escape square brackets in names with a '\'.
19171 API Visualization Removing insufficient width error from autochart
19427 Report Design Optimization Fixed Formats for Fields Selected from Quik Add in Report Designer
19438 API Optimization Duplicate Resources Fixed
19442 Report Design Gauge Fixed "Radial 2" Gauge style rendering when value hits the extreme
19477 API Save Prevent "report has been modified" warning false alarms
19500 API Optimization View Results Drop down Not Updating - Made GetNTopSql case-insensitive
19522 Report Design Optimization Fixed duplicating columns of stored procedures via OData connection
19557 Report Design Export Fixed Sub Report Data not being Exported into CSV files
19568 UI Optimization MVC4R2 Kit images fixed with Starter Kit
19638 API Optimization Removed ETL Code not used due to security Concern
19653 Report Design Charts Fixed labels in barchart when using object type labels.
19690 API Optimization Possible inconsistency in JoinedTable class
19731 Dashboards Filter Filters are now displayed on dashboard before saving
19745 Scheduler Optimization Added word support to scheduler form
19787 API Optimization Full support of UseTablesFromSchemaOnly and DefaultSchemaName implemented for Oracle connections
19820 Report Design Visualization New Calendar Visualization Type
19830 Dashboards UI New Folder Structure for dashboards Category Dropdown
19846 API Optimization Formatting is not working in subtotal when field function is set to count -Apply ReportSet.CustomFormatter to all values
19861 API Optimization Report Header Image - Justification Switch Fixed
19868 Report Design Visualization New Flow Chart - Visualization
19874 API Optimization DefaultItemsPerPage setting for VG and Analysis Grid
19893 Report Design Optimization Fixed reportDesigner crash when opening report with joined SP+table+filters
19915 Dashboards Optimization Auto Refresh Support added for Dashboard 2.0
19931 Report Design Optimization Subreport doesn't apply the combokey if using Analysis Grid - Fixed
19968 API Optimization Duplicate/overlapping delete/clear icons in IE 10/11
19969 UI Optimization Slider comment bubble hidden behind category drop down In IE Fixed
19973 API Optimization Updated Global In Starter Kit with new Dashboard Settings as Default
20010 Dashboards Optimization Turned off AdHocSettings.DashboardDateSliderMode = DashboardDateSliderMode.None; not supported in new dashboards
20014 Report Design Pivots Fixed Pivot Column Group Naming
20016 Report Design Forms Forms editor is now draggable for larger editing area
20023 API Pagination Pagination Slows load of report - fixed
20042 Report Design Optimization Summary subtotal broken
20044 API Optimization Fixed Additional Plus sign added to filter on JS event
20045 API Optimization showMiscTab = False fixed
20046 Report Viewer UI Resolved Text issues in Column Headers (hex char)
20055 Dashboards Optimization Resolve Routing issues on Report Viewer / Report Editor buttons for MVC New Dashboards
20061 Report Design Optimization Fixed subtotals on Function "Days Old"
20071 Dashboards Optimization Dashboards loading fixed when using custom methods to store reports
20097 API Optimization Fixed ExtendedFunctions handling in the Expression if name of the functions contains in the string literal or field nam
20107 Report Design Filters Filters remain after table deleted from join - fixed
20123 Report List UI Fixed Black Thumbnails caused by MS Security Update
20133 Report Viewer Export Enable HTML2PDF Pdf rendering for all licenses by default
20151 Report Viewer Dundas Charts Fixed typo issues in BulkCsvReportOuputGenerator, CsvReportOuputGenerator, SqlReportOuputGenerator
20182 Instant Reports Optimization Instant Report page to sort data source names by alias name
20192 Report Viewer Export Exporting to CSV does not respect Value Ranges - fixed
20196 Report Viewer Optimization Fixed Issues in HTMLREportRenderer
20197 API Optimization Update Schema Button Resolved for New Tables
20204 Scheduler Charts Charts not displaying in scheduled emails fixed
20205 Report Design Gauge Fixed incorrect Auto Gauge values
20236 Dashboards Export Fixed html/pdf printing on new dashbords
20240 Instant Reports UI Instant Reports Data Source Categories still provide Uncategorized Group when all are catagorized - Fixed
20245 API Optimization Fusion Driver and Constraints fixed when using two different servers, Primary server cannot be Azure SQL Instance
20261 UI Optimization Fixed - Removing Advanced Field settings when changing to new field
20267 Report Viewer Optimization Fixed XSS issues in rs.aspx page and review viewer
20325 Report Design Filters Filters do not consistently use the AND operator by default - Fixed
20362 API Optimization Security Issue: Path Traversal Fixed
20372 API Optimization Stored Procedures do not render data - LAdHocSettings.LazySpMetadataPulling = true; fixed
20383 Dashboards Visualization Visualization layout inside New Dashboards fixed (autochart)
20396 API Optimization ItextSharp Setting added to increase performance
20412 API Optimization Isn't Between filter fixed
20433 API Optimization Security Issue: File Inclusion - Fixed
20475 Report Design Filters Make Utility.GetMd5Sum changed to public
20490 API Optimization Synchronized resources in DLL and in RI
20511 Instant Reports UI Some icons are not loading on Instant Reports
20587 Dashboards Optimization Refresh Dashboard Error fixed
20588 Dashboards Export Update Print Functions for Dashboard 1.0
20592 Report Viewer Pagination Pagination error in Pivoted Analysis Grid - fixed
20655 Report Viewer Export Print Issues both HTML and PDF with all visualizations - Fixed (June 23, 2015)

NOTE Advanced joins has been enhanced to allow multiple join conditions. Read more here.

Case Category Subcategory Description
HF:20196 Report Design Joins Fixed issue where the join alias was attributed incorrectly 6/30/2015
HF:20224 Dashboards Optimization Fixed issue where Old Dashboards no longer rendered in 6/30/2015
HF:20235 Report Design Data Sources Fixed issue where virtual data sources would appear but still throw a stack trace error 6/30/2015
HF:20251 Instant Reports Filters Fixed issue where filters were working improperly. Appearance Change of Filter Properties - separated from field properties 6/30/2015
FB:18576 API Optimization Rename form script <div id="launchmeplease"> to <div id="iz-custom-js">
FB:18972 Dashboards Optimization jQuery slider overlap in dashboard tiles in Dashboard 1.0
FB:18976 Report Design Expressions Properly update format according to the Expression Type - Advanced Field Settings updates
FB:18997 Report Design Visualization Fixed incorrect calculation of visualization width when scrollbar exist.
FB:19000 Dashboards Export Added ability to email link and PDF from Dashboard 2.0
FB:19055 API Optimization Made two members public to allow customer to use optimized izenda api calls (ReportListAuxData() and ReadXml(string xml, ReportListAuxData auxData) )
FB:19159 Report Design Visualization Metric selection on Visualization Save - updated
FB:19189 Report Design Filters Initialization of Filters corrected for use of same field in 2 filters
FB:19199 Report Design Export Fixed Page Break for Field Value visual group style and Multi Level Visual Group Style. Removed Doc type support to be ready in subsequent release - PDF support only now
FB:19213 API Optimization Version locks with License Key and related legacy code removed
FB:19235 Report Viewer Charts Added possibility to wrap labels of width exceeding certain value on all highcharts
FB:19282 Report Viewer Optimization Text (cell) highlight in a Analysis Grid style fixed
FB:19300 Report Design Expressions Fixed update format according to the Expression Type.
FB:19314 Report Design Filters Cascade filters with Calculation fields and filter logic fixed
FB:19319 Report Design Filters Unhanded exception in the Designer with Equals(Select)-like filters when design is incorrect fixed.
FB:19330 Report Design Filters Hidden Columns showing in filters fixed
FB:19364 Instant Reports Charts Instant Report Designer where while building an instant report with both an Autochart and Visual Grouping, the styling will break and the alternating item colors will change behaviors fixed
FB:19368 Report Design Auto Chart Autochart - Start At Zero functionality fixed
FB:19386 Report Design Auto Chart AutoChart - Scale changes as user drills down - fixed.
FB:19388 API Optimization Fixed deleting reports using an apostrophe in title.
FB:19405 Report Design Saving Concurrency and the ShowModifiedReportMessage
FB:19420 API Fusion Fixed FusionDriver when it generates SQL for report built against tables from different databases from the same db server. Previously it modified on demand the Schema property of certain Tables from DatabaseSchema to add database names to fully qualified tables/columns names in generated SQL. Now it doesn't modify on demand, instead now FusionDriver always uses all Tables/Columns with database name added to Schema property (which means it now always uses fully qualified Tables/Columns name with database name included)
FB:19441 UI Optimization Enable PopUp drill down interactivity by adding Close button to the dialog
FB:19472 API Joining Added additional constraints operator - now user can select multiple conditions on the join - see article on ShowAdditionalJoinConditions for more information
FB:19497 UI Optimization Removed Obsolete Warning Messages
FB:19519 Scheduler Optimization Modified the scheduler to use the report name as the attachment name
FB:19528 API Optimization Removed unused method from Driver
FB:19543 API Optimization Added Resources Version Marker for identification
FB:19552 Report Design Filters Filters from Instant Report duplicate in Report Viewer fixed
FB:19553 Report Design Pivots Visual Grouping with Pivots conflicts removed
FB:19573 API Optimization Sorting on numeric fields as dates updated to use strict mode of the date parsing to avoid sorting errors
FB:19582 UI Optimization Hide "Update data sources aliases" button when aliases are disabled
FB:19586 API Export Bulk Constraints - New setting - AdHocSettings.ThrowExceptionOnAddConstraintError Default value - true. This setting controls whether error message is thrown on constraints not found or if errors are only logged. For example if tenant does not have access to table in constraint error should be logged rather than presented to user.
FB:19635 API Forms Fixed inconstancy in the Tenant Field behavior with Forms
FB:19646 API Optimization Languages in Izenda AdHocSettings.Language -1) Languages enum updated 2) French Canadian fr-CA resources file renamed so now it can be processed just like all other languages in the enum
FB:19656 UI Optimization "Expand All" option overriding all the expand options within the report using Visual Group Analysis Grid Fixed
FB:19657 UI Optimization Scroll Bar is not available in Dashboard 2.0 for the reports when the grid expands beyond the screen space - fixed
FB:19688 API Export Bulk CSV and Fusion connections updated to work with all supported database types
FB:19689 Report Design Joining Tables are not joined automatically if ShowDataSourcesTab=false fixed
FB:19695 Report Viewer Optimization Formatting Separators Updated for Displayed filters
FB:19698 Dashboards Saving Corrected users ability to save and save as an empty Dashboard 2.0
FB:19700 Dashboards Export Corrected users ability to print empty Dashboard 2.0
FB:19711 UI Optimization "Records Count" scroll bar is not adjusted back to correct position when changed from default Fixed Dashboard 2.0
FB:19730 Dashboards Export Exception is thrown when user try to print on a empty tile fixed
FB:19757 API Optimization When Gauges tab is hidden, getting js error - fixed
FB:19774 Report Viewer Pivots Pivot Report Output showing column identifiers instead of column headers - fixed
FB:19810 Dashboards Saving Save and Save As errors fixed for Dashboard 2.0 - Save shows no error and Save as errors showing dashboard exists (user must change name to use save as)
FB:19828 Report Viewer Charts Legend Disabled in Bar Charts -fixed
FB:19870 Report Viewer Optimization Running a report does not respect the Results per page setting - fixed
FB:19894 API Optimization Fixed issue with filter list report object when AdHocSettings.UseReportID = true;
FB:19897 Report Viewer Optimization Drilldown Report (popup) not working - fixed
FB:19960 API Optimization Driver.InvalidateSchemaCache doesn't clean stored procedures from cache - fixed
FB:19989 API Joining JoinedTableCollection modified in error during work of JoinedTableCollection.SQL getter - fixed
FB:20004 API Optimization Time zone offset fixed for Oracle and PosGreSQL
FB:20015 Report Viewer Auto Chart Autochart auto rebuild of y-axis fixed
FB:20019 Report Viewer Visualization Shading Heat Map - added a 'simple color change' function to heat map
FB:20022 API Optimization AJAX of Phantom export stops - fixed
FB:20026 API Expressions Expressions adding unwanted Group By clause - fixed
FB:20036 Report Design Filters Use Previous OR Error - support reinstated
FB:20039 API Fusion Virtual Data sources supported with Fusion - NOT SUPPORTED ON ODATA
FB:20058 Report Design Optimization TinyMCE Code Short Cuts creating unexpected behavior - fixed
FB:20070 API Export Chart Exports No Longer Work - Latest Windows Server 2012R2 Updates - fixed
FB:20075 Report Viewer Charts Pie Chart Exception Error fixed.
FB:20114 Dashboards Saving Fixed Dashboard 2.0 error when more than 5 tiles added
FB:20116 API Optimization Aliased field error - using incorrect alias fixed
FB:20126 API Optimization Security change bool ContainsTableName(string) fixed
FB:20186 Report Design Filters Equal (Multiple) & Equal (Popup) in Filters doesn't work when user enter a name in "Join Alias" - fixed
FB:20191 API Fusion Datasource categories don't work in designer if FusionDriver is used - fixed (May 28, 2015)

Important Note about 6.9:

The command AdHocSettings.PrintMode is now deprecated. It has been replaced with AdHocSettings.PDFPrintMode will allow you to select between PDFMode.EO, PDFMode.iTextSharp and PDFMode.PhantomJS PDF export engines. Please ensure that you have replaced this variable before running 6.9. AdHocSettings.ShowHtmlButton and AdHocSettings.ShowPdfButton have been introduced to specific control over the appearance of said buttons.

New Features:

  • Auto-Gauges - A new set of four gauges with a modern look and feel.
  • Dashboards 2.0 - A completely overhauled module which provides greater control over the look and feel of your dashboards. Learn how to install and use Dashboards 2.0 here.
  • PhantomJS Exporter - An additional exporter emphasizing speed. PhantomJS is not currently compatible with Azure PaaS installs, the EXE will not run in this environment. It uses an EXE on the server instead of a DLL to move processing PDFs to a different thread than the Izenda's regular processing. Read more about it here.
  • Pivoted Analysis Grid - New functionality offering a better breakdown of data over categories or periods of time


  • Virtual Data Sources - A convenient way to use an existing report as a data source. Click here for more information.


Case Category Subcategory Description
FB:10310 Report Design Charts Implemented Auto Gauges with four styles: Simple, Linear, Round and Trending
FB:13120 Dashboards UI New Dashboards Support
FB:14686 Report Design Analysis Grid Fixed issues around alignment with Analysis Grid and Pivoted Analysis Grid
FB:15484 Dashboards Filters Added cascading for dashboard filters..
FB:18052 UI Optimization Optimized Mobile Support
FB:18253 API Joining AdHocSettings.TrimTimeInJoins setting added to eliminate time stamp from joins
FB:18285 UI Charts Fixed minimizeGridWidth when switching from Instant Report to Report Designer/Viewer
FB:18348 UI Gauge Implemented formatting value for gauges
FB:18350 Report Design Auto Chart Implemented aggregate function support in the Auto Chart visualization and improved general date behavior
FB:18457 Dashboards Filters Apply URL filters parameters to the Dashboard filters
FB:18572 API Filters Now able to specify column name in different formats for the hidden filter
FB:18575 API Caching Changed default QueryCachingTime value from 5 min to 1 min to maintain data relevance
FB:18615 Report Viewer Export AdHocSettings.EOPdfLoadWaitTime setting added to give users the ability to set the loading timeout for a PDF export
FB:18844 API Optimization Additional security optimizations
FB:18900 API Filters Properly handle unicode strings in Filters
FB:18975 Report Viewer Charts Removed halo effect of Pie chart (Highcharts) when hoving cursor over pie piece
FB:18979 Report List UI Corrected size and position of the dashboards icons when zooming out
FB:18996 Report Viewer Filters Fixed not showing filter name in case of Equals(Autocomplete).
FB:19010 Report Design UI Made AdvancedProperties modified flag work for all changed properties
FB:19072 Report Design UI Implemented changing of the chart labels when turned on/off "Horizontal" checkbox.
FB:19086 Report Design Forms Fixed summary causing issues in forms
FB:19098 Dashboards Optimization Fixed Dashboards page issue related to single quote in dashboard name
FB:19100 UI Optimization Do not show empty data source categories
FB:19115 Report Design Charts Fixed Dundas Bar chart numeric labels handling
FB:19120 API Saving Fixed null reference exception when re-saving report
FB:19139 Report Design Visualization Fixed inconsistency of items and columns in the Matrix visualization.
FB:19144 Instant Reports Auto Chart Fix for correct hiding Auto Chart icon on the Instant Report page.
FB:19155 Report Design Expressions Support zero-argument SQL functions in the Expressions.
FB:19160 Report Design UI Manual field descriptions are now changed when a new column or function is selected
FB:19173 API Optimization Made unnecessary protections against sql injections in 5 places
FB:19183 API Charts Enabled custom filters to be used in charts
FB:19203 UI Optimization Html Print and Pdf Print settings reorganized
FB:19216 Report Design Expressions Group By Expression feature implemented
FB:19221 Report Design Optimization Properly sort data sources within each category
FB:19222 Report Viewer Filters Fixed issue with Equals(Field) operator
FB:19223 API Caching IvalidateSchemaCache improved to update OperativeSchema with AdHocSettings.CacheSchema = false
FB:19224 Instant Reports Optimization Optimization of JavaScript on Instant Report page for search
FB:19240 Report Design Visualization Added user friendly visualization errors.
FB:19242 API Optimization Added error message for failed requests
FB:19246 UI Optimization Fixed share modal dialog
FB:19247 UI Optimization Appropriately scale windows with screen ratios so that windows are too large to make buttons accessable
FB:19274 API Optimization Prevented possibility to get contents of files from site root folder via rs.aspx
FB:19278 API Optimization ReImplemented AdHocSettings.Culture to work correctly for dates
FB:19285 Report Design UI Datasources are no longer lost when switching from Advanced to Simple Datasource Selection modes
FB:19292 Report Design Optimization Fixed Value Ranges/Cell Highlight when using Arithmetic.
FB:19293 API Optimization Fixed issue with cultures like "zh-zht"
FB:19317 Report Viewer Saving Implemented multilevel categories support in reportViewer save-as dialog
FB:19321 Report Viewer Export Added AdHocSettings.ConvertNullToEmptyString to allow a blank to display in outputs instead of (NULL)
FB:19325 API Optimization Localization resources loading from the shared folder fixed
FB:19334 Report Design Saving Fixed disappearing controls after cancelling a save
FB:19351 API Optimization Removed erroneous node in "WHERE" clause in case of left outer join
FB:19360 Report Design UI Fixed Visualization localization which resulted in the word Heatmap not being displayed
FB:19397 API Optimization Removed json length limitation
FB:19456 Report Viewer Export Fixed exporting of all visualizations.
FB:19524 Report Viewer Optimization Fixed not showing loading icon in ReportViewer.
FB:19542 Report Viewer Visualization Fixed issue with Visualizations not centering
FB:19706 API Fields Properly show currency format according to the AdHocSettings.Culture setting
FB:19719 Report Design Auto Chart Fixed Auto-Chart aggregate function error.