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This documentation is for the legacy Izenda 6 product. Documentation for the new Izenda 7 product can be found at https://www.izenda.com/docs/ (September 15, 2021)

Case Category Subcategory Description
ILS-1429 Settings Exports Corrected an error where the first page of a printed report would be blank if the 'Show Date and Time' report setting was true.
ILS-1416 Report Design Internal Prevented Index Out Of Range error when using pagination.
ILS-1360 Report Design Filters Fixed loss of filter values on Between Date filter. This could happen when moving between tabs in the report designer without saving the report, or when modifying the functions applied to any field on the report. This error happens in versions greater than
ILS-1358 Updates Internal Fixed false "Function Not Allowed" error which could appear if there was no space between the name of a custom function call and the parenthesis for parameter input. This error appears when using ExpressionFunctions to add custom functions to the expression whitelist.
ILS-1287 Updates Internal Escaped apostrophe to prevent an error in tile-component.ts on dashboard loading. If a data string contains an apostrophe, this can cause the remaining report to break HTML rendering.
ILS-1182 Settings Exports Corrected the AdHocSetting ExportEncoding to apply to all exports, not just scheduled exports.
ILS-1132 User Interface Internal Prevented raw HTML from being displayed in tooltips.
ILS-889 Updates Internal Included updated scheduler code with basic version. If you have deployed the Izenda 6 Series custom scheduler with any updated code received from Izenda, then this fix is already included in the code you received.
ILS-804 Updates Internal Closed an XSS scripting vulnerability in datasources-search.js
ILS-800 Report Design Expressions Expressions are sometimes unable to find aliased fields when using the Fusion driver. We corrected an issue preventing this from working correctly.
ILS-797 Settings Internal Added setting AdHocSetting.UseQuotesInCSV which when true, removes quotes from CSV exports.
ILS-757 Report Design Reports Corrected a 'Specified cast is not valid' error which can occur when using datetime fields using the Group(Year) datepart within a pivot.
ILS-746 Report Design Subreports Made behavior of calling subreports in forms using the double bracket method pass the same set of filters as the single bracket method.
ILS-617 Updates Internal Updated Highcharts to version 8.1.2. Updated jQuery used on export from 1.9.1. to 3.5.1, and updated jquaery used on InstantReports and Dashboards from 3.3.1 to 3.5.1.
ILS-217 Settings Internal Added ability to call Utility.UpdateDashboardParts which will force dashboard tile updates at arbitrary points in code. (August 07, 2020)

Case Category Subcategory Description
ILS-282 Report Design Gauges Corrected an issue which prevented display of negative numeric values in gauges.
ILS-373 Report Design Pivots Fixed a situation where sometimes the pivot control could be removed from the designer page if the pivot were using a calculated field and the report was created prior to version
ILS-410 Report Design Formatting Pagination prevented the cell highlight, text highlight, and value range features from applying to pages beyond the first.
ILS-421 Report Design Subtotals When a subtotal is calculated on a datetime subject to timezone shifting, this caused an error in subtotal generation if the same datetime were used in a visual group. The groups per subreport
ILS-465 Report Design Maps Default settings of indicator bar definition in the user interface on the Maps tab was being set to incorrect values, which would prevent saving the report.
ILS-537 Dashboards Email Prevented an error which could happen if an email of a dashboard were sent directly from the report viewer. The error can be thrown even if the email operation completes successfully.
ILS-556 Settings Export Added two new settings, PdfPageSize and PdfPageMargin, which allow for control over page size properties when exporting to PDF.
ILS-565 Internal Encoding Changed escaping behavior of characters in chart titles by making XssHtmlEncode less strict on these string inputs.
ILS-596 Internal Functions Made the internal function GetTopLevelAlias public so that it can be overridden for custom filter display behavior. (January 24, 2020)

Case Category Subcategory Description
ILS-82 Internal Scheduling Refactored Offline Scheduler code to better handle batch processing of reports scheduled for export.
ILS-160 Report Design Exporting Corrected date formatting in Excel export of a dashboard which includes visualization report parts.
ILS-161 Internal Settings Prevented datetime offset adjustments from being applied twice when a report is used as a virtual data source.
ILS-175 Internal Settings Corrected the safe divide by zero feature to properly work in subtotal expressions when an Analysis Grid visual group style is applied.
ILS-186 Report Design User Interface Fixed incorrect display of time between generated sql and the time shown on the filter display for the time datepart of a datetime field.
ILS-203 Internal Settings Exposed the API call Driver.RefreshVirtualDataSources(); which allows for programmatic refresh of all virtual data source reports.
ILS-214 Internal Report Designer Prevented Instant Report designer from generating a new ReportID on report save, to prevent inability to use SaveReportSet against a variable ReportID.
ILS-227 Internal Query Generation Modified query generation to properly handle fieldnames which include a period character.
ILS-266 Internal Settings Made the date smart tag account for datetime offset via the ReportTimeStampTimeZoneOffset setting.
ILS-286 Report Design Filters Modified Use Previous OR legacy filter parameter to properly account for non visible filters.
ILS-299 Internal Settings Made Utility.InitFakeHttpContext work properly on a multi-threaded system. (October 11, 2019)

Case Category Subcategory Description
30169 Internal Internal Optimized SQL parameter processing when generating cache key, which boosts performance and also prevents a rare error where HTML attachments to scheduled reports could be duplicated and send incorrect information.
30519 Internal Internal Refactored how often Izenda invalidates its internal report cache to speed performance.
30527 Report Design Dashboards Brought new tile creation permissions into conformity with report behavior when using dashboards. Now users who have 'view only' or 'locked' rights will not be able to add tiles to a dashboard.
30530 Report Design Exports Made two changes to image embedding in reports to provide more reliable image inclusion when exporting a report. First, Izenda will directly check a disk location for an image if it fails to load the image via a network call. Second, we added an additional function call to embed images embedding call in the Excel exporting routine.
30542 Report Design Visual Groups Corrected subtotal generation between visual groups when the string used to define a visual group is only different because of a leading or trailing space. "Test" and "Test " would generate two different visual groups, with combined subtotal rows.
30544 Report Design Exports Corrected an error where customized chart colors defined via CSS would not be carried over to HTML printing.
30549 Report Design Charts Fixed gauge needles being off center from the remainder of the rendered gauge if the column width were adjusted after initial render.
30573 Report Design Dashboards Extended the use of AdHocSettings.ShowDesignDashboardLinks to prevent users with this flag set from creating new dashboards.
30589 Report Design Instant Reports Charts were visible in Instant Reports even if a license key lacks the +VISION module. This is now corrected so that the Chart tab is not visible under this condition, as chart generation in Instant Reports requires access to Visualizations to work properly.
30590 Report Design Visual Groups Corrected broken markup for Field Value visual group style.
30599 Report Design Visualizations Made the error message for visualizations configurable when the specific error of the same date being used as the start and end of a date range causes a report to be considered invalid.
30609 User Interface User Interface Fixed some subcategories being incorrectly regarded as empty and non-interactive.
ILS-70 Internal Filters Found and fixed an error when trying to apply hidden filters when using the Fusion driver. If schema is specified but DB name is not specified in the hidden filter key, the hidden filter will not be applied correctly.
ILS-75 Internal Exports Permitted override of XmlReportOutputGenerator to remap hardcoded tags. (June 26, 2019)

Case Category Subcategory Description
30297 Report Design Subreports Modified visualization rendering to be easier to use when embedding the time line visualization as a subreport.
30316 Report Design Dashboards Prevented the "Cant save empty dashboard" error when saving a Dashboard which has an empty reportset but no tiles.
30320 Report Design Charts Corrected error preventing the sort order in a chart from being saved, where the error behavior is to default to reverse sort order on the value.
30399 Internal Exporting Fixed a problem where the print button would only work once in some version of Internet Explorer unless the page is reloaded.
30455 Report Design CSS Modified ReportList CSS so that reports do not look selected on touchscreen devices.
30464 Report Design Formatting Refactored text/cell highlighting code to better handle the order in which ranges are defined.
30475 Internal Data Prevented issue where in some circumstances Fusion would duplicate data in the report caching layer, causing the error "Could not recognize [fieldname]. Use fully qualified name for it."
30484 Internal Dashboards Prevented a rare dashboard error which throws System.ThrowHelper.ThrowInvalidOperationException when loading a dashboard.
30486 Report Design Filters Corrected an issue where multivalue filter operators like Equals(Select) and Equals(Multiple) would break other filters when selected.
30529 Report Design Formatting Corrected some faulty Dutch language translation. (April 1, 2019)

Case Category Subcategory Description
29970 Dashboards Filters Corrected situation where incorrect application of culture in dashboard filters results in day/month instead of month/day datetime processing.
30109 Report Designer Filters Prevented incorrect display of fields which are not aggregated from being shown as calculated fields when populating a filter.
30127 Report Designer Exports Refactored export code to more reliably detect relative paths to resources to ensure they are not being excluded from report exports.
30138 Dashboards Filters Corrected placement of date and month components in some datetime dashboard filters being incorrect in culture settings which track datetimes as MM/DD instead of DD/MM.
30140 Report Designer Visualizations Fixed auto chart visualization to better display bar labels when there are too many objects to label.
30145 Internal Internal Removed some old code which could cause scripting errors from MVC starter kits.
30151 Report Designer Subreports Added display of category name next to the report name when calling a report as a subreport.
30175 Report Viewer Internal Modified obsolete attribute as applied to legacy Report Viewer control to prevent false errors and exceptions.
30182 Dashboards Dasboards Prevented issues around loading resources into a new dashboard when creating dashboards in Firefox.
30188 Internal Settings Made the ReportDesignerURL setting care less if it is defined in https and some users access it via http links.
30191 Report Designer Filters Corrected error which prevented passing an In Time Period filter to a hidden filter when calling a report and passing filters through the URL.
30198 Report Designer Pivots Made additional fixes to the commit from case 30122 to correct more situations where subtotals are incorrect in pivots.
30199 Report Designer Filters Corrected filter dropdown errors when selecting a filter value using Internet Explorer.
30219 Dashboards Dasboards Prevented some errors related to dashboard tile movement and resizing when using Internet Explorer.
30221 Report Designer Filters Reverted some of the changes made in case 29830 to prevent issues related to filtering on calculated fields.
30247 Dashboards Filters Changed dashboard filters to more reliably accept filter values passed through the url as pNvalue. (December 20, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
29295 Report Designer Reports Prevented hidden columns from disappearing from the designer and breaking the report when saving.
29936 Instant Reports User Interface Upgraded Angular in Instant Reports.
29957 Report Designer Subtotals Made subreport calculations and behavior consistent when changing number of preview records.
29961 Report Designer Subtotals Made subtotal behavior consistent when using pagination.
29966 Internal Caching Refactored caching code of temp tables to increase stored procedure performance.
29980 Report Designer Subreports Made behavior of embedded subreports consistent when subreports are using various visual group styles.
29981 Instant Reports Filters Corrected rare bug which could prevent date entry in Instant reports.
29991 Report Designer Visual Groups Corrected sorting and field order behavior caused by disabling a visual group.
29993 Report Designer Subtotals Changed subtotal behavior to better account for display of partial tables when using pagination.
30007 Dashboards User Interface Removed 'Refresh Report' button in dashboards after refactor of dashboard caching and refresh behavior.
30051 Report Designer Exports Prevented 'Invalid Object Name' error in CSV export when using a Fusion driver with aliased datasources.
30055 Dashboards Reports Corrected behavior of dashboard tiles when the source report of a dashboard report part is deleted.
30070 Report Designer Filters Corrected potential faulty filter output when using DoesNotEqualsMultiple filters on an Oracle database.
30089 Instant Reports User Interface Fixed footer styling of UI elements in Instant Reports.
30098 Dashboards Reports Fixed null reference exception in dashboards when creating a new dashboard when a prior report part with hidden columns was created.
30100 Report Designer Subtotals Refactored subtotal behavior and added new setting, AdHocSettings.ShowActualSubtotals. The default value is false, and this retains old behavior. When true, when visual groups are enabled, subtotals are calculated for visible records and not all records.
30101 Instant Reports Filters Prevented Between(Calendar) filter operator in Instant Reports from pulling current date.
30107 Report Designer User Interface Corrected some script and resource positioning issues in IE11. (November 6, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
26891 Report Design Visualizations Fixed overflow tag on popup containers on Visualization to prevent cropping.
28253 Report Design Visualizations Corrected shading bug for Flowchart visualization when rendering in Edge.
29311 Internal Optimization Optimized Angular directives.
29557 Report Design Gauges Refactored Gauge report part to prevent some display errors.
29646 Report Design Gauges Corrected needle behavior when using the pop up function of the animated half circle gauge style.
29647 Report Design Subreports Prevented extra tags and rows from being appended to the end of a report when a form is embedded within a form.
29681 Report Design Subreports Corrected broken markup when embedding a subreport within a field value style visual group.
29698 Report Design Instant Reports Tweaked display and behavior of field formatting buttons in Instant Reports.
29766 Report Design Visualizations Enhanced handling of Autogauge visualizations to better handle single column datasets.
29801 Internal Optimization Refactored FilterList.js.
29890 Internal Optimization Prevented writing SMTP passwords to logs, for security reasons.
29894 Report Design Subreports Prevented automatic subreports from being used with Maps.
29908 Report List Categories Enhanced report list category behavior refactor to include subcategories as well.
29917 Report Design Interface Corrected issue caused when clicking export controls with expired session which could lead to infinite "loading" icon instead of immediate redirection to login screen.
29935 Internal Optimization Added serialization attribute to redis session handler class.
29939 Internal Optimization Optimized driver performance to prevent GetDataSet from being called too often.
29947 Report Design Visual Groups Corrected discrepancy where some rows could not be formatted when visual groups are used.
29952 Report Design Filters Corrected behavior of cascading filters when selecting single value after having selected multiple values.
29958 Report Design Pagination Corrected error resulting in a reset of grid styles when changing pages.
29965 Report Design Instant Reports Corrected height and usage of height spacing in Instant Reports.
29988 Report Design Charts Corrected chart legend building to use user culture rather than system culture.
29989 Report Design Formats Corrected categorization and display of Days Old format.
30000 Report Design Interface Corrected behavior of report refresh button when using mobile view. (October 2, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
29721 Report Design Data Fixed some situations where user defined constraints could be ignored in Advanced data source mode.
29799 Internal Performance Refactored dropdown generation on page to render faster.
29816 Report Design Subreports Refactored formatting of values used as drilldown keys.
29830 Report Design Filters Corrected datatype error in filters which would cause reports to filter incorrectly as numerical values would be rounded such that equivalency matches always return false.
29838 Report Design Data Fixed crash bug if a report runs against an OData connection using Fusion with no Default connection.
29857 Report Design Tables Modified SubCalculationFilterRegex so as to not ignore fields with some variation of ID in the name. Now this setting is blank by default and can be overridden to ignore some values.
29873 Report Design Subreports Additional fixes for drilldownkey encoding.
29888 Report Design Tables Fixed error where changes to Records box would be ignored in a report with a Visualization.
29891 Report Design Subreports Corrected some drilldown errors which could occur if characters in the drilldownkey were not properly escaped.
29892 Report Design Pivots Prevented error where columns would not be found in the Group clause if they are automatic subreports generated from a pivot.
29808 Internal Performance Replaced strings with StandardAggregateFunctionType enums where possible.
29220 Report Design User Interface Enhanced report lists category handling by refactoring cookies. Now category status and last selected category are saved on a per-user basis.
29233 Report Design Subreports Prevented column access errors for Automatic subreports when using MySql.
29302 Report Design Filters Optimized Equals(Autocomplete) for numerics in MSSQL to generate less queries.
29483 Report Design Subreports Corrected automatic subreport generation to work better when based on a field using an expression.
29852 Report Design Performance Optimized Value Range feature to perform faster and also correct an error where value aliasing fails to work properly on XML export.
29785 Report Design User Interface Further fixed translations in UI labeling in Report Viewer.
29617 Report Design Performance Refactored column handling to correct logic of empty column values.
29887 Report Design Pivots Corrected object reference which could occur when using subtotal and sidetotal at the same time in a pivot. This fix has been retroactively applied.
29747 Report Design User Interface Added extra checks to prevent rare NRE error in Search.
29828 Internal Settings Added AdHocSettings.PreventCSVInjection setting. When true, this will prevent injection of strings which resemble Excel formulas. (September 4, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
28853 Report Design Subreports Prevented page break rendering within embedded subreports.
29449 Report Design Exports Prevented pivoted table header from rendering on the wrong page when using EvoPdf.
29664 Report Design Exports Corrected potential crash and or system hang when scheduling an exported PDF and Izenda tries to pre-process generated HTML before feeding it to PDF converter.
29677 Internal Data Optimized handling of composite constraints.
29682 Internal Data Better handled checks for use of more obscure browsers such as Netscape and Opera.
29683 Internal Localization Corrected HTML strings containing Hebrew to be more easily customized and translatable.
29689 Internal Data Optimized behavior of InitializeCombinedConstraints and bulk adding/processing of user defined constraints.
29697 Report Design User Interface Corrected an issue where icons would not be properly displayed on the Instant Reports interface on a duplicated field.
29699 Report Design User Interface Tweaked field highlighting in Instant Reports to be more high contrast and visible.
29706 Report Design Exports Ensured correct use of CSS resources when exporting a visualization.
29707 Report Design User Interface Improved modal opening/closing in Dashboards and Instant Reports.
29708 Report Design Filters Made further enhancements to the display of calculated fields in filters in the report viewer.
29716 Report Design Maps Made Zoom to Data on Maps more effective at locating and zooming to the proper area.
29717 Internal Data Fixed error where Distinct checkbox in report designer would be disabled by default if AdHocSettings.CacheSchema = false.
29722 Report Design Filters Prevented use of OR in report filter logic from passing incomplete sets of filter values to a dashboard filter.
29730 Report Design Subreports Prevented object reference error when attempting a drilldown when the parent and child reports are in different culture settings.
29735 Internal Functions Corrected Group(Week) function in MySql to properly handle edge cases where weeks may span between years.
29740 Report Design Dashboards Optimized how often FilteredListReportsDictionary is called for dashboard tiles.
29741 Internal Data Optimized sequential loading of requests to prevent a lock in application cache.
29742 Internal Errors Further enhancements to add more informative error messages.
29748 Internal Data Modified internal datatypes to prevent mysterious rounding when performing numerical calculations via expressions in MySQL.
29752 Report Design Dashboards Made slight tweaks to make it easier to navigate in dashboard gallery mode when there is only one tile in the gallery.
29753 Report Design Exports Cleaned up display of visual group headers with embedded reports when exporting to PDF.
29754 Report Design User Interface Corrected UI alignments in filters in Instant Reports.
29755 Report Design Dashboards Corrected issue which would cause filters to fail to inherit correctly to a dashboard, if the filter is based on a calculated field which is calculated in a report part which is not being sent to the dashboard. For example, if the filter is calculated on a field in the summary report part, and the detail report part is passed to the dashboard.
29765 Report Design User Interface Prevented clipping of tooltip when hovering over pivoted collection of values on auto chart visualization from within a dashboard tile.
29772 Internal Reporting Properly escaped backslashes in report urls for reports within categories.
29774 Report Design Charts Fixed formatting on right side axis for line value on basic bar chart.
29777 Report Design Charts Corrected missing fields in Advanced options when switching from Funnel chart to another basic chart type.
29785 Internal Localization Further fixed translations in UI labeling in Report Viewer.
29795 Report Design User Interface Fixed Highlight Code option in Form designer such that it does not badly format visible code.
29800 Internal Functions Ensured standardized behavior of functions across different DB standards when regarding rounding of highly precise numbers. (August 8, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
29154 Report Design Internal Enhanced uniformity among reporttype values to prevent possible problems when internally referring to report parts.
29239 Report Design Pivots Corrected ODBC error related to "Number of parameter markers is not equal" when using a Group by Datetime function as a pivot header.
29339 Report Design Functions Cleaned up possible functions in subtotal function list to apply properly by data type.
29344 Report Design Maps Prevented map shading from disappearing when city or location bars are also mapped on that area.
29350 Settings Optimization Optimized validation of connection string and implemented a friendlier error message.
29373 Internal Internal Prevented NRE exception from appearing in get_ReportHeaderColor() in get_Report.
29380 Report Design Formats Corrected visual based formats such as "Visual Square" and "Heat Map" to display properly when show when ShowHtmlAsCode and ApplyAntiXssToReportOutput are both true.
29453 Report Design Dashboards Corrected Dashboard error claiming "incorrect syntax near '='" when the Dashboard filters against a calculated field and a report part has a pivot.
29481 Internal Resources Corrected resource inclusion in exports when Izenda tries to download some resource such as an image to include it in the export but is not successful.
29482 Settings Optimization Refactored InitDefaultValues to instead use default value initialization on a per-setting basis.
29498 Settings Optimization Optimized logging by disabling some rarely used logging areas.
29537 Report Design Dashboards Ensured that visualization record count when the visualization is on a dashboard conforms to local record count settings.
29544 Internal Optimization Reduced number of calls to PullTables and PullSp when one or more values in VisibleDataSources is invalid.
29549 Report Design Instant Reports Added tickmark next to current value of preview records in Instant Reports 2.0.
29550 Report Design Subreports Corrected handling of automatic subreport links when they are attached to a visual group header.
29565 Report Design Subreports Fixed popup windows so that they properly display in automatic subreports.
29569 Internal Resources Prevented error related to a false value of File.Exists() when trying to load resources and Izenda can't locate the correct /Resources folder.
29573 Report Design Filters Corrected filter error preventing filters using calculated fields from being properly passed to dashboards.
29574 Report Design Filters Corrected filter error which prevented changing operators in report viewer.
29577 Report Design Pagination Fixed issue related to subtotal generation producing an extra row in table pagination. This error presents as an "index out of range" error in ProcessPagination.
29584 Report Design Pivots Refactored SQL generation around pivots to prevent errors related to grouped Datetime fields, which would not cause problems in SQL 2008 or 2012 but does cause problems in SQL 2014.
29585 Report Design Translations Made Help header label translatable.
29588 Report Design Pivots Corrected pivot related error when using an aliased table.
29600 Report Design Pagination Corrected pagination controls to be consistent in operation between visible and non-visible increments.
29604 Internal Internal Enhanced logging for AdHocConfig virtual methods.
29605 Report Design Data Corrected data vulnerability in log4net usage which could expose directory info in error logs.
29606 Report Design Report Names Prevented 'Report Not Found' error when there is a special character in the category name of a report.
29612 Internal Resources Refactored and optimized scripts, particularly FieldList.js.
29620 Report Design Translations Corrected some Japanese related translation strings.
29625 Report Design Functions Optimized GetSQL calls on aggregate functions to better handle custom code overrides.
29629 Internal Data Corrected error related to missing or incorrect column names in stored procedures.
29667 Report Design Pivots Prevented crash when a pivot is being generated on the fields tab without any other fields outside of the pivot.
29669 Report Design Filters Corrected issue where filters would not appear when using the legacy style ReportViewer if a report did not use the Fields tab.
29670 Settings Internal Prevented rare error which could cause AdHocConfig object to be split into two non-synchronized objects.
29675 Internal Data Ensured that cache is refreshed after "lazy loading" of stored procedure columns.
29690 Internal Resources Corrected scripted event handlers to work better in Internet Explorer. (July 3, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
22038 Internal Driver Enabled option to use native Oracle.DataAccess.Client within Oracle driver. Must enable this setting using AdHocSettings.UseNativeOracleClient = true
29222 Internal Data Optimized performance of VisibleDataSources when using tables and stored procedures at the same time.
29277 Internal Data Corrected some filter issues which could arise when using ODBC and filtering against fields with certain datatypes such as unsigned bigint. The error thrown is "Specified Cast not Valid."
29299 Internal Data Enhanced performance related to loading records in report viewer.
29318 Internal Setting Added setting AdjustSeparatorsInEqualsListValues which permits disabling of automatic delimiter detection in the Equals(List) filter operator.
29342 Internal Data Prevented "item with the same key has already been added" error from appearing when using hidden filters.
29348 Report Design Report Design Corrected the Text and Cell highlight features to better handle characters like commas and periods within long strings which are being aliased.
29353 Report Design Expressions Prevented errors which could occur if expressions were trying to find a field with an alias attached.
29414 Report Design Filters Permitted overrides to first day of the week in the Izenda Calendar object.
29417 Internal Data Increased performance when listing stored procedures in Oracle.
29418 Internal Data Corrected issue related to Fusion aliasing against a full stored procedure name when using Oracle.
29426 Report Design Dashboards Refactored old style Dashboards to better support Visualizations.
29428 Report Design Filters Minor UI enhancements around filters to make graphical and rendered elements line up neatly.
29429 Report Design Filters UI enhancements made around the Show Filters In Report Description option, to make shown filters more responsive to empty/blank/null filter values.
29438 Report Design Filters Corrected error which prevented filter logic from appearing in the designer if additions are made to the ReportDesignerUrl string.
29447 Report Design Instant Reports Added support for pivot column splitting to Instant Report designer.
29448 Report Design Exports Corrected a label formatting error which would occur on PDF export if there are split columns on a report with a single column.
29460 Report Design Report Design Prevented 'Create New Category' from sometimes being automatically selected when clicking the 'Save As' button.
29461 Report Design Report Design Corrected redirect error which could occur when attempting to send a link to a report via email from within the ReportDesigner.
29484 Report Design Subreports Corrected application of distinct records when using Automatic subreports. Distinct was being ignored in this scenario.
29507 Report Design Gauges Corrected Animated Half Circle gauge behavior to prevent graphical/rendering issues.
29512 Report Design Scheduler Corrected scheduler from populating the year control starting with year 1.
29518 Report Design Instant Reports Enforced sanitation of some input values on instant reports, such as pagination controls.
29521 Report Design Report Design Corrected subtotal rendering when using a pivot with an attached analysis grid visual group style.
29531 Report Design Gauges Corrected issue where animated half circle gauge style would have values duplicated unnecessarily.
29533 Report Design Filters Corrected tooltip on filter control in the report viewer to properly display field name.
29538 Internal Exports Standardized request header casing to prevent exporting behavior failures in Edge browser.
29555 Report Design Localization Corrected caching issue preventing resources from appearing as properly localized. (June 5, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
28555 Report Design User Interface Corrected label when using Percent of Group (Rounded) format on a Pie chart.
29117 Internal Drivers Implemented use of LazySPMetadataPulling when using the Fusion driver.
29146 Internal Data Sources Refactored schema extraction and caching to be more efficient.
29180 Internal Settings Enhanced support of AdHocSettings.ResourcesProvider to better handle multiuser environments and the embedding of specific report parts.
29195 Internal Data Sources Added support for database collation in different languages.
29215 Internal Data Sources Streamlined and consolidated the number of requests made when working with simple/advanced data source join mode to increase performance on large databases.
29235 Internal Data Sources Corrected 42000 error in MySql when attempting to perform numeric calculations in an expression.
29241 Internal Drivers Added support for direct connection when using MySql and Fusion driver together.
29247 Report Design Filters Corrected date division when using Week grouping to construct a pivot and Time Period filter.
29254 Report Design Exports Prevented culling of subtotals from Analysis Grid when exported to Excel.
29255 Report Design Exports Fixed table layout and formatting when exporting to Word.
29293 Internal Filters Fixed invalid cast problem when using a hidden filter against a field with datatype int64.
29317 Internal Performance Cleaned up code to improve performance in IIS.
29321 Report Design Formatting Prevented subtotal records from being included as an item for pagination purposes.
29324 Report Design Instant Reports Prevented Instant Report splash screen from being disabled in some circumstances when using Internet Explorer.
29326 Report Design Performance Refactored HTTP requests to prevent crashes in rare situations where bad output may be generated via an incorrect ID.
29331 Report Design Report Design Fixed some functions being culled from the Maps tab in IE11.
29355 Report Design Formatting Cleaned up all indents and borders when formatting the Analysis Grid.
29376 Report Design Performance Prevented conversion error when using Average(Days Old) function in a Trend chart.
29378 Report Design Visualizations Enhanced Visualization behavior to prevent attempting to execute a Visualization with no data.
29379 Report Design Instant Reports Cleaned up text artifacts in Instant Reports when using a small screen resolution.
29383 Report Design Subreports Fixed some errors in drilldowns when there are uncommon characters used in the drilldownkey value.
29395 Internal Data Sources Prevented crash which could occur if setting AliasTable for a datasource and not TableJoinAlias.
29398 Report Design Filters Prevented server 500 error when filter value is set to '...' ellipsis.
29408 Report Design Exports Prevented pivot column splitting on page print from also invalidating column superheaders. (May 8, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
27266 Report Design Filters Expanded (blank) filter selection to detect empty strings as well as null values.
28655 Report Design Visual Groups Enhanced rendering behavior of hidden fields within visual groups to prevent mysterious commas, layout issues, or exceptions.
29125 Report Design Toolbar Ensured consistent behavior between results control on page and number of rendered records.
29200 Report Design Visual Groups Prevented AlternativeItem styling from being reset after Analysis Grid is disabled.
29201 Report Design Visual Groups Prevented Null Reference Exception when using Analysis Grid with insufficient data.
29202 Report Design Visual Groups Cleaned up table styles on Analysis Grid.
29212 Report Design Dashboards Prevented "Failed to load dashboard layout" error under some conditions, such as the source report being changed.
29229 Report Design Filters Prevented reloading of filter values when users delete or remove a filter.
29240 Report Design Dashboards Enhanced UI around the "Send PDF" functionality on Dashboards.
29243 Report Design Pivots Removed some functions from being eligible for pivot columns since their behavior inherently overlaps with pivots.
29256 Report Design Filters Fixed popup behavior of Autocomplete filter to be uniform across data types.
29276 Internal Drivers Enhanced support for filtering against calculated fields when using MySqlDriver.
29292 Report Design Pivots Ensured pivots would not break in the event that identical column headers could be generated from data. (April 10, 2018)

Case Category Subcategory Description
29212 Report Design Dashboards Prevented "Failed to load dashboard layout" error under some conditions, such as the source report being changed. This change was hotfixed on April 16, 2018.
28066 Report Design Data Sources Fixed exception when joining a datasource twice on the same report and adding an expression using an alias referencing one of those tables.
28908 Internal Methods Refactored ReportCollection class.
28931 Report Design Styling Corrected CSS not being applied to forms without first saving the report.
28947 Report Design Expressions Corrected proper escaping of angle brackets in expressions to prevent corruption of the expression in value testing or output.
28956 Report Design Exports Corrected some conditions in which externally hosted images would fail to be included in PDF export.
29025 Internal Methods Refactored authentication code.
29064 Internal Data Sources Refactored data source name links associated with virtual data source setting to prevent incorrect and faulty behavior when clicked.
29089 Internal Data Sources Prevented 'Invalid Cast' error related to filters on fields using the UInt16, UInt32 or UInt64 datatype and using the ODBCDriver. This fix breaks backwards compatibility for virtual data sources, which must be manually opened and resaved to correct their functioning.
29095 Internal Data Sources Corrected faulty behavior around drilling down on a 'date' type field in Oracle.
29103 Report Design Filters Ensured reduction of unnecessary activity when cascading filters are disabled.
29107 Internal Data Sources Prevented MySQL error when using stock MySQLDriver which throws "Incorrect Database Name". This fix was retroactively applied to and
29110 Internal Scheduling Enhanced handling of invalid times when a time does not exist due to timezone shifts.
29118 Report Design Visualizations Provided a more user friendly error message when embedded subreports are used on a grid which feeds data to a visualization which is not compatible with embedded subreports.
29120 Report Design Filters Re-enabled use of passing some values, including blanks and nulls, as stored procedure parameters via specific filter operators.
29123 Report Design Charts Prevented 'zero chart results' from appearing in error when using a calculated field to build a chart.
29124 Report Design Pagination Corrected problem which would cause additional records to appear (more than requested in preview) when paginating report parts.
29126 Internal Methods Corrected issues which sometimes cause SchemaCacheTimeout to never function properly.
29129 Report Design Charts Increased speed of rendering gauge formats.
29133 Report Design Filters Corrected issue where sometimes filters were not saved in Instant Reports when cascading filters are disabled.
29138 Report Design Styling Made further improvements to case 27885 to prevent word wrapping issues, as well as permit word wrapping in exports.
29142 Internal Data Sources Corrected datatype cast error which could arise when using some column formats with pagination.
29151 Report Design Pivots Corrected problem in pivots which could cause string '-Q' to appear in cell values when using Oracle.
29171 Report Design Exports Corrected an issue which could cause datetime formats to be lost on Excel export. This issue was retroactively applied to versions and
29191 Report Design Charts Corrected broken labels in Pie charts if label string contains a single quote character. (March 13, 2018) IMPORTANT NOTE

NOTE: Any installations of this build prior to March 14, 2018 have a critical error fixed in case 29107. This fixes an error which prevents Izenda deployments based on MySQL from updating beyond version The error thrown is an Incorrect Database Name error on saving a new report.

Case Category Subcategory Description
28707 Report Design Scheduler Prevented error causing schedule changes to not always save or update when a report is successfully scheduled.
28725 Dashboard Visualization Prevented extra visualization refreshes when visualizations are used on a dashboard which is being resized.
28857 Report Design Subreports Corrected error with using combokey to call an embedded subreport.
28921 Report Design Data Prevented Distinct from being disabled when a report is saved with an invalid column name.
28962 Report Design Instant Report Corrected error which prevented calculated fields from populating filters in instant report.
28970 Report Design Filters Trimmed out some unnecessary filter query activity when cascading filters are disabled.
28974 Report Design Visual Groups Refactored AntiXSS protection to permit additional characters to be used in visual group.
28980 Report Design Instant Report Corrected issue with calendar selector filter in instant reports.
28983 Dashboard Gauges Corrected animated half circle gauge style conflicting with modern dashboards.
28985 Report Design Pivots Corrected issue where subtotals would not properly appear on pivots.
28992 Report Design User Interface Prevented some UI glitches when resizing screen.
29006 Report Design Pivots Changed behavior of clear pivot button so that it does not retain old data when pivot is re-added.
29008 Report Design Settings Prevented being able to input 0 for "Items Per Page" value.
29010 Report Design Subreports Fixed some issues around printing and rendering embedded subreports.
29026 Internal Report Parts Further overhauled report parts and resource caching to enhance performance when using individual report parts.
29043 Report Design Subreports Corrected behavior of subreports in auto chart when using instant reports.
29057 Internal Settings Corrected text description for EmbedReportInServerEmail setting.
29062 Report Design Pivots Corrected use of Group(Week) function in pivot so that it does not provide faulty output.
29085 Internal Settings Expanded diagnostic and logging ability around report exporting. (February 13, 2018) IMPORTANT NOTE

NOTE: Any installations of this build prior to March 14, 2018 have a critical error fixed in case 29107. This fixes an error which prevents Izenda deployments based on MySQL from updating beyond version The error thrown is an Incorrect Database Name error on saving a new report. Any installations of this build prior to March 7, 2018 have a critical error fixed in case 29079. Expressions which use a less than or greater than comparison will become corrupted if the report is saved.

Case Category Subcategory Description
28481 Internal Resources Ensured that saving an image will always generate the same hash.
28587 Internal Resources Corrected image metadata problem which could lead to images being removed from emailed reports.
28673 Internal Settings Enhanced functionality of ForceResourceRequestsUniqueUrls to lower the number of hoops users have to jump through when this setting is first enabled.
28703 Instant Reports Data Corrected issues when saving Instant Reports which have a field with a default format, which can sometimes be set against type.
28745 Internal Data Permitted custom drivers to inherit from Driver class.
28809 Report Design Data Corrected some problems with arithmetic calculation of fields when applied to aggregated data.
28835 Report Design Scheduler Prevented issue where saving a report in the scheduler too soon after the new year will cause the report to skip ahead a year.
28844 Internal Localization Prevented value ranges on charts from being rendered incorrectly during non-English localization.
28845 Internal Localization Made equals filter in Instant Reports respect AdHocSettings.Language.
28847 Internal Data Enabled use of weekday datepart in SQL functions.
28851 Internal Localization Corrected some missing localization strings.
28875 Internal Settings Corrected chart failing to render in cases where ResourcesProviderWithDelimiter passes an incorrect value.
28892 Report Design Rendering Made it so that dashboard tile borders appear during a resize and not just after.
28901 Internal Error Handling Deescalated priority of column/table not found errors in some conditions to prevent application level error notifications.
28915 Internal Internal Eliminated need for .net 3.5 framework dependencies.
28936 Report Design Data Corrected join issues which can occur using table aliases.
28941 Report Design Subreports Corrected behavior of nested popup subreports.
28942 Report Design Exports Corrected some chart rendering errors on export to Word and PDF.
28951 Instant Reports Data Corrected saving of datetime formats in Instant Reports.
28963 Report Design Data Corrected object reference error which could occur when exporting a report to excel which has a default '...' format applied to a datetime.
28964 Report Design Visual Group Corrected arithmetic concatenation of strings in visual group. (January 16, 2018) IMPORTANT NOTE

NOTE: Any installations of this build prior to March 14, 2018 have a critical error fixed in case 29107. This fixes an error which prevents Izenda deployments based on MySQL from updating beyond version The error thrown is an Incorrect Database Name error on saving a new report. Any installations of this build prior to March 7, 2018 have a critical error fixed in case 29079. Expressions which use a less than or greater than comparison will become corrupted if the report is saved.

Case Category Subcategory Description
28148 Internal Data Corrected Oracle error which could cause exceptions when using expressions and pivots in the same report.
28371 Dashboards Scheduler Fixed dashboard panels being "pushed down" the page when scheduled.
28568 Internal Optimization Refactored disk cache for constraints, general optimizations included.
28671 Dashboards Dashboards Corrected dashboards sometimes not loading necessary scripts, resulting in a "report not found" error for no apparent reason.
28719 Report Designer Filters Corrected "The given key was not present in the dictionary" related filter population error when updating filters.
28723 Dashboards User Interface Added truncation to long report names when selecting a report for a dashboard.
28731 Report Designer Exports Corrected text scaling issues in PDF export when using VG page break.
28733 Dashboards Dashboards Fixed some JS errors that could occurr in dashboards due to babel polyfill library.
28734 Report Designer Formats Better supported modifications of datetime formats in Excel which use the am/pm flag.
28749 Report List User Interface Corrected element borders for report icons in the report list when using no thumbnails mode.
28754 Report Designer User Interface Fixed some UI glitches when zooming the page in and out.
28755 Report Designer User Interface Added AdHocSettings.FilterTextAreaHeight to control the height of filter text boxes.
28764 Report Designer Exports Corrected encoding of spaces in XML export.
28778 Report Designer User Interface Fixed incorrect display of functions for a field based on wrong datatype in Chrome.
28784 Report Designer Forms Fixed XSS security removing script tags from Forms when unnecessary.
28792 Report List User Interface Corrected report searching on the report list to account for categories.
28793 Report Designer User Interface Corrected error notification display to prevent a loading loop in the case of multiple errors.
28796 Internal Data Corrected column population in custom drivers which override GetAllTables and GetColumns, which end up returning no columns.
28797 Report Designer Filters Corrected behavior of time portion of datetime in filter value display. This will address 'missing' time values in filters.
28807 Report Designer User Interface Prevented field functions from being blanked out in a saved report on a field using an expression.
28813 Report Designer Forms Corrected use of popup subreports in forms.
28817 Internal Scheduler Permitted customization of scheduler output using AdHocSettings.SchedulerOutputTypes.
28841 Internal Data Permitted ASPX implementation of independent reportparts.
28863 Internal Settings Prevented NullReferenceError when AdHocSettings.CacheSchema = false;. (December 12, 2017)

Case Category Subcategory Description
28375 Report Design Instant Reports Corrected behavior of clearing pivots in Instant Reports.
28416 Report Design Report Designer Enabled pagination for inverted summary grids.
28423 Report Design Filters Fixed population of filter values being pulled from an expression.
28424 Internal Database Fixed ORA-01036 error when filtering against a datetime in Oracle.
28429 Report Design Instant Reports Made Auto Gauge errors more explicit in Instant Reports.
28435 Report Design Exports Corrected error preventing CSV files from being exported if the ReportViewer has an HTML Form tag.
28449 Internal Settings Added setting to specify Izenda resource folder so that Izenda does not traverse the file structure outside of this folder.
28554 Internal Settings Corrected behavior of disappearing buttons when disabling thumbnail controls using ShowDesignLinks.
28612 Report Design Report Designer Enabled hiding visually grouped fields.
28615 Internal Settings Corrected issue which prevented the setting of AttachmentName in the scheduler.
28616 Internal API Corrected some issues related to overriding ProcessDataSet.
28621 Report Design Filters Corrected handling of string values with commas when passing them directly into filters via the url feature.
28626 Report Design Visualizations Refactored AutoGauge to be easier to customize.
28631 Internal User Interface Fixed error where the reportlist would load endlessly if there were no uncategorized reports.
28657 Report Design Filters Made datetimes in filter description match the correctly applied formatting.
28658 Report Design Subreports Fixed error which sometimes prevented popup subreports from appearing after a report has been saved and the report has not been reloaded.
28687 Report Design User Interface Prevented save dialog from appearing partially offscreen in case of an extremely long category name.
28716 Report Design Visualizations Corrected an error which could occur due to the D3 library when using visualizations on dashboards.
28721 Report Design Dashboards Corrected error which could occur when resizing a dashboard browser window when that dashboard includes a visualization.
28722 Report Design Dashboards Corrected tile positioning on dashboards to stop tiles from overlapping each other if the dashboard browser window is shrunk or minimized. (November 14, 2017) IMPORTANT HOTFIX NOTE

There is a small issue in this version where the report list will not load if there are no uncategorized reports. All links still function normally, but the standard behavior in the case of no uncategorized reports is to either load the top alphabetical category, or to open the report designer. Replacing /Resources/js/ReportList.js with this file will correct this behavior.

Case Category Subcategory Description
27045 Internal Filters Corrected some bad SQL generation that could occur when using grouped expressions to calculate a value and some constituent fields to that calculated value are being filtered on.
28300 Internal Thumbnails Added support for loading thumbnails with async requests.
28359 Report Design Reports Fixed incorrect editor link generated in the report list with extra slashes.
28408 Report Design Exports Resolved regression issue with legacy pdf exporting
28409 Report Design Reports For every filter ("criteria" node in XML) izenda stores in XML two attributes: Value, and ValueEncoded. Value contains the field value in plain text. ValueEncoded contains the same value in base64-encoded form, and it is used by izenda when filling ReportSet object. If value is altered and encoded value is not the filters are broken and report will not load. Altered process to add encoded values if blank.
28414 Report Design Summary Prevented incorrect output which could occur when using Add Delta and Invert at the same time on a summary.
28455 Report Design Pivots Sorting on a column with Percentage format isn't displaying properly when used in a pivot grid.
28479 Report Design Dashboards Slight alteration to size and position of open dashboard control in dashboard page.
28487 Internal Logging Added additional logging for some AdHocSettings (OracleConstraintsQuery and VisualizationsFolder).
28488 Internal Backend Updated CurrentUserTenantID to enforce the processing of one value at a time.
28490 Report Design Exports Corrected URL generation when producing PDF exports.
28493 Report Design Dashboards Error noted when resizing charts in some dashboard tiles.
28495 Internal Settings Made linker timestamp visible on rs.aspx page to show dll date.
28496 Report Design Dashboards Removed underline displaying in dashboard toolbar.
28502 Report Design Filters Missing field name on Filters in Instant Report.
28503 Report Design Visual Group Incorrect computation of subtotal in Instant Report when using visual group.
28504 Report Design Exports Some Funnel charts are cut off in PDF export.
28508 Report Design Calculation Prevented overflow error which could occur when using Oracle and calculating date diffs.
28510 Report Design Formats Implemented ability to sort on custom date formats.
28518 Internal Optimization Refactored some areas in the Report List, application initializes tabs each time a category is clicked.
28538 Report Design Forms Filters smart tag for Forms now displays without needing to explicitly force "Show Filters".
28540 Internal Optimization Optimized filter loading for better performance.
28547 Internal Optimization Added performance improvements to Report Viewer loading
28559 Report Design Drilldowns Corrected behavior of aggregating blank and null strings for drilldowns.
28613 User Interface Report List Some categories when clicked in the report list are unresponsive. (October 11, 2017)

Case Category Subcategory Description
26158 Internal Optimization Refactored and optimized internal FiltersData behavior.
27337 User Interface Exports Permitted custom behaviors to be added to the toolbar Send Report button.
28098 Internal Query Generation Permitted the override of GenerateSQL for complex hidden filters.
28248 Internal Optimization Implemented gzip content compression.
28261 User Interface Controls Fixed location of dropdown menu in Instant Reports so as to not try to render itself partially offscreen.
28263 User Interface Controls Refactored use of forward and back slashes for greater ease of use (both should be acceptable for most uses).
28294 Internal API Allowed caching of AdHocSettings.Culture.
28326 User Interface Controls Corrected some UI behavior in Firefox that would prevent deleting reports.
28330 User Interface Controls Minor tweaks to button color and appearance in the Instant Reports toolbar.
28334 Report Design Filters Corrected "Multipart Identifier Could Not Be Bound" error when inheriting a field filter against a field from a datasource which is absent in the joined tables list of subreport.
28338 Report Design Formatting Fixed error preventing gradient cell shading from being used inside of a pivot when it is also being used outside of that pivot.
28351 Internal Routing Changed URL generation for images so that they load without permissions errors in MVC.
28357 Internal Routing Additional optimizations to MVC routing.
28373 Internal Filters Fixed an error in filter query construction which could cause unique values to fail to display in a populated filter.
28380 Report Design Visualizations Prevented an intermittent javascript error which arose on reports with multiple visualizations.
28391 Report Design Reports Corrected extra, empty line from being placed at the bottom of an inverted summary table.
28399 User Interface Controls Prevented some UI icons from disappearing in Edge.
28400 Internal Routing Optimized routing in the MVC kit.
28404 Report Design Forms Changed Form rendering to account for square brackets in field names as well as field values.
28407 User Interface Fonts Prevented font loading errors in Edge.
28411 Report Design Expressions Fixed an error preventing subtotal expressions from being generated from a stored procedure dataset.
28412 User Interface Tooltips Corrected tooltip when hovering over "Add New Filter" in the Report Viewer.
28415 Report Design Visual Groups Prevented using inverted grid and field value visual group style at the same time.
28421 Report Design Dashboards Fixed the display of chart titles on dashboard tiles.
28428 Report Design Visualizations Created some friendlier error messages for visualizations.
28430 Internal API Set rp.aspx to always open resources as readonly by default to prevent access errors.
28451 Internal Query Generation Prevented bad query code from being generated when a column name contains "PARAM" or "PARAM_". (September 12, 2017)

Case Category Subcategory Description
18568 Internal User Interface Enabled support for very long report names.
20727 Internal Logging Expanded logging around stored procedure behavior.
23613 Report Design Filters Error thrown on input of decimal in comparison filter for days old. If user inputs any decimal the system gives object not set to instance of an object error.
26970 Internal Settings Corrected persistent "Report Not Found" errors when using ReportID instead of ReportName.
27484 Internal API Internal refactoring to deprecate the use of Report.Chart in favor of the "Chart" reportpart type.
27503 Internal Optimization Refactored query construction to optimize performance.
27545 Internal Optimization Prevented the same report open in different browser tabs from "sharing" settings across tabs.
27601 Internal Charts Refactored some date handling in Highcharts to better support localization of string labels of datetimes.
27863 Report Design Dashboards Made tile backgrounds in Dashboards more reactive to tile resizing.
27905 Internal Optimization Additional refactoring of internal RequireJS.
27938 Report Design Exports Expanded ability to export Auto Chart visualization as an image when exporting/printing in HTML.
27959 Internal Dashboards Refactored internal ReportViewer.js to better handle links in Dashboards.
27960 Report Design Filters Added a more explicit warning when a user adds a date which is invalid according to the current Culture setting.
28149 Internal Settings Added new setting, AdHocSettings.RasterizedChartWidth, to permit all chart labels to be rendered when a chart is very "wide" and should not be condensed for display or printing.
28159 Internal Optimization Small refactoring of HtmlReportRenderer.RenderHeader.
28160 Report Design Exports Corrected export behavior for PhantomJS when using offline mode.
28165 Report Design User Interface Prevented tile Delete icon from being removed when minimizing the Instant Report window.
28184 Report Design Subreports Corrected drilldown passing behavior which could, if a report is using a filter on the same field as the drilldown key, cause the filter to override the drilldown value.
28187 Report Design Filters Prevented filters from being dropped in Instant Report designer when adding fields.
28193 Report Design Charts Added more user friendly errors for the Auto Chart visualization when the underlying table has no metric field.
28196 Report Design Filters Filters now respect padding in data such that values which appear similar but are logically different (such as "Test" and " Test") will be handled properly in filters.
28198 Report Design User Interface Modified behavior of the Remove and Undo buttons when shrinking Dashboard tile to a very small size.
28199 Report Design Dashboards Enhanced "No Reports Found" message in Dashboards to be more user friendly.
28203 Report Design Charts Made further enhancements to sizing of report parts and report part metadata when using report parts independently.
28221 Report Design Subreports Changed Embedded report behavior to ignore drilldownkeys passed in the URL of a subreport being used as both a parent and child. For example, if a report is a subreport of some other report, while also having an embedded subreport itself.
28241 Report Design Exports Fixed an issue which could cause Excel exports from New Instant Reports to generate a bad format for some fields, causing them to be rendered incorrectly (numerics as text, for example).
28242 Report Design User Interface Correctly indexed columns in Instant Reports to prevent hidden columns from still being visible in the advanced settings if you clicked on the column header of an adjacent column.
28247 Report Design Footers Izenda now attempts to scale images used in the header or footer when producing a PDF and the image would otherwise extend "off the page".
28271 Internal Data Sources Corrected some issues with session provider which could cause data sources to be inaccessible.
28273 Internal Optimization Closed tag in Dashboard template toolbar which could cause browser errors.
28274 Report Design User Interface Fixed error which could cause the function and format to be dropped from a field in the New Instant Report designer.
28277 Internal Optimization Updated PhantomJS.
28281 Internal Exports Corrected "Izenda is not defined" script error when attempting to export an old dashboard (Dashboard.aspx) page to HTML.
28288 Report Design Charts Corrected some width related issues with Dundas chart rendering.
28290 Internal Optimization Corrected some memory leaks caused by static regex objects.
28303 Internal Optimization Refactored the way resources are cached when a Dev license key is being used, to make it easier to debug resource related issues.
28306 Internal Data Sources Corrected Izenda error which would not load data sources with a duplicate synonym from another database.
28312 Internal Optimization Modified image tags where appropriate so as to not throw unnecessary errors in IE. (August 8, 2017)

NOTE: There are extensive changes to the Dashboard UI in this update. Please be sure to flush your browser resource cache if Dashboards appear to be broken or nonfunctional!

Case Category Subcategory Description
26538 Internal Dashboards Various UI and performance enhancements in Dashboards viewer page.
27497 Report Design Subreports Filter inheritance in subreports was behaving differently in Report Designer and Report Viewer. Now filters inherit consistently across pages.
27692 Report Design Maps Corrected issue with indicator bars on legacy maps (not visualizations) displaying incorrect values.
27734 Internal Thumbnails Fixed thumbnail duplication when dashboards belong to "global" tenant, which caused performance hits.
27809 Internal Scheduler Refactored scheduler to be more stable, performant, and support logging.
27817 Internal Formats Expanded support for custom formats for datetimes when using filters in Instant Reports.
27864 Report Design Dashboards Added truncation to the titles of dashboard tiles when the tile's width is reduced.
27877 Internal API Refactored Driver.InvalidateSchemaCache to dump cache on all machines in a webfarm when called on one of those machines.
27885 Internal Printing Refactored PhantomJS to handle page breaks after visual groups.
27901 Internal Dashboards Small change to dashboards permitting an override for custom sorting of dashboards by name and category.
27928 Report Design Filters Prevented filters from having their description set to 'null' under some conditions.
27930 Instant Reports Appearance The following settings were not being respected in Instant Reports v2: HeaderForegroundColor, ItemForegroundColor, ReportHeaderColor, ReportItemColor, ReportAlternatingItemColor, ReportBorderColor.
27962 Internal Joins Refactored constraints to prevent duplicate constraints from being created.
27964 Internal Security Clarified behavior of TenantField column setting when this field contains a mix of null and non-null values.
27996 Report Design Dashboards Made filters update on dashboard tile sync with other report metadata.
28002 Report Design Visualizations Modified Timeline Visualization to better support printing and exporting.
28010 Report Design Formats Some formats, such as percent of group, consistently display on pivots even with zero/null data.
28011 Report Design Subreports Closed some conditions under which popups spawned as subreports of subreports could inherit pagination controls.
28012 User Interface Refactoring Slight UI tweak to scheduler controls to make them line up visually.
28014 Internal Security Prevented sessionDataStorage.ProviderAvailable from returning false if Izenda is initialized in offline mode.
28063 Internal Joins Corrected error which could occur if AdHocContext.Driver is used to set a PostgreSQLDriver and a field is aliased from its literal name.
28064 Internal Sett ExportLimit is now applied to the results of a report after printing and updating the report viewer.
28066 Report Design Joins Fixed exception when joining a datasource twice on the same report and adding an expression using an alias referencing one of those tables.
28067 Report Design Dashboards Prevented dashboard tiles from opening the underlying report when dragging it to certain locations on the dashboard viewer.
28068 Report Design Charts Tweaked charts to fit the size of their HTML container when they are isolated as a report part.
28071 Report Design Filters Prevented an overflow error which could occur if a report had a filter which referred to a field that does not exist in the database schema cache.
28084 Internal Security Refactored AdHocContext.Initialized such that Izenda should not reinitialize when session is null by design.
28091 Internal Joins Refactored join code such that HTML entry validation won't trigger on expressions when checking for correct join conditions.
28094 User Interface Dashboards Added a dashboard refresh after resizing the browser window to prevent tiles from being "broken" and refusing to update.
28100 Report Design Visualizations Prevented JS exception which could be triggered by the use of double NaN strings instead of the literal string "NaN" in charts.
28109 Instant Reports Appearance Populated UI color selector in new Instant Reports pages with default Izenda colors.
28110 Report Design Formats Added tweak to properly sort currency values when using Culture to change currency format.
28134 Internal API Corrected Null Reference Exception in Driver.GetClearSchemaObjectName.
28144 Internal Dashboards Refactored dashboard tile loading to further reduce/eliminate "report not found" errors. This is caused by faulty parameters being fed to the 'getcrsreportpartpreview' query.
28177 User Interface Dashboards Corrected problem which prevented users from opening a tile's report in report designer from backside of dashboard tile (July 11, 2017)

Case Category Subcategory Description
22580 Report Design Filters Made further enhancements to filters to support custom datetime formats which are based on Culture token.
25920 Internal API Removed dependence on Izenda's rs.aspx from being in the application root folder rather than an Izenda subfolder.
27075 Report Design Visualizations Refactored Gauge Visualization to better handle long strings (tooltips implemented) and also updated fonts and styling.
27173 Internal API Refactored StaticSharedStorage and made it thread safe.
27436 Internal Performance Refactored internal key storage.
27498 Report Design Joins Corrected joining engine to prevent joins from being built incorrectly relative to how they appear in the UI control, for example LEFT joins being reversed in the query.
27534 Report Design Styling Refactored headers, footers, and image header alignment controls in Instant Reports.
27555 Internal Query Generation Solved an issue where in extreme circumstances it was possible for Izenda to reach the SQLServer Expression Limit.
27594 Internal Query Generation Corrected error which could cause pivot table to be dropped from query when applying a calculated filter directly to the top level grouping of values outside of the pivot.
27620 Report Design Charts Corrected error which permitted calculated numeric fields to be used incorrectly as the x axis value of the trend chart (it should only allow datetimes or datetime-based numerics).
27656 Report Design Dashboards Split dashboard tile refresh behavior into two actions - now a user can "Refresh" the data on the dashboard tile or "Sync" the tile's metadata to the source report.
27693 Internal Report Loading Prevented error which could occur when loading multiple reportparts on the same page - if the first reportpart fails to load, since it contained necessary scripts, other subsequent reportparts would also fail to load.
27695 Internal API Corrected error which could occur when calling GetObjectSchemaSql which returns no records.
27723 Report Design Dashboards Added support for long text descriptions on dashboard tiles. Long descriptions will be truncated at a certain limit, but the full text will be displayed in a hovering tooltip.
27724 Internal Performance Refactored code to better support Require.js and Angular.js.
27750 Report Design Exporting Made export limit setting apply to subtotal query when exporting.
27759 Report Design Data Expanded support for stored procedures which only use IN parameters.
27767 Report Design Charts Corrected format being lost from pie charts when editing report.
27769 Report Design Styling Fixed conflicts between different culture settings if AdHocSettings.Culture conflicts with culture specified in the web.config.
27775 Report Design Exporting Corrected an issue related to exporting inverted grids to excel.
27782 Report Design Performance Fixed object reference error when attempting to load or execute a report in the Report Viewer, when that same report works correctly in the Report Designer.
27808 Report Design Filters Ensured table filtering from Auto Chart visualization activity is reflected in print mode.
27814 Report Design Subreports Corrected issue preventing datetimes from being used as a drilldown key if there is a culture token mismatch between parent and child reports.
27818 Report Design Filters Fixed popup calendar for custom date using Instant Reports.
27819 Report Design Exporting Changed BulkCSV to apply a default format rather than display a blank cell for an unsupported format.
27820 Report Design Filters Properly flagged fields calculated via expression as calculated for the purpose of filtering.
27821 Internal Session Prevented reports from sharing filter settings and values when more than one report is open in the same browser session and both are refreshed simultaneously.
27823 Report Design Filters Fixed object reference error which can arise when a filter with multiple listed numerical values is applied to a calculated field.
27844 Report Design Expressions Corrected some errors related to escaping brackets when using the native SQL REPLACE() function.
27880 Internal Filters Corrected an error preventing hidden filters from applying to filter population in some circumstances.
27912 Internal Dashboards Fixed some dashboard loading problems when dashboards and report parts were being saved with the same name across tenants.
27913 Internal API Refactored HttpContext.Current.Items to manage request cache.
27933 Internal Overrides Corrected an issue preventing pivot behavior overrides from producing correct output.
27934 Report Design Visualizations Fixed placement of 'United Kingdom' and 'Hong Kong' strings in World Tour visualization.
27970 Report Design Visual Groups Corrected error which could occur when using visual groups on an unsaved report lacking a report name (rn property).
27982 Internal Dashboards Prevented a Null Reference Error which could occur if a dashboard cannot find cached source reports while loading. (June 6, 2017)

Case Category Subcategory Description
25071 Report Design Visualizations Corrected an issue where expressions with a zero in the denominator would render on visualizations as the max 16 bit int.
26207 Report Design Visualizations Corrected an issue where visualizations may not render correctly the first time in IE 10 due to a known error with jQuery.
27102 Report Design Visualizations Corrected an issue which would cause Auto Chart labels from not appearing correctly if a subreport using multiple drill down keys (comboKey) were used on the table.
27233 Report Design Styling Cleared out some unused CSS from resource files.
27500 API Optimization Prevented hyperlinks from being dropped if more than one report part is being displayed on a custom page.
27512 Report Design Styling Tweaked CSS of visual groups to maintain consistent padding in the Analysis Grid.
27513 Report Design Filters Changed encoding of special characters in URL when being passed through the URL feature from data.
27515 Dashboards Dashboards Fixed dashboard filtering behavior when inheriting filters upwards from a subreport being called from a report part on a dashboard.
27529 Data Sources Data Sources Deleting a Virtual Data Source now updates the data source cache.
27565 API Error Reporting Increased the number of internal exceptions which display a stacktrace along with the exception.
27569 Report Design Subreports Corrected change which permitted (broken) pagination behavior in the popup. Pagination of results should be ignored in popup and hover drilldown styles.
27570 Data Sources Filters Corrected some cases in which adding a data source using advanced join mode to an already existing report could filter out some values in error.
27590 Report Design Exports Corrected the application of formats to values when exporting to Excel and using the "Show Fields/Summary in Field Value" checkbox.
27595 Instant Reports Exports Enabled more email output types for the scheduler when using Instant Reports.
27606 Report Design Categories Fixed some incorrect behavior when placing subcategories in similarly named categories (subcategory 'Cat/Cat' appears in the 'Cat Cat' category instead of the 'Cat' category).
27613 API Error Reporting Improved performance of ajax error notifications in popups.
27619 Report Design Exports Corrected some custom formats being output as text instead of numeric (or other specified datatypes) when exporting to Excel.
27623 Report Design Gauges Prevented Gauge graphics from not being rendered if a calculated field is being used to generate the Gauge metric value.
27624 Report Design Styling Prevented header, description, and footer from being removed from an unsaved report under some rare circumstances.
27649 Report Design Subreports Corrected issue related to a datetime, grouped by week, which is being passed as the drilldown key to a subreport. Some days were being placed in the wrong week grouping.
27673 Dashboards Error Reporting Fixed a null reference exception which could occur when loading large dashboards.
27690 API Settings Added new setting, UseStrictDateTimeFilterParsing, which is a bool that determines if a Between date filter uses time as well as date (true) or just the date portion (false) of a datetime. The default value is false.
27728 Instant Reports Filters Corrected Instant Report filter behavior where the second value in a two part filter may sometimes not appear in a popup.
27729 Dashboards Categories Fixed some inconsistencies around setting a default category via code on Dashboards.
27745 API Settings Ensured that running InvalidateSchemaCache clears all in memory caches as well as disk caches.
27779 API Error Reporting Prevented a rare exception which could occur in the language resource files related to the PleaseEnterValidValueFormat string.
27787 Report Design Exports Prevented the popup calendar for a customized date field from appearing on a printed (PDF and HTML) export. (May 2, 2017) IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR AZURE USERS

Case Category Subcategory Description
27317 API Optimization Upgraded EVO PDF generator to version 7. Please note if you are using the Azure service you will need to use the 7 version of the service as well which can be found here: http://www.evopdf.com/azure-html-to-pdf-converter.aspx Further instructions are provided for setting this up here on our wiki: http://wiki.izenda.us/API/CodeSamples/PdfPrintMode/Pdf-Exports-in-Azure-Websites.docx
22876 API Settings Using ProcessEqualsSelectList to retrieve a list of filter values with the "Doesn't equals" filter operator returns no results.
25548 Report Design Filters Corrected custom Equals(Popup) not appearing.
26591 API Optimization Optimized memory usage when rendering Visualizations.
26717 Report Design Filters Prevented (calc) fields from appearing in filter dropdown selection when unnecessary, such as when there is no change to a field except for an alias.
26931 Report Design Dashboards Allowed ability to set and store dashboard background color in a cookie.
26933 Report Design Visualization If visualization cannot be rendered due to a lack of data, message should be displayed stating "No Data to Display"
27076 API Settings Removing AdHocSettings.ToolbarBackgroundImageUrl which is no longer used in application.
27131 Report Design Visual Groups Issues with Page Break and Separator on VG Hierarchy and Analysis Grid
27155 Report Design Dashboards In dashboard when "update results" is clicked several times, after the first time filters disappear because the dashboard loses the 'Is Dashboard' flag.
27162 API Optimization Intermittent Null Reference Error due to not-thread-safe work with dictionaries
27174 Report Design Dashboards Added ability to set "Enable Responsive Grid" setting value for each tile individually: value depends on source report setting value. If source report uses the responsive grid - dashboard tile will it use too.
27177 API Drivers Refactored Fusion driver for OData connections.
27206 API Optimization Corrected internal methods used in Calendar.cs to prevent rare index out of range errors.
27257 Report Design Dashboards Changed when scrollbars display on Dashboards to make them appear less often, especially when unnecessary.
27277 API Drivers Optimized use of AdHocSettings.Driver in Fusion.
27282 Report Design Scheduler Corrected problem which would reset the default time zone in the dashboard scheduler.
27296 Report Design Report List Corrected an issue preventing the category name from being listed along with the report name on some reports.
27304 API Drivers Changed how field aliases are assigned by the Fusion driver to prevent "object reference" errors from appearing when using an expression - the issue is that an alias can be assigned without a field name, causing conflicts where the expression could not distinguish a distinct field.
27327 Report Design Visual Groups Case sensitivity causes issues with some text groupings in Visual Groups.
27330 Report Design Summary Changed field alias swap from Total2 to Total for columns in the summary.
27344 Report Design Dashboards When user opens dashboard in the gallery mode for the first time, missing font errors are displayed in browser console.
27370 Report Design Dashboards Receiving JS errors in some pages when navigating from new Instant Reports or New Dashboard page to another page in Izenda before page is fully loaded.
27388 API Optimization Angular refactoring, unify all parts of the angular code which use $location service.
27394 API Optimization Refactored some methods inside of ReadXml().
27422 Report Design Subreports Fixed error preventing reports with long names from being used as a subreport in a form.
27440 Report Design Scheduler Added error message when report xml does not have a SendEmailAs property for the scheduler and is scheduled to be run, causing a null reference exception.
27442 Report Design Settings Corrected problem preventing header images from being included in a report when designed with the Instant Report designer.
27445 Report Design Visualization Corrected error where two copies of the same visualization with different filter settings would have the filter from the first visualization applied to both visualizations in print export.
27453 Report Design Dashboards Fixed error in URL handling which prevented dashboard URLs from being emailed properly, and the recipient has to log in to Izenda to view the linked object.
27467 Report Design Data Sources Prevented datasources from duplicating when switching from advanced to simple data source selection, and back again. Further fixes are scheduled for
27475 Report Design Visual Groups Prevented initial VG value from being dropped when combining a visual group style other than field value with the "show report in field value" checkbox.
27514 Report Design Dashboards Dashboards showing extra pages when exporting to PDF
27547 Report Design Charts Prevented "vis.safeWrapper is not a function" error from appearing when creating charts in Instant Reports. (April 5, 2017)

Case Category Subcategory Description
25992 API Settings Corrected some broken behavior around AdHocSettings.EmbedReportInServerEmail.
26226 Report Design Subreports Corrected behavior of Hover drilldown style in Gauges tab.
26415 API Hidden Filters Corrected inconsistency which could allow hidden filters to override tenantid in some cases.
26539 Report Design Dashboards Removed ability to add duplicate tiles to Dashboard.
26622 API Driver Allowed Fusion driver to accept wildcards in multipart identifier.
26673 Report Design Filters Added support for filterable calculated fields in Instant Reports.
26798 Report Design User Interface Corrected issue which could sometimes prevent field descriptions from loading when using Instant Reports.
26851 Report Design Exports Using VG Hierarchy and Pivot at the same time throws an index exception when exported to PDF.
26912 API Settings Expanded TimeZoneOffset setting to apply to In Time Period filter as well.
26962 API Security Consolidated some unused scripts and updated some JS Methods to improve application security.
26975 Report Design Filters Corrected oversight which swapped dd/mm date format in date filters for mm/dd even when using a culture token override.
26988 API Backend Updated Ajax requests across Izenda to minimize browser hanging.
26992 Report Design Filters Improved handling of special characters, spaces, and tabs in filter values when using multi-line populated filter operators.
27007 Report Design Filters Changed behavior of report viewer such that if a calculated field is removed from the report body, any filters based on that field are also removed.
27073 Report Design Filters Modified date filters to prevent first portion of a date range from being set to a later date than the last portion of a date range.
27089 API Settings Fixed some gaps which allowed XSS and scripts to run in a report even when ApplyAntiXssToReportOutput = true;
27101 Report Design User Interface Suppressed internal designation of "field@group" from appearing in a fieldl description in Instant Reports when using a group header.
27108 Report Design Data Sources Corrected "Invalid Column Name" error when joining a virtual data source to a normal data source.
27113 Report Design Instant Reports Tweaked error messages in Instant Reports to make them more visible to the user and harder to click past.
27120 Report Design Filters Fixed a discrepancy in how the report viewer and report designer handle the "..." ellipsis character in a filter using the equals checkbox operator. This could cause the first value in a filtered list to be missing.
27129 Report Design Expressions Prevented setting expression type without an expression present.
27158 Report Design Exports Corrected csv export error claiming a datasource has an invalid object name when using a stored procedure in a Fusion environment.
27175 Report Design User Interface Corrected a missing font error in bootstrap.min.css in the reference implementation.
27182 Report Design Scheduler Added ability to recognize and accept secured http connections to scheduler.
27204 API Settings Updated comments in code to show AdHocSettings.ShowModifyButton as deprecated. Customers should use AdHocSettings.ShowDesignLinks instead.
27205 Report Design Exports Removed extra line added when exporting report with embedded subreport to Excel.
27223 Report Design Scheduler Fixed scheduler error which can change the value of AdHocSettings.ResponseServer.
27224 Report Design Visualizations Prevented javascript errors from appearing when a current user/tenant setting conflicts with hidden filters.
27231 API Backend Reimplemented how and when UpdateSchemaCache is called in a new session.
27238 API Backend Changed how javascript is defined in response to a recent Chrome update (57.0.2987) that can result in odd UI behavior as critical variables are dropped from browser memory.
27256 Report Design Filters Cleaned up and made unavailable some incompatible filter operators when selecting a stored procedure parameter in Instant Reports.
27258 Report Design Dashboards Made friendlier errors in Dashboards when loading an empty title in Gallery mode.
27306 Report Design Filters Corrected issue with Instant Reports not passing a value correctly in a datetime filter when moving from report viewing to editing.
27316 Report Design User Interface Changed size of value ranges input box on charts tab.
27332 Report Design Filters Corrected an issue which prevented some filters from populating correctly if a calculated field were used as the first filter on a report.
27347 API Backend Prevented "Response is not available in this context" errors from appearing when Izenda is under heavy load from many users.
27349 Report Design Exports Prevented an issue which could cause Instant Reports to fail to produce a PDF export. (March 8, 2017) BREAKING CHANGES

Please follow the steps below to update your current Izenda version:

1.A Download the FULL RI Downloads RI Link 1.B If you are upgrading from an older version of Izenda and do not want to download the full RI, you can use the RI as a reference. The important thing here is to update your resource links per this example: link rel = "stylesheet" type = "text / css" href = "./ rp.aspx? extres = components.vendor.bootstrap.css.bootstrap.min.css" 2. Unzip and copy the bin and resources to the corresponding website folders as would be done in a standard upgrade. 3. Locate the rp.aspx page in the extracted folder. For MVC Kits this is in the Reporting folder. In Webforms and VB this is located in the root of the extracted folder. 4. Copy the new rp.aspx page to all locations in your implementation containing the rs.aspx page (please ensure you search as some implementations have more than one location for this file. 5. Locate the default.master page in Webforms or VB kit and _SiteLayout.cshtml in MVC kits. Find the following line <script type="text/javascript" src="Resources/js/main.js"></script> and replace with the following: <script type="text/javascript" src="./rp.aspx?js=AdHocQuery"></script> (this CHANGE IS REQUIRED as the main.js file is no longer included in the kit, and if this is not replaced there will be errors when you try to run the site). 6. Find and replace all references to ./rs.aspx wtih ./rp.aspx (this is not required but making these changes will improve the loading speed for resources on the pages - this change removes blocking issues faced with resources loading) 7. Replace <link rel="stylesheet" href="Resources/css/main.css" type="text/css" /> with the following <link rel="stylesheet" href="./rp.aspx?extres=css.main.css" type="text/css" />

Case Category Subcategory Description
25750 API Backend Changed how resources are loaded to prevent intermittent errors when loading Dashboards related to "current result set is not a Dashboard" error, which seems to happen without pattern or cause.
26111 Report Design Expressions Prevented a null reference exception from being thrown in some circumstances when using an expression to calculate a field and not setting an expression type.
26609 API Backend Changed back end code to make it easier for filters to identify calculated fields by a guid rather than description string.
26692 Report Design Subreports Corrected behavior of stored procedure params when inheriting filters across subreports.
26731 Report Design Subreports Ensured parent report filters inherit to embedded subreports.
26758 Report Design Visual Groups Fixed page break behavior when visually grouping in Analysis Grid style.
26822 Report Design Sorting Corrected discrepancies in sort order between default and user-triggered sort.
26848 Report Design Pivots Corrected problems when constructing pivots which caused fields to be hidden in error.
26864 API Settings Expanded setting DataSourceLimit to incorporate Instant Reports.
26873 Report Design Exporting Fixed some subtotals being dropped from a pivoted analysis grid during excel export.
26877 User Interface Instant Reports Added report visibility control to Instant Report toolbar.
26878 User Interface Categories Expanded support for custom characters such as # and ^ when creating categories.
26889 API Backend Updated angular.js to 1.6.1.
26893 Report Design Instant Reports Corrected some conditions under which the Instant Report designer would not properly update field descriptions.
26894 Report Design Subreports Corrected issue which would prevent subreports from rendering correctly if a parent report has a filter on a calculated field.
26924 Report Design Settings Changed handling of special character encoding in column headers.
26980 Report Design Settings Fixed handling of url feature to prevent encoding or modification of strings which could lead to bad links built from data.
26981 API Backend Cleaned up creation and deletion of temporary files when using the report scheduler.
26983 API Backend Changed internal workings of databaseSchema method to be more responsive to report design modification.
26990 Report Design Settings Suppressed help text from being appended to the end of a custom url.
27004 Report Design Dashboards Corrected tile bounding and sizing in dashboards to prevent an error which prevents tiles from being extended to the edge of the dashboard page.
27006 API Backend Separated resource loading from session state storage to prevent session variables from blocking the loading of resources.
27020 API Backend Fixed an error which would happen if you attempted to bundle multiple resources through rs.aspx and one of those resources was empty.
27029 API Backend Implemented izu and izp parameters for the service based scheduler. Previously these parameters could only be used with the task based scheduler.
27032 Report Design Visualizations Corrected some rendering problems for visualizations when using Safari for Windows.
27034 Report Design Instant Reports Corrected preview not displaying in old version of the Instant Reports designer.
27040 User Interface Instant Reports Tweaked Instant Report toolbar to not obscure the preview window when minimized or on a small resolution or screen.
27041 User Interface Filters Fixed arrows for datetime calendar control if focus is changed unexpectedly.
27046 Report Design Scheduler Prevented the "Run Once" scheduler time from resetting the next scheduled datetime in the scheduler to the maximum possible value.
27053 API Settings Added setting, CacheExternalResources, which can be set to false to disable the caching of external resources.
27061 API Settings Fixed error preventing ArchiveReportOutput not firing for some export types when using SchedulerOutput.
27070 API Settings Prevented TimeZoneOffset from being applied to simple Date or Time datatypes.
27078 Report Design Visualizations Corrected issue which prevented Auto Chart visualization from rendering if the underlying grid is not aggregated.
27086 Report Design Subtotals Fixed "outer reference" error when subtotaling a field using an expression which overwrites its output, causing the field to lose reference in the subtotal query.
27149 Report Design Sorting Fixed grid sorting error related to ResourcesProviderUrl. (February 10, 2017)

Case Category Subcategory Description
25889 Report Design Filters Corrected some logic which would invalidate filter overrides in dashboards.
26132 Report Design Printing Found and fixed some conditions where landscape printing mode would be ignored.
26183 API Settings ValidateBeforeSave setting displaying errors which are invalid.
26273 Report Design Dashboards Update behavior of record count in dashboard tiles. This limit should reflect record limit set on report parts set in the report record limits for each report part. This can be altered in the dashboard if user has permissions to flip the tile and access the record count.
26562 API Compilation Reduced use of DEBUG compiler flags to reduce memory consumption when using a debug or diagnostic hotfixed dll in a production environment.
26568 Report Design Data Sources Prevented data source from being removed from report if all fields are unselected from that data source, when using Instant Reports.
26579 Report Design Subreports Removed ability to use combo key within the VG block of an Analysis Grid and cleaned up AG construction methods.
26659 Report Design Filters Manual entry filters lose focus for end user after 1000 milliseconds of inactivity, causing users to reposition the mouse in the text entry box after typing and stopping.
26695 Report Design Pivots Fixed crash when using pivot and Izenda claims to "add pivot columns to report before removal of already existing ones was made".
26702 Report Design Printing Added ability to page break on split when using a fixed number of columns per printed page, and a low number of records causes multiple sets of columns to appear on the same page.
26704 Report Design Filters Made error message more explicit when a filter value is invalid for the data type of a field.
26743 API Compilation Cleaned up node_module folders to reduce compilation errors.
26765 Report Design Saving Category is lost when reports are saved in the new Instant Report page.
26778 Report Design Saving Fixed the error "current report set is not dashboard" which could happen if session data changed or was invalidated during the dashboard save process.
26788 API Compilation Cleaned up some internal code for a slight performance boost.
26799 API Settings Corrected a problem which prevented MSSQLDriver.GetSqlName from finding aliased fields.
26803 Report Design Subreports Prevented values passed via url to a filter from 'sticking' in the filter when a different value is input into filter and then the report is refreshed.
26804 Report Design Data Sources Prevented blank fields from appearing in Instant Report designer when using Fusion to connect to multiple databases.
26811 Report Design Saving Fixed error which prevented user from changing scheduler time code from AM to PM without setting time also, meaning reports couldn't easily be scheduled for noon.
26874 Report Design Visualizations Corrected issue which prevented Calendar visualization from appearing in Instant Reports.
26880 Report Design Subreports Corrected a condition which would cause the subreport link of a field on the grid to not be read correctly by the Auto Chart visualization.
26896 Report Design Charts Prevented user from selecting Gauge format for a field on the chart object.
26904 API Settings Closed obscure loophole which could allow writing to reports without permission.
26925 Report Design Charts Prevents chart label from being 0 or "Undefined" if a subreport is present on the chart.
26932 Report Design Visualization Fixed ReferenceError caused by Auto Gauge visualization. (January 11, 2017)

Case Category Subcategory Description
25823 API Optimization Using this setting "AdHocSettings.CategoryCharacter = '#'" should not be supported as a character. It can cause issues with URL's within Izenda
26040 Report Design Data Sources In some environments visible data sources are not persisting causing reports to be missing on the report list.
26147 User Interface Filters Removed underscore from multi-word filter descriptions.
26242 Report Design Pivots Nulls are now aggregated together in a pivot instead of being discarded.
26270 Report Design Visualizations Added more relative paths to visualizations and other resources to prevent 404s when loading report part components.
26299 User Interface Dashboards Added ability to refresh dashboard items in the gallery. Add the following to the global file and these options will appear on the refresh menu in the dashboard. public override Dictionary GetAutoRefreshIntervals() { var result = new Dictionary { { "Every day", 60 * 60 * 24 }, { "Every hour", 60 * 60}, { "Every minute", 60}, { "Every 5 seconds", 5 } }; return result; }
26311 Report Design Subreports Fixed error which would occur if a field comparison filter were used in a popup subreport. The report would fail saying that the filter value could not be found.
26313 Report Design Dashboards Prevented a situation where custom css on one dashboard tile could override the css of another tile.
26317 Report Design Filters When changing filter operator from equals checkbox to equals multiple the results are blank for the filter values when using "AND" in the filter logic.
26336 Report Design Data Sources Fixed problem which prevented left joins from being recognized when using table aliasing on self-join.
26343 Report Design Visualizations Corrected a problem with stacked bar charts in auto visualization which would cause the bar elements to render in reverse order from the chart legend.
26357 Report Design Subreports Fixed an error preventing popup subreports from displaying from a Form.
26370 Report Design Filters Corrected a set of linked bugs relating to grouping by date in filters, dates cascading improperly in filters, as well as dates not properly respecting culture settings.
26371 Report Design Dashboards Fixed an error when adding two interactive visualizations to a dashboard and exporting that dashboard to excel, the generated link would return a faulty report instead of the dashboard.
26383 Report Design Exports INTERNALDOTCHAR showing on scheduled CSV column headers where a "." exists in the column name.
26395 Report Design Subreports Clarified behavior of Auto Chart - Pie, when using the 'Other' slice setting - these other values cannot be used for a subreport or drilling to another level of data on the same report.
26397 Report Design Exports When exporting to CSV system generates TMP files and they are not being properly removed from temp directories.
26416 API Settings AdHocSettings.ShowDistinct ensure distinct text box is shown or hidden based on the setting and that query will remove distinct setting if datatype does not support this function.
26442 User Interface Subreports Custom URL field should not be available for any field if a subreport is already configured for that field.
26454 User Interface Fields Fixed a minor driver issue preventing column descriptions from being empty.
26461 Report Design Visualizations Calendar Visualization advanced setting options do not work properly in the New Instant Report page.
26479 User Interface Filters Fixed left and right arrows on the calendar popup display when filtering datetimes.
26499 User Interface Instant Reports In New Instant Reports page disabled settings for a field which not compatible with binary field type. and disabled ability to use groups when user added a binary field to report.
26506 Report Design Exports Corrected a problem which would prevent datetimes in non-US culture settings from being exported to Excel properly.
26532 Report Design Exports Corrected error when encoding datetimes which would sometimes cause them to be wrapped in bad HTML when exported to Excel.
26540 Report Design Filters Corrected a null reference error which could happen when filters are applied to a calculated field which is on a report using a stored procedure joined to a table or view.
26549 API Optimization Made further script/resource changes around the handling of IzPid in the webforms-cs kit.
26569 Report Design Filters British pound symbol is causing object reference error when used for filtering a expression value.
26614 User Interface Forms Adding the style tag in the Form editor would cause it to lock.
26634 Report Design Charts HTML bar chart is not saving proper settings created in the report designer. Once saved the settings are removed.
26664 Report Design Filters When editing a report with existing filter, operator from last filter is auto added to new filter field.
26679 Report Design Instant Reports In New Instant Report Designer, Round Style Auto Gauge is not displayed when selected. The grid is displayed instead.
26681 Report Design Fields Grid header styles (bold and italic) are not displayed properly in the dashboard when set in the report.
26707 Report Design Visualizations When creating a new report and adding a visualization, once previewed and the user saves report and attempts to return to the chart tab, the visualizations are not available to change the selected item. (December 6, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
24690 User Interface Forms Fixed an error that would appear if a user clicks on the Smart Tag button in the Form designer rather than the dropdown.
25711 API Optimization Cleaned up some unused classes and scripting files (\AdHocReport.js, AdHocReportRenderer.js, AdHocWebservices.js).
25902 User Interface Printing Added splash page when a new window is for opened for printing, for browsers that do not support ajax requests while this is open.
25998 API Optimization Implemented basic authentication in the standard scheduler to allow report scheduling when RequireLogin is true. More info here
26037 User Interface Charts Updated HTML charts to avoid having scroll bars in dashboard tiles. Charts should size within the container.
26070 User Interface Report Designer Fixed some missing resources which could cause 404 errors when interacting with some parts of the UI, such as the field position slider.
26081 Report Design Joins If user adds a join alias to the first join and it is the same type of alias that is used by Izenda auto aliasing, example "Orders2" for the first instance of the Orders table, the system is not checking that this alias is already used. This causes errors in the join as the alias is duplicated.
26100 Report Design Subtotals When using Visual Group and Field Value styling, some subtotals are not correctly calculated.
26128 User Interface Dashboards When clicking the edit report button on the back of Dashboard tiles, the user is redirected to the report designer even when the report was created in the Instant Report designer.
26133 Report Design Report Designer Unnecessary database query causing error when editing pivots in new Instant Report page.
26135 Report Design Charts Fixed error which would prevent datetime formatting from being applied correctly to the separator field of a chart.
26142 Report Design Subreports Re-implemented ability to use popup style subreport on one subreport and have another popup defined in that subreport. The first popup will close when the second is opened.
26144 Report Design Report Designer Adding support of AdHocSettings.DefaultTable setting in new Instant Report page.
26150 Report Design Report Designer Null reference error received when using some grouping functions.
26153 Report Design Joins When creating a report with multiple self joins to the same table, if user is not setting the alias, some reports are not saving the join properly.
26155 User Interface Saving "Save As" not working properly when report contains an apostrophe.
26170 API Optimization Fixed a crash which could result if virtual data sources were enabled, report validation is disabled, lazy stored procedure metadata pulling is true, and visible data sources are set.
26176 Report Design Report Designer When using more than one arithmetic function in a report the report becomes corrupted as there appears to be two fields without descriptions.
26178 Report Design Subreports When a comma is contained in a field value which is used for subreport drilldown, the drilldown sometimes fails.
26184 Report Design Filters Fixed the application of boolean filters to apply correctly during filter refresh.
26196 API Settings Obsolete Setting: AdHocSettings.UseDefaultDialogs = true;
26200 User Interface Report Designer When using New Instant Report page, if user clicks on a field multiple times quickly the preview is sometimes incorrect
26202 Report Design Subreports Additional changes for 26001, when using drilldown in Pivot grid to ensure no further issues based on values in column headers of pivoted data.
26219 Report Design Filters Fixed a problem which would cause filters to invalidate or disappear if they were built from fields calculated in virtual data sources.
26254 Report Design Expressions Enhanced case statement functionality to ensure that grouping data after case on multiple fields results in one row of data.
26257 API Settings When AdHocSettings.SortColumnNames is set to False it does not disable alphabetical sort of fields in the Report Designer or Instant Reports.
26271 API Optimization Cleaned up ReportSet.ScheduleUtc to prevent inadvertent changes in timezone from being saved to report xml.
26272 Report Design Rendering Changed doc type to prevent pagination from rendering an extra blank page in Internet Explorer.
26276 Report Design Visualizations Using the hide grid setting with World Tour visualization, received error "Cannot read property 'o' undefined"
26301 Report Design Charts Exported HTML - Pie chart not scaling properly when exporting after scale is increased in settings.
26302 API Filters Adding ability to create logic in PreExecuteReportSet to force user to add filter values for specific filters. Example: { if (reportSet.Filters.Count < 2) return; bool f1Set = true; bool f2Set = true; if (ReportSet.Filters[0].Value == null
26306 Report Design Report Designer Corrected problem that would cause numeric fields in the summary grid to drop formatting if they were not on the first page of a pagination.
26334 Report Design Charts Some labels of Funnel Auto Chart are being cut off in the New Instant Report page.
26372 User Interface Saving New category is not saved when changed while editing report in the new Instant Report page.
26378 API Settings Made a change to AdHocSettings.Language to properly set datetimes across culture and language settings when exporting to Excel.
26405 Report Design Report Designer In new Instant Reports, Pivot side totals are not properly calculating when pivots have more than 100 columns.
26408 Report Design Charts Removed white bar showing up in some large Funnel Charts when long label strings are truncated.
26410 Report Design Joins Added quotes to TenantID in query which generates Izenda table in database report storage mode in PostgreSQL.
26411 Report Design Report Designer Updating Reference Implementation for MVC kits to default to New Instant Report page.
26413 Report Design Subreports When adding a subreport to an X-axis on visualization the null values display as index values instead of null.
26471 Report Design Visualizations Prevented time only formats on datetimes from breaking visualization labeling.
26473 Report Design Report Designer Updated URL to settings page causing issues in MVC kits.
26478 Report Design Charts Corrected an issue which would prevent basic charts from rendering thumbnails correctly as well as appearing in Dashboard presentation mode.
26480 Report Design Rendering Clarified rendering logic to eliminate some problems when rendering Izenda within an IFrame.
26486 Report Design Report Designer Fixed subtotals sometimes being incorrect in PostGresql. (November 9, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
HF-25957 API Methods Corrected merge issue which was preventing ReportInfoLite from being accessible.
25060 Report Design Dashboards When adding HTML charts where user has changed the size to a Dashboard(V1 dashboards) sizing is not respected.
25453 API Methods New setting added in AdHocSettings, HideFiltersWhenLocked. This will remove the filter block when user is viewing the report in a locked view mode from report viewer.
25460 API Databases Multiple constraints are not not being added to queries when using Fusion driver.
25523 API Databases When using bracket notation with VisibleDataSources and an Oracle driver, those datasources would not be loaded due to a mismatch between the query looking for patterns with the double quote character as opposed to the bracket character.
25687 Report Design Printing Corrected a problem that when a user opens a sub report to a new tab, then goes back and opens a second sub report with different filter criteria to a new tab, if the user then goes to the first sub report tab and prints to HTML, they will get the second sub report printout because of a shared session.
25699 Report Design Subreports Fixed @subtotal error occurring if you use a stored procedure parameter as a drill down key to call an embedded subreport in a form.
25700 Configuration Databases Corrected a problem causing a failure to load constraints (PK/FK relationships) from database for newly added tables.
25756 API Methods Made following method public allowing users to refresh the cached reportset results when using Fusion Cache. The method takes the report full name (this must include Category and Subcategory if present. Izenda.AdHoc.FusionCache.RefreshReportInCache(reportFullName, true, true); It is recommended that this be used in PreExecuteReportSet, using outside of this method may result in unexpected behavior.
25760 Report Design Exports Increased font size for PDF exports to improve the look of exported PDF reports.
25763 API Methods Added ability for users to override the schema queries in Izenda.
25764 Report Design Subreports Using embedded subreport with combokey drilldown key caused error.
25767 API Databases Fully qualified datasource names in VisibleDataSources were failing to find datasources when using an Oracle driver and having the UseTablesFromSchemaOnly flag set to true.
25768 API Databases Stored procedures in VisibleDataSources would never be obtained when using an Oracle driver and when the UseTablesFromSchemaOnly flag was set to true.
25779 Report Design Filters Fixed In Time Period filters not appearing on dashboard when used in report, even if they are a common filter.
25804 Report Design Subreports Corrected drilldown reports using popup style showing no results when used in dashboard.
25845 API Databases Null reference exception was found in scenarios where any field with data type corresponding to SqlTypeGroup.Other.
25860 Report Design Filters Empty value In Time Period filter causing problem when at least one filter is required is used.
25863 Report Design Expressions Using a line break in the Expression text field would cause the javascript parser to fail and resulted in unexpected visual errors on the report designer.
25871 Report Design Dashboards Error received on dashboard when base report is deleted from report list.
25898 API Methods Optimized methods for rendering HTML.
25957 API Methods Added elements to ReportInfoLite() (Report Description, Title, and Drilldownkeys) allowing additional flexibility in the report list for hiding and displaying elements.
25958 Report Design Subreports Prevented an error which would occur if a report were designed to use a visually grouped field as a subreport trigger.
25961 Report Design Filters When using advanced tab of the report designer to create any join (more than one table selected), all filers values in the filter tab become pill type entries like an autocomplete instead of plain text entry.
25968 API Filters An ORA-01036 error would occur when using a DateTime filter with any Equals operator that allows more than one selection (e.g. Multiple, Popup, Checkboxes) and when selecting only a single value from the list.
25972 Report Design Reports Corrected a bug which prevented pagination from tallying records correctly.
25993 Report Design Filters Filter field properties cannot be opened after filter description is removed.
25994 Report Design Visualization World Tour visualization labels are not in proper alignment when filter is added.
26001 Report Design Visualization Fixed an exception which could occur if using a pivot in the fields tab to power a visualization. When doing this, sometimes the X axis label of the visualization woul display the literal field name rather than the alias or description.
26025 API Methods Made the flag UseCachedFilteredLists public to allow for scenarios where reports enter the system in non-standard ways where the internal cache updating mechanisms would have no knowledge of the new reports.
26072 Report Design Exports After setting a color for table border it is not exported to excel when scheduling a report.
26077 Report Design Visualization Added more specific error messages for issues around exporting charts/visualizations.
26112 Report Design Pivots Fixed error where New IR pivots cannot be created when using more than one datasource in.
26125 API Methods When creating instant reports the DefaultVisibilityForNonAdmins and DefaultSharingRights are not added to the XML.
26126 API Resources An error in the way base URL detection is handled in MVC kits caused the Instant Reports page to incorrectly redirect to the report designer, report tiles exported on the dashboard to fail, and report tiles opened in the report viewer to throw an error.
26140 User Interface Dashboards Navigation arrows missing from Dashboard when there are too many reports in a category to show them on one row.
26152 Report Design Dashboards When user clicks on New and selects Dashboard then clicks on Folder to see reports, but then clicks Dashboard the dashboard is blank. This should give the user a new blank tile to add a report part.
26162 Report Design Dashboards Scrollbars appearing in dashboards for charts when there is no scrollbar required
26164 Report Design Dashboards Position of popup values for calendar visualization when user switches the position of the report part on a dashboard.
26204 Report Design Visualization Prevented a bug which would prevent a subreport attached to an auto chart visualization from appearing on the instant report viewer while using Internet Explorer.
26205 Report Design Dashboards Prevented a problem where loading a dashboard from a category would sometimes cause dashboard tile functions to be unavailable. (October 4, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
HF 26010 Report Design Dashboards Resolved Issue found where filter logic is not applied to report parts used in dashboard. (Oct. 14, 2016)*
HF 25952 Report Design Dashboards Fixed "refresh tile" button visibility. (Oct. 10, 2016)
HF 25959 Database MySQL Fixed missing filter on Date/Time columns in ODBC drivers. (Oct. 10, 2016)
25441 Report Design Dashboards Subreports contained in Forms are not loading when using in Dashboard. This change required moving Filters on Dashboards from ReportSet.Reports.Filters to ReportSet.Filters please note this will change behavior of any overrides used in areas like PreExecteReportSet
24692 Report Design Export When using Bulk CSV export receiving errors when exporting pivoted data with large column headers. Additional issue with parameters when using Oracle with Bulk CSV.
24948 Report Design Export Adding Setting for exporting Grids to set number of columns per page on printed export.
25173 Database Oracle Issue when using Oracle, COLLATE database_default which is added to query is not compatible with Oracle. Removing from Oracle queries.
25220 API Angular Updates to URLs for integrating with Angular2 applications. angular url: http://..../path/to/page/page.aspx#/angular/path angular2 url: http://..../path/to/page/page.aspx/angular/path
25350 Report Design Expressions Fixed a problem where expressions could not track self-joined tables such that a Table might have the Table1 alias.
25360 Database General Changing query to database for schema data to always include VisibleDatasource to avoid pulling items not required for use in Izenda application.
25385 Report Design Maps Added support for unzipped version of map data. Due to security concerns this file (geoataalt.zip) can be unzipped in your implementation and used unzipped.
25387 Report Design Instant Reports Resolved issue with moving from New Instant Report page to Report Designer Page. Designer page loaded, but there were no fields selected.
25411 User Interface Instant Reports Fixed '\' category character for new IR page. Causing error when loading report to be uncategorized.
25418 User Interface Report Designer Issue resolved missing edit button on custom html page introduced by Case 23465, resolved.
25454 Report Design Dashboards Error when drilling down in chart with unsaved report/dashboard when using automatic as drilldown report.
25467 Report Design Forms Fixed bug in base64 encoding in JS which led to the inability to save a form with special symbols.
25473 Report Design Export Using Safari, export to Excel is missing from the Report Desinger.
25547 API Settings Adding AdHocSetting to remove N' from filter values. AdHocSettings.OmitUnicodeFlagForCharParameters = true;
25550 Report Design Export Fixed arithmetic calculated fields not being properly formatted when exported to Excel.
25597 Database General Fixed a bug which prevented fields on the second data source of an outer left join from being used properly as a filter.
25603 Report Design Export Prevented currency format from causing an invalid string error when used in a chart.
25618 Report Design Dashboards Prevented dashboard tiles from rendering improperly in presentation mode.
25619 Report Design Export Corrected the days old format such that it will properly export to Excel.
25622 Report Design Filters Error found when subreport inherits master report filters, filters on fields with expressions should not be passed to the subreport.
25636 Report Design Visualization When using calendar visualization and there are multiple items on one date there is a "+" to view multiple items. When clicking this item there only two items are displayed even when there are more items.
25637 API User Interface Cleaned up and minimized the number of Ajax requests in the Izenda UI.
25638 Database General Issue found which appears when you specify a column in the format "schema.table.column", this was found internally and not a reported issue.
25648 Report Design Visualization Three dots ( . . . ) are displayed instead of the event name in Calendar visualization. Also, found issue with event colors based on the value.
25649 Database General Unable to use the auto assigned alias of when creating expressions using multiple instances of one table. System throws error that the field being used is unknown.
25652 Report Design Filters Corrected date filters to assume a recent date rather than the earliest date in the data set.
25682 User Interface Instant Reports Error when navigating from Instant Report to the Report Designer using the edit (pencil) icon.
25697 User Interface Dashboards When resizing tiles in dashboard and presentation mode receiving error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'offsetWidth' of null".
25698 User Interface Dashboards Scroll appears in dashboards tile when it is not needed.
25723 Report Design Visualization After creating report with a visualization that allows you to select a metric (AutoChart, for example) if you select a specific metric in the drop-down metric list (not the "All" pseudo metric). Save the report and then change description of metric field. This will break the visualization.
25733 User Interface Report Designer Resolved all button elements without type attribute specified. The default "type" value could be different for different browsers. Fixed all button elements without type.
25736 Report Design Export Issue found with IExcelFormatter and exporting some dates. Showing as decimal not date format.
25737 Report Design Filters Disabled field comparison for stored procedure parameters.
25741 Backend Config Removing unnecessary initialization changes during license key check.
25749 Report Design Subreports Subreport does not pop up and does not display on Map after the user saved the report.
25753 Report Design Instant Reports In New Instant Reports if you design a report with the Isn't Blank operator and save it, it will carry through the same operator into the Report Viewer. However if you edit that report after viewing it, the Isn't Blank operator will turn into a Blank operator.
25754 Report Design Dashboards Subreport won't display while report was on the full screen mode on dashboard.
25761 Report Design Export Removed extra lines and carriage return from bottom of .csv exports.
25788 User Interface Dashboards Error in dashboard scheduler changing scheduled time from 12 hour format to 24 hour format causing the wrong scheduled time to be saved.
25803 User Interface Instant Reports Using AdHocSettings.AllowCreateNewCategory = false, the New Instant Report Page is showing category option and allowing creation.
25851 Report Design Report Designer When there are no reports in the Izenda sysetm javascript error occurs on the report list page so the corresponding message is not displayed and the redirection to the designer is not occuring.
25884 Report Design Dashboards Report becomes Blank on presentation mode when Exported Report(HTML) was opened on dashboard.
25885 Report Design Visualization When adding a subreport to a visualization the linking field on the axis becomes unformatted.
25909 Report Design Export Fixed error where the text "[object]" would appear in HTML export instead of certain report parts. (September 7, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
23824 API UI Tenant Field is not properly aliasing when set to show in UI.
24358 API Optimization Added additional logging for session availability to assist with diagnosing session issues.
24585 Dashboards UI Tile resize handle in the right-bottom corner of tile doesn't react on tile animation.
24615 Report Design Visualization Made improvements to the Maps tab that conform to recent changes made to support map Visualizations. Also we now permit using more than one geographic descriptor (name, coordinates) at the same time.
25012 API Optimization New Setting for MSSQL use only. AdHocSettings.ForceOptimizeForUnknownMsSql = true; This setting adds the OPTIMIZE FOR UNKNOWN optimizer hint to all SQL queries. This hint directs the query optimizer to use the standard algorithms it has always used as if no parameters values had been passed to the query. In many situations this can speed up query time.
25067 Report Design Export Clicking on SQL export generating error when using chart with no separator.
25081 API Optimization When using synonym with the same name as the parent object only the synonym will be available in the datasources. Before this, both synonym and parent will be shown effectively showing duplicate datasources.
25103 API Optimization Added Setting AdHocSettings.DundasImagesPath to specify a alternate URL for obtaining Dundas Library images.
25129 Report Design Optimization Adding ability to use comma character in view/table/column name.
25179 Scheduler Optimization Scheduling dashboards as embedded in an emails shows broken images links, not the actual image for charts.
25205 Report Design Pivots When creating a pivot using the add field button is not working when using the FireFox browser.
25258 API Optimization Removing "Other" option for Expression Type. Removal of this will not effect reports already using this expression type but it will not be available in the dropdown list going forward.
25259 API Optimization Made the css for tabs, dashboard-tabs, toolbar configurable in /css rather than hardcoded in rs.aspx.
25292 Report Design Joining Adding forced left join errors without schema
25297 Report Design Filters Use previous or not working for filters using the same field name for self joined tables.
25314 Report Design Optimization When using field value report style, preview report. Return to the Style tab and input limit for number of items per page and preview. Causes report to return no data after page 1.
25328 API UI Trimmed extra spaces/lines from appearing in category dropdown on the save dialog.
25329 Dashboards Optimization Refactored Dashboard tile loading to prevent lag in browser responsiveness.
25331 Report Design Expressions Corrected a problem which would prevent an expression with spaces from executing properly in MySQL.
25333 Report Design Visualization Added a more explicit error condition when using World Tour visualization without proper data.
25342 Report Design Optimization Prevented a problem which would stop fields from properly displaying when used as smart tags in a report header.
25343 Report Design Export Error received "undefined is not an object(evaluating 'dynamicFontSizeCheckbox.prop')" when exporting calendar on HTML, PDF, Excel and Word.
25350 Report Design Expressions Fixed a problem where expressions could not track self-joined tables such that a Table might have the Table1 alias.
25356 Report Design Charts Adding setting to extend timeout on Chart snapshot for exporting charts. This timeout will extend the current 15 second limit to obtain image of chart prior to time out for exporting. AdHocSettings.ChartToImageTimeout = 200;
25366 Report Design UI Corrected an error where the wrong format was being applied to the subtotal of date fields.
25374 API Optimization When using ODATA connection and selecting equals select filter type on date field selecting date from drop down returns no results.
25375 API Optimization Changed how keys are obtained to prevent some Postgresql errors from appearing when some joins might create duplicate keys.
25377 API Optimization Corrected a problem which could prevent functions from being applied properly in Postgresql.
25383 API Optimization Corrected an error which prevented expressions from being applied properly in Postgresql.
25384 Dashboards Optimization Fixed izpid functionality on New Dashboard and New Instant Report page to prevent two different instances of Izenda on different browser tabs from sharing information when using the izpid. This feature only works with thew Instant Report page and the New Dashboard page.
25390 Report Design Optimization Corrected problems with Virtual Datasources. 1 - Tenant Specific, one tenant should not see the Virtual Datasources of another Tenant. 2 - Report security is respected, user A will not see user B virtual datasources unless shared via proper sharing rights. 3 - Schema updates correct to ensure all virtual datasources are added.
25393 API Optimization Error received when using @subtotal decorator when using a stored procedure param as a drill down key to call an embedded subreport in a form.
25425 Report Viewer UI Added more explicit exception when thumbnail generation fails rather than generic object reference error.
25431 API Optimization Prevented a crash when Izenda is trying to access a database synonym which points towards a nonexistent data source or database.
25439 Report Design Filters Corrected logic being applied when using autocomplete filters and automatic filter AND setting.
25451 Dashboards Visualization Corrected problem which would prevent visualizations from rendering properly in a dashboard tile if that tile is resized.
25452 Dashboards Optimization Missing close paren on dashboard code behind file on dashboard.aspx.vb
25472 Report Viewer Saving Prevented report guid from appearing in save dialog box instead of report name.
25483 Dashboards UI Enhanced dashboards to support a dashboard being visible to a user when some report on that dashboard is not visible.
25489 Report Design Forms Made it possible to use value ranges and subtotals at the same time on a form.
25512 API Optimization Fixed some static links in the webforms starter kits which would prevent some parts of the user interface from being properly overridden.
25556 Report Viewer Visualization Fixed error which would prevent Timeline visualization from rendering properly when using Oracle time data types.
25564 Report Viewer Filters Corrected an error that would prevent custom popup filters from applying instead of default popup filter.
25578 Dashboards Filters Prevented checkbox, popup, and multiple style filter operators from losing values on a dashboard after the dashboard is refreshed.
25584 Dashboards Optimization Using Records Count on back side of dashboard tile not working. Slider disabled.
25585 API Optimization Fixed jQuery error on Arcmap visualization that would prevent switching between different metrics, throwing a "cannot read property" error.
25593 Report Viewer Filters Between(Calendar) filter operator could disappear after saving the report under some circumstances.
25617 Report Design Optimization Corrected error exposing script when a subreport field with a link is used as a visual group header.
25627 Dashboards Optimization Error received "Report Not Found" when browsing to report from Dashboard tile. When User opens a existing report (with filter) by selecting from the Dashboard, and add new filter to it. After saving the report in Report Viewer, when User refreshes the Dashboard error is displayed.
25628 Dashboards Optimization Found incorrect spelling in Dashboard save notification "successfully" is misspelled.
25642 Instant Reports Optimization Issue with invalid character in URL causing Instant Reports and Dashboard page. (August 10, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
21189 Dashboards UI Updating dashboard Thumbnails to display actual screen representation of tiles.
22808 API Optimization Expanding support of Izenda Geotable for Lat/Lon, expanding internal geotable, offering high volume additional geotables on GitHub.
24023 Dashboards UI Implemented custom gallery viewer for Dashboards.
24714 Report Design Pivots Custom Pivot sorting code no longer working after updating version past
24726 Report Viewer Visualization Changes needed with visualizations, in some cases where custom HTML is added the chart is always slightly larger than the tile space, thus forcing scroll bars to appear when unnecessary.
24734 Report Design Filters Cascading doesn't populate correctly if nothing is selected on the first filter in New IR Page.
24764 Report Viewer UI Responsive grid feature not working properly with column headers.
24799 Scheduler Optimization Fixed issue where leaving the repeat type in the scheduler caused the entire scheduler process to hang.
24904 Report Design Visualization When using drill down on visualization and display in new tab showing no framing information. Shows a pop up window style in new tab.
24920 Report Design Visualization Changing Sunburst Visualization center Percentage calculation on drilldown to show the total percentage of the slice after drill down.
24933 Scheduler UI When scheduling reports as links in email URL contains double slash which prohibits link from being clickable.
24937 Report Design Visualization Visualization built from Pivots where values contain whitespace causing %NaN to show in drill down breadcrumb navigation.
24938 Report Design Pivots Corrected a problem where a pivot built to display strings in the cells would throw an index error if subtotals are active, as then the tool would attempt to sum null strings.
24960 Dashboards Optimization Inconsistency between these methods, and code which prepares filters values data for serialization to json. Causing errors when sending dates to dashboard filters from URL.
24988 API Optimization Custom pop up pages no longer responding. Receiving "resources cannot be found" error in popup page.
25002 API Saving Saving prevented Forms HTML renderer from encoding characters within the <!--FORMSCRIPT--> tag, which would break some scripts/jquery.
25037 API Optimization AntiXss escaping causing issue when using totals on Analysis Grid. Showing extra text strings in totals.
25039 Report Viewer Filters Rendering incorrect date formats when exporting from Izenda Form to Excel.
25042 Report Viewer Visualization Hover text data colors and type does not properly match to colors in bar version of autochart.
25054 API UI Prevented a problem where custom header overrides could result in duplicate headers being generated.
25056 Dashboards UI Dashboard report titles are not properly updated if titles are added to report after dashboard is created.
25061 Report Design Pivots Corrected an error where pivot column headers were being included in the group clause.
25065 Dashboards UI Updating x/y coordinates for old dashboards to avoid overlaps of tiles when upgrading.
25080 Dashboards Optimization Fixed the issue where navigating directly to the dashboard would change "\" to "/" every time it is not in the URL parameter resulting in the category list not showing.
25086 Report Design UI When using Quick add in the Report Designer with large amounts of column names the popup only displays portions of the list and no ability to scroll or see all of the columns.
25098 Report Design Saving When using Report Categories and having no Uncategorized reports causes formatting issues in the Category drop down when saving the report.
25107 Report Viewer Filters Passing p values to In time period filter results in user having to update results in report viewer to apply filter.
25111 Report Design Optimization Fixed issue where combo keys and embedded sub-reports did not work together.
25132 API Optimization Using AdHocSettings.SettingsKey to password protect the Settings page is showing a null reference exception.
25142 API Filters When using FilterRegex setting, fields listed in regex are not able to be added to reports in the report viewer from the fields tab.
25189 Instant Reports Filters Values using "Equals(List)" as operator, the operator disappeared after saving the report in New IR page.
25190 Report Design Export Using VG Hierarchy Visual Group Style, the First column is exporting in the second column leaving the first column empty.
25223 Report Viewer Charts Fixed issue where correct chart was not displaying for pop-up sub-reports based on value clicked.
25241 Dashboards UI Refreshing unsaved dashboard causing sizing issues with dashboard tiles.
25244 Report Design Filters Fixed issue where the ellipses (select all) was missing from the Equals Multiple filter in the Instant Reports designer.
25263 Report Design Visualization "Cannot read property 'o' of undefined" / "Cannot read property 'formatter' of undefined" When using several visualizations. The bug is only reproduced when you create a new visualization (when you create a new report). This applies to the following visualizations: World Tour, Sunburst, Arc Map, Projected Map, Heatmap, Auto Chart, Flowchart and Tree.
25269 Report Design Filters When adding values in filters using "Equals(Autocomplete)" as operator, other values are being replaced/disappear when adding more.
25303 Report Design Filters Using Days Old format on field causing error on report when exported to Excel.
25311 Report Design Charts Result of Arc Map is, "This chart has been set up incorrectly (see Help)."
25344 Dashboards Visualization After the user saves the report Transition Visualization does display on presentation mode on dashboard.
25353 Dashboards UI Presentation mode returns blank tiles after user changes the report while on the Presentation mode of Dashboard.
25362 Report Design Optimization When using Italic and bold on separator in an analysis grid receiving HTML instead of Field Value. (July 12, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
HF25061 Report Design Pivots Corrected an error where pivot column headers were being included in the group clause. 6/14/16
HF25062 Report Design Dashboards Removed a debug string which would cause the text " a"b " to appear on dashboards.6/14/16
22122 Report Design Visualization Corrected behavir of AutoChart when showing 'blank' (white) bars.
22385 Report Design Visualization Enhanced Bubble chart to support more than 31 items/styles in Internet Explorer 9 or older.
22521 User Interface Instant Reports Corrected labeling of panels in Instant Report.
22989 API Settings '\' and other category denoting symbols can now be chosen through refactored/fixed 'CategoryCharacter' setting.
23448 API Exports Added API to allow post processing of export files. Initial intended use case is for compressing larger files prior to download for faster processing.
24104 Report Design Dashboards Corrected a problem where if the user is calculating a field using an expression, and then using that calculated field in a visualization, and then places that visualization on a dashboard, the dashboard tile would fail to render correctly as it could not properly reference the calculated field used to build the visualization.
24372 API Reporting Changed internal behavior to correct a rare issue where Izenda would incorrectly identify a report name when provided with a reportID.
24387 API Database Adding support for synonyms inherited from other databases. Current support for synonyms prior to this change will only show if the synonym and source are in the same database.
24405 User Interface Controls Corrected numerous Interface/button problems when using Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 7.
24500 Report Design Data Sources Corrected a rare problem where similar but not identical data types could cause a mismatch error.
24504 API Database Changed internal behavior of TO_DATE() to prevent the '&' ampersand character from throwing invalid queries in Oracle.
24517 Report Design Culture Corrected an error that could occur in Excel exports. When culture is switched in Excel, this would sometimes cause Izenda-generated exports to fail to properly match the data type of a field and apply correct formatting.
24532 Report Design Maps Changed Map legend rendering to prevent long label strings from overlapping the map itself.
24539 Report Design Visualization Corrected a problem where embedded subreports could break visualizations when they are rendered for export.
24551 Report Design Visualization Disabled use of Records box on visualizations. This record limit is based on the grid it is built from.
24590 User Interface Controls You can now add a column to your report in Instant Reports by clicking the checkbox or the column name in the Data Sources view.
24592 User Interface Controls When Save dialog is opened, cursor is automatically dropped into the Report Name box rather than requiring user to click in the box.
24595 Report Design Visualization Implemented the ability to use a Custom URL field with calendar Visualization.
24625 Report Design Data Sources Moved distinct checkbox in Instant Report Designer to Data tab.
24627 User Interface Notifications Removed text "Please contact sales@izenda.com" from License Key expiration notification.
24634 Report Design Subreports Two fixes: Removed ability to design a report which embeds into itself. Corrected a loading error that happened when a report was a assigned a drilldown key in the Instant Report designer and then opened again in the Instant Report designer.
24644 API Culture Corrected a problem where the thread culture would be used to determine the format of a pivot header rather than AdHoc.Culture.
24648 Report Design Exports Corrected a problem where exporting a report to .doc format would break subreport links.
24664 Report Design Gauges Truncated labels in Gauge visualization to prevent overlap of label and value.
24670 User Interface Notifications Clairified error message when using BulkCSV export on a report which lacks data in the Fields tab. BulkCSV only targets the Fields tab, a report with other report parts such as Summary or Chart but no Fields would produce a confusing error message.
24671 Report Design Visualization Expanded truncation of long labels in more kinds of visualizations.
24674 User Interface Filters Prevented the Autocomplete filter from showing results where it should not show them unless UI accessibility features are enabled.
24690 User Interface Controls Fixed an error that would appear if a user clicks on the Smart Tag button in the Form designer rather than the dropdown.
24691 Report Design Gauges Corrected an issue where Animated Half Circle gauge style could overlap other report parts.
24703 Report Design Visualization Corrected issues with Matrix visualization producing unreadable text if too many values are selected.
24704 API Enhancement Added a new setting, OracleDriver.GetStoredProceduresSQL, which allows the use of a custom query to pull metadata for stored procedures.
24709 API Reporting Changed how methods are called as when Response.Redirect(...) is called under some circumstances within the MVC controller, current session is lost.
24728 Report Design Visualization Fixed some problems where Arcmap visualization would not be editable in Internet Explorer 11.
24739 API Reporting Corrected a problem where Izenda could fail to initialize correctly. The given error is " Message: The constructor to deserialize an object of type 'AliasesCollection' was not found."
24741 API Reporting Fixed a potential problem where under some circumstances the VisibleDataSources could be populated incorrectly when building the schema cache.
24753 User Interface Filters Fixed filter behavior when user selects empty ('') and blank ('blank') values at the same time in a multiple select filter, which could cause incorrect filtering behavior.
24762 API Enhancement Added a method to the AdHocConfig to provide programmatic control over the sort order for dashboards on the dash.aspx page.
24780 API Filters Fixed the population of time periods when using the In Time Period filter.
24782 User Interface Controls Caught some uncaught functions when certain text is entered into the search bar in Instant Reports.
24787 API Enhancement Exposed EVO and PhantomJS pdf rendering to permit more extensive and easy customization of various rendering tasks.
24797 User Interface Filters Made further fixes to the way empty checkbox filters are treated in the report designer - now it should always treat filters with no values selected as if the filter were not there.
24821 Report Design Dashboards Prevented dashboard title or labels from changing when dashboard is refreshed but nothing else changes.
24823 User Interface Filters Fixed a problem where under some circumstances popup filter would not consistently display the same filter values.
24827 API Reporting Minimized the number of requests made by the chart renderer to prevent charts from failing to print correctly due to requests failing for lack of authenticaiton.
24847 API Reporting Expanded compatability with different server collations to minimize impact of case sensitive data source names.
24851 Report Design Expressions Enhanced functionality of subtotal expressions and prevented various errors from popping up even though user is correctly using feature.
24886 Report Design Pivots NOTE: This fix was reverted. Subtotals showing incorrectly when using Sum as subtotal function on pivots
24952 Report Design Dashboards Records not defaulting to 100 on the back of Dashboard tiles.
24967 API Reporting Error using Link to new window on New IR page while using Fusion connection. Error "Access to column is not allowed." (June 14, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
HF 24747 API Optimization Corrected a problem where Field Aliases could not be duplicated across data sources.
19079 API Optimization Refactor Fusion Driver for better performance
22514 API Optimization Added a performance enhancement to greatly increase the speed at which metadata for virtual data sources and stored procedures is pulled and cached.
22814 Report Design Maps Expanding support of Izenda Geotable for Lat/Lon, expanding internal geotable, offering high volume additional geotables on GitHub.
23408 API Optimization Translations for localization of UI updated. Localization of IR2.0 added.
23460 API Optimization Corrected a problem where MSSQL synonyms for data sources wouldn't load the corresponding data source correctly.
23923 Report Design Filters Any filter on a calculated field will cause errors in the report when there is also at least one Pivot column.
24021 Report Design Exports Corrected a problem where using group(Month Name) for a datetime in a pivot cell would export incorrectly to excel.
24027 Report Design UI Adding notification to fields when using server side sorting if field cannot be sorted. "This field cannot be used for sorting, please select another field for sorting."
24041 API Optimization Corrected a problem that could occur with a customized LoadReportSet method attempting to access virtual data sources.
24125 Report Design Exports Error checking filters from dashboard on PDF export causing error showing "detail report is invalid".
24129 Report Design Exports When printing a report to HTML, the new browser tab displayed no longer has the scroll bar to browse the report.
24139 Report Design Filters Corrected a problem where the Equals(Checkbox) filter would interpret no selected values in such a way as to always return zero records, rather than behaving as a blank filter with no effect.
24141 Report Design Scheduler Adding support for schedule period type "Run Once". Scheduled item will only run one time at the set interval.
24145 API Optimization Adding exception when adding the same Alias to two different datasources. This should not be allowed and causes errors in reports.
24166 Report Design Gauge The notification for HTML Cache last update is overlapping the data grid.
24182 API Optimization Corrected a problem where some formats would not conform correctly to the specified .net culture setting.
24197 Report Design Charts When using Legend in the "Top" Position the legend overlaps other data in the Pie Chart.
24198 API Optimization Corrected a problem where SQL used to support pagination would be executed under some conditions where pagination is not enabled, which could cause errors when using Fusion.
24201 Report Design UI When using only one field in Visual Group style of Field Value the visual group style is not respected.
24214 Report Design UI Correct spelling error in dashboard, when pointing cursor to "+" sign Select "peport" part to add is displayed.
24265 Report Design Charts Made HighChart backgrounds transparent by default rather than having a white background.
24329 API Optimization Made further improvements to multiple joins to the same table while using arithmetic to concatenate strings sourced from multiple joins.
24333 Report Design UI Corrected a problem where changing the sort order on a table would not be inherited to any subtotal of that table.
24334 Report Design Filters Corrected a problem with equals(Checkbox) filter operator where filter with no selected value would be passed as an empty string instead of no value.
24336 API Optimization Made tenantid comparison case insensitive to ensure accurate matching when case sensitive database collation configurations are used.
24350 Report Design Optimization Show All option in Preview results missing in Report Viewer.
24364 Report Design Charts Corrected a problem where labeling the left or y-axis on a chart would override the label on the chart's hoverover popup.
24380 API Optimization Add support for Forced Left Join using Fusion
24388 Report Design UI Add support for enter button when saving reports in new Instant Report designer.
24415 Report Design Exports Incomplete Data for Heatmap Visualization display when exported to PDF, HTML, Excel.
24416 Report Design Pivots Corrected a problem where under some combinations of pivot, visual group, and subtotal the pivot columns per exported page setting would cause an incorrect export.
24417 Report Design Gauge Popup Effect on Gauge is not working when user clicks the Gauge, the other effects like Link and Hover are working properly.
24421 Report Design Charts Corrected an issue where long string values with no column label would overflow the popup when hovering over the bar of a bar chart.
24429 Report Design Instant Reports In the New Instant Report designer we use other default values for the following properties: Label Justification Value Justification Drill-Down Style Which is causing the Advanced field properties to appear used in the legacy report designer when no setting are set.
24438 Report Design Forms Setting default format ("...") for numeric fields causes these fields to disappear from forms.
24461 Report Design Exports Corrected a problem where a crash would sometimes occur when using a pivot in the Instant Report designer and exporting with bulkCSV.
24465 Report Design Instant Reports Error message when saving report in New Instant Report page showing "Dashboard name cannot be empty" instead of "Report name cannot be empty".
24467 Report Design Instant Reports In New Instant Report Page when adding a subreport to a field that contains an apostrophe, symbols are showing instead of the apostrophe.
24470 Report Design Filters Correct default width of Autocomplete filter box when empty.
24477 API Subreporting Combokey qubreport style is added to the DrillDownStyle collection after list is built and cannot be removed from collection using AdHocSettings.DrillDownStyle setting.
24498 Report Design Subreporting Corrected a problem where field grouping would not be correctly carried over to an automatically generated subreport, meaning that the internal filtering behavior would not filter as expected.
24516 API Optimization Fixed a problem where when AdHocSettings.ShowHtmlAsCode is set to true, some special characters in stored data would cause reports to fail to render.
24519 Report Design Visualization Corrected an issue with visualizations where the grid used to power a visualization would be filtered incorrectly when the visualization drills down if one or more individual fields are hidden.
24521 Report Design Filters Corrected an issue where adding an empty popup filter in the report viewer would filter out all results rather than acting as a blank filter with no supplied value.
24522 API Optimization Corrected a problem where if the VisibleDataSources setting is not populated, Izenda automatically pulls metadata for all stored procedures. The expected behavior should be that none of the stored procedures are loaded in this condition.
24523 Report Design UI When using setting AdHocSettings.ApplyAntiXssToReportOutput, error received when using custom URL in Advanced field settings.
24527 Report Design Exports "Show Date and Time" from Style tab now appear in Excel export when report is exported by the Scheduler
24544 API Optimization Added setting AdHocSettings.ExportEncoding to control the character encoding of an export, preventing extra characters from appearing in the export under some conditions.
24549 Report Design Exports Corrected a problem where animated visualizations in a report that has been exported without being saved would not export with a link to view the visualization.
24550 Report Design Gauge Corrected a problem where sometimes the linear gauge style would switch from vertical to horizontal after report save or export.
24560 API Optimization Restriction created to disallow adding the same datasource to different datasource categories.
24563 Report Design Filters Corrected a problem when using equals(Multiple) filter operator, if one value is selected then it is not possible to scroll down to select other filter options.
24584 Dashboards Optimization Fixed a problem where dashboards which have not been saved would not track tile locations correctly if the dashboard is refreshed without being saved.
24598 Report Design Optimization Made further enhancements to support custom popups due to recent popup behavior changes.
24623 Report Design Subreporting Corrected a problem where when AdHocSettings.ApplyAntiXssToReportOutput is enabled, undesired report parts would be passed down and rendered on a subreport.
24638 Report Design Maps Corrected a problem where the World map would appear sometimes when the Europe map is selected and the zoom to data feature is enabled.
24666 Report Design Filters Corrected a problem where using the Between filter could cause the report to become invalid.
24696 Report Design Filters Corrected a problem where saving more than one multiple choice filter with multiple selected values reset those filters to the default no values on report save. (May 18, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
HF24332 API Optimization Error received when attempting to save Settings page to Izenda.config file.
HF24469 Report Design Pivots Pivot reports designed in new Instant Reports page cannot be opened in the Instant Report page. Multiple Angular errors received.
HF24472 Instant Reports Optimization Popup subreports are not working in the new Instant Report Page. Uncaught reference error received.
HF24474 Dashboards Optimization Refreshing Dashboard page 2 times causes the dashboard to become empty with one blank tile.
HF24491 Report Viewer Filters Between date filter not working in the Report Viewer. Not properly adding the filter to the query.
HF24502 API Saving Using Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 9-11 not allowing reports to be saved from the Report Designer.
HF24509 Report Design Visualization Users are not being directed to the Settings page in newly downloaded Izenda Reference Implementations, getting a Null Reference Error instead.
21844 Report Design Visualization Feature: Viz - Addition of the ability to move the subreport popup for Visualizations around the screen.
22476 API Optimization Asp.net can't pass requests which parameters contain html markup by default, because possible dangerous code could be sent to server. So if column contains value with html markup (for example "test !!!"), drill down link throws exception. Solution is to url-encode drill-down key parameter when placing it into the URL and then decode it on the receiving side.
22677 Instant Reports Filters New Refresh added to all filters in New Instant Report page anytime filter logic is applied.
22894 Report Viewer Export Repeating headers do not work under the Visual Groups when exported to PDF.
22895 API Optimization Inconsistent Invalid License Key error shown in various Izenda pages.
23067 Report Design Optimization Add a setting to control Automatic Subreport availability.
23272 Report Design Visualization Flowchart Visualization displaying error 'n.getTransformToElement is not a function'.
23315 Report Design Visualization Altered functionality of Time bubble. If value of current item equals zero, then its circle will have zero radius and therefore become invisible.
23391 API Optimization Refactor Internal method CacheStoredProcedureMetaDataToDisk
23543 Report Design Export Issue with multiple CSS classes in Excel.
23652 Report Design Visualization Combinations of Visualizations or individual visualizations with grids embedded in FORMS do not export to PDF successfully.
23682 Instant Reports UI Change to New IR page, changing button on Field Properties for Advanced Field Properties to Arrow to Expand properties.
23719 Report Design Visualization When building a visualization on a summary report part and summary extends across multiple pages, error received when changing page.
23745 Instant Reports Optimization Refactoring loading datasources to new Instant Report page to increase loading speed with larger volumes of datasources
23758 API Optimization "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." Report designer attempts to find the cached reportset but cannot due to the caching being turned off. AdHocSettings.CacheReports = false
23766 Report Design Optimization Adding multi tenant scheduling functionality to standard Izenda scheduler.
23792 Report Design Export Export a report as a landscape PDF - the bar chart doesn't stretch to take up the full width of the paper which is causing the labels to stack and be hard to read
23818 Report Design Charts Issue with funnel chart labels where certain labels are drawn on the chart instead of to the side of it.
23837 API Optimization The Required Filter Message is using the DATABASE Parameter names instead of the Alias
23853 Dashboards Visualization Heatmap Visualization not appearing in dashboards when using Mozilla Firefox
23855 API Filters Auto-update is not working with the calendar control. You must click update results when a filter needed to be filled out before execution of export to Excel.
23859 API Saving A unique report ID is not generated for the new report with and without save override and a new unique ID is not generated for reports created from using Save As on the report viewer.
23873 API Optimization Color picker auto-completes color codes after you've typed in about three characters. This forces the user to type the code elsewhere, then copy and paste.
23879 API Filters Error in the in time period filter "Last 30 Days" does not include today.
23892 API Optimization Javascript error when attempting to add a column to a report after execution via report viewer.
23909 API Optimization Izenda.AdHoc.AdHocSettings.SchedulerOutputTypes.Remove("Link"); Izenda.AdHoc.AdHocSettings.SchedulerOutputTypes.Remove("DOC"); Link and Doc types are visible in SendEmailAs dropdown.
23919 API UI Bold and italic generate b and i tags, but alignment doesn't have a text tag so it won't generate div.
23920 Instant Reports Optimization IR1.0 - Can't change the format of a field in Instant Reports.
23921 API Optimization Combokeys breaking embedded drilldowns in FORMS.
23924 Dashboards Optimization To address the issue of exporting a dashboard and the description field not rendering in the export.
23953 Report Design Filters Using Oracle database the following error returned when using the Equals Field filter operator "ORA-01036: illegal variable name/number"
23959 Dashboards Optimization When using a report part in the dashboard that returns no results, nothing is displayed. Changed behavior to show "No Results".
23984 Dashboards Visualization Error when dashboard is created by global tenant and viewed by tenant. The Visualizations do not display in dashboard for specific tenant id.
24008 Report Design Optimization FEATURE: Autocomplete filter operator changed to display values inside of a pill. This eliminates the current issue of seeing values containing commas as #
24031 Report Design Optimization Visualization built from summary report part gets error when changing pages if summary extends to multiple pages.
24035 Report Design Optimization Page Break added from menu option when using Form Report not working.
24051 API Optimization "print" button stops working after first print attempt when using izpid=
24052 Report Design Optimization Report loses its visual group settings when using regular CSV mode (not BulkCSV).
24083 Report Design Filters Less/Greater than Days Old filter giving errors in Oracle environments.
24090 Report Design Optimization When adding a new field to a report in the report viewer and using update results an exception is thrown. "The SQLParameterCollection only accepts non-null SqlParameter type objects. Parameter name:value"
24099 API Optimization Error when filtering from stored procedure which returns aggregated field in MySQL.
24109 Report Viewer UI Rendering conflict caused visual groups which were collapsed by default (AdHocSettings.ExpandVisualGroupGrids set to false) to rquire two clicks to expand.
24124 API Filters When using PostgreSQL along with AdHocSettings.TimeZoneOffset the field function "Group(Week)" displays an error.
24128 Report Design UI FEATURE: Added support for Autochart to change line and area charts to stepped line or area. Use gear icon in Autochart after selecting line or area chart to change to stepped.
24136 Report Design Pivots Error creating pivot in New Instant Report Designer when user tries to add a pivot cell when column is not selected.
24146 API Optimization Added support for joining across different collations. Temp table is used to make collations match.
24156 API Optimization Error received "Group by expression must contain at least one column that is not an outer reference", received when Group function is used for the cell value field in a pivot.
24184 API Filters Error received when using values containing decimals in filters. Conversion error received "Specified cast is not valid."
24203 API Saving Error in ExtendedFormatCollection when serialization is required for storage.
24211 API Optimization Some formats not shown in new Instant Report page after save.
24212 Instant Reports Optimization Unable to open Report created in New Instant Report page after report is scheduled in scheduler. (Triggering report was edited in Report Designer, any report created in New IR designer cannot be edited in the New IR page after being edited in the Report Designer.)
24223 Instant Reports Filters When using European Culture with Equals(Calendar) filter, the month and day values are swapped after clicking "Update Results" if the day is less than 13. (Ex. 12/01/2016, January 12 is changed to 01/12/2016, December 1)
24234 API Filters Exports broken in branch: js error occurred when user tried to export report to excel.
24347 Report Design Export Scheduler output PDF ignoring PdfPrintMode setting and reverting to default PDF exporter.
24351 Report Design Optimization When exporting report with visual group style field value and multi level in HTML, it shows characters like( '>' height='10px'>'>' height='10px'>)
24352 API Saving Message displayed "Visualization do not support rendering to image" when exporting charts to PDF.
24356 API Optimization Require login allowing access to some pages. No data displayed but redirect should force user to login page. Issue is with initialization process.
24359 Dashboards Optimization Popup on Gauges is not working on Report Viewer and Dashboard.
24373 Report Design Visualization Incorrect links displaying on Autochart when fields are used as drilldown.
24399 Instant Reports Optimization New Instant Report page, restore default colors is not working. No defaults return.
24401 Report Design Gauge Popup from AutoGage displaying "Report Not Found" when clicked.
24422 Report Design Visualization Regression issue with new Popup Modal from Drill down report. Popup not moveable and not displaying in IE.
24432 Report Design Optimization Drill down report showing characters instead of Drill Down value in popup header bar.
24436 API Pivots Null Reference Error received when creating a Pivot report and using Subtotals.
24442 Report Design Visualization Visualization hover text not working in Chrome or Firefox.
24447 API Optimization "Syntax error, unrecognized expression: li[val=]" received when adding AutoChart to Dashboard.
24459 API Optimization "Fixed: When using grid report with popup subreport the popup displays the rs.aspx page instead of data when the setting below is used in the Global AdHocSettings.ApplyAntiXssToReportOutput = true"
24461 Instant Reports Optimization "Fixed: Server Error shows when exporting a report with Pivot on CSV on Instant Report" (April 21, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
22499 Instant Reports Export IR2.0 - When you export IR2.0 report to PDF, add a description, and export again "The report you've designed is invalid." error occurs.
22640 Instant Reports Optimization IR2.0 - Printing functions are implemented in New IR page using popup window. This is being blocked in some browsers.
22696 Report Design Optimization Fixed situations where field 'Advanced Settings' button could have the 'green check' mark indicating custom settings, when none were set.
22779 API Optimization Various IE8 .js compatibility issues.
22883 Dashboards Filters Filter values being lost when saving/switching dashboards.
23204 Instant Reports UI Fixed legacy report issue where "Each GROUP BY expression must contain at least one column that is not an outer reference." error occurred when loaded after upgrade.
23343 Report Viewer Export Animated (transitions/world tour/etc) visualizations cannot be printed to PDF so the user should get a link within the export. Regular visualizations will print to PDF.
23345 Instant Reports Visualization In IR2.0 'World Tour' & 'Projected Map' charts showed errors when exported to HTML.
23393 API Logging Improved logging of html->image process implemented.
23418 Report Design Optimization Fixed functionality of operator "Use Previous Or" described here http://wiki.izenda.us/FAQ/Questions/How-is-Use-Previous-OR-used-in-Filters
23424 API Optimization Fixed application crash in case of null key in http request parameters.
23447 Instant Reports Caching IR2.0 - When the following two settings are applied to enable caching, the new Instant Report designer will display an error upon initially saving a report, and will only allow reports to be opened with the legacy report designer. AdHocSettings.CacheReports = true; AdHocSettings.DataCacheInterval = 60 * 24 * 30;
23449 Instant Reports UI Feature: IR2.0 - Help text for Width in Field Formatting section.
23465 Dashboards Export Specific sequence of actions where the tile title and description is not used for tile printing of dashboards.
23470 Report Design Pivots When using new server side sort on pivot charts in Report Viewer error received "All Field descriptions must be unique. Make sure the same description is not used twice."
23497 API Optimization Even though correct culture is applied in the actual render format caption is incorrect. The reason is that AdHocSettings.Formats collection is stored on the application level.
23500 Dashboards Export When emailing dashboards from Izenda, 'Send as Link' fails in both cases. For non-saved dashboard it throws error in browser console as customer described. For existing/saved dashboards it doesn't throw error, but also does nothing at all - no email arrives to mailbox.
23514 API Optimization # not currently supported in report titles by default, fails when forced (AllowInvalidCharacters and StripInvalidCharacters).
23515 Dashboards Optimization Graphs, Titles missing, Report Parts out of order in scheduled Dashboard email.
23516 Dashboards UI The size of the dashboard tiles' text and graphics are not being resized correctly when viewed from an iframe or screen that is too narrow.
23571 Dashboards Saving - Put AdHocContext.DisableLogging = true; to initialization. - Create any situation when izenda internally throws and catches exception which is recorded in logs as error (for example try to load/execute report against missing datasource). Site will crash in browser.
23582 API Optimization Strings will now be identified using single quotes to differentiate all-number strings more easily from numeric values in highlighting and value ranges. Examples: 1) ALFKI:red; ANTON:green; ANATR:blue; 2) 1:red; 2:green; 3:blue; 3) "ALFKI":red; "ANTON":green; "ANATR":blue; 4) "1":red; "2":green; "3":blue; Current version: 1 - (string)ALFKI, (string)ANTON, (string)ANATR 2 - (number)1, (number)2, (number)3 3 - (string)"ALFKI", (string)"ANTON", (string)"ANATR" 4 - (string)"1", (string)"2", (string)"3" After the fix: 1 - (string)ALFKI, (string)ANTON, (string)ANATR 2 - (number)1, (number)2, (number)3 3 - (string)ALFKI, (string)ANTON, (string)ANATR 4 - (string)1, (string)2, (string)3
23585 Instant Reports Optimization Implement the reports from IR opening in simple mode in report designer.
23586 Report Design Charts Refactor: Code for chart label spacing. Added label angling instead of label offsets in Autocharts.
23592 API Caching Bug discovered when StoreImagesToCache is set to false which breaks exports.
23598 Dashboards Visualization Create AdHocSetting to show sizing element in dashboards for visualization. This sizing is temporary and will not save with the dashboards. Any permanent setting changes to sizing must be made in each report.
23653 Report Design Export Export to excel and word works fine but if the zoom the chart to 200%, the export fails to download the complete image
23655 Report Viewer Pagination Implemented possibility to adjust pagination controls. Video: Sample code which resulted in behavior shown on video: (should be put to ReportViewer page)
23659 API Optimization Resolved issue where the report that was opened last in a new tab/window will be exported (in IE), no mattter which report is currently being viewed.
23666 API Optimization Fixed issue when there is multiple values set on the filter (BetweenTwoDates), the filter values are written as xml elements right before the SqlOverrride xml attribute is written. This causes the XmlWriter method to fail because the state of the XmlWriter changes to content when the "Values" elements are added. When the state of the XmlWriter is content, attributes can no longer be added.
23675 Instant Reports Optimization IR2.0 - Error message: Cannot read property 'ci' of undefined
23676 Report Design Filters Special Characters in Filter create no results when selected from equals select type filters.
23688 Instant Reports Optimization IR2.0 - Shows "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object." when you remove the numbers on items per page in format tab
23695 Report Design Filters Two issues where only parameters are visible but no columns. This happens only with Date parameters.
23696 Report Design Filters InTimePeriod filters do not save to reports when added through the new IR2.0 Report Builder.
23722 API Optimization Crashes with "column not found" error when adding constraint, if you: 1) Didn't close browser. 2) Changed constraints configuration in Global. 3) Restarted website and reopened it in existing browser window. Also: MySQL Stored Procedures not getting listed in the Settings Page
23723 Report Design UI Fixes to legacy settings to support new UI 'ALL' option in browser row dropdown menus. In case of ReportDesigner, IR2.0 - to use ShowAllInPreview and in case of ReportViewer and Dash2.0 - to use ShowAllInResults
23727 API Optimization When AdHocSettings.ShowStackTrace=false; stacktrace link was disabled, but hyperlink text remains.
23734 API Optimization Method "ReportSet.GenerateOutput" is used in the ReportRenderer class in the following methods: ExportReportSet(string reportName, string output) ExportReportSet(string reportName, string output, string filters) also the ReportRenderer class has other two methods: RenderReportSet(string reportName) RenderReportSetWithFilters(string reportName, string filters) These have been obsolesced and removed from the Izenda API. For the best practice method to accomplish the same behavior: http://wiki.izenda.us/FAQ/accessing-izendas-export-process
23741 API Optimization 'Click Link for Details' hyperlink in Izenda error screen the hyperlink doesn't show the standard "hand" cursor when hovering over the link.
23743 Report Design Optimization If you change drilldown style from anything to combokey, a visualization can break When you change it back to non-combokey setting, it breaks even further - notice the split metric dropdown.
23770 Report Viewer UI We have a report that has a date filter using "In Time Period". When users open this report and change the filter to Between (Calendar), the results come back correctly, but the filter label is wrong.
23782 Report Viewer UI Some thumbnails related code still executes despite GenerateThumbnails=false; being set.
23801 Report Design Gauge Current reports show "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Stacktrace: at Izenda.AdHoc.Report.LoadAndFormatData(ReportOutputOptions options)" error in
23814 Instant Reports UI IR2.0 - In New Instant Report page adding Visual Grouping disables the header fields from being clickable to access the field settings.
23816 API Optimization Functionality added to allow a developer to redirect logging data output from log4net to virtual AdHocConfig method so they can implement writing this log data to any storage suitable with custom code.
23823 Dashboards Optimization AdHocSettings.CacheReports = true; AdHocSettings.DataCacheInterval = 60 * 24 * 30; With those settings in place, dashboard presentation mode breaks
23850 Instant Reports Optimization Feature: Preparing IR2.0 page for localization.
23865 API Optimization AdHocSettings.RedirectExports added back to AdHocSettings.
23882 API Export With csv exports the same data is getting repeated row after row for exported csv files. So, if there is a report that has 50 unique rows, CSV export will repeat the first row 50 times.
23899 API Optimization Now universal standard set of TimeZones is used everywhere including Daylight Savings Time support. This change should be compatible with the previous versions since offset-based timezones are automatically converted to the new timezones.
23910 Report Design Gauge Javascript error in Gauge/Map hover effect.
24026 Instant Reports Filters In New IR page autocomplete filter operator not searching for values after first entry.
24030 Dashboards Filters Fixed 'Object reference not set' error in webserver
24039 Report Design Visualization Visualization improperly interacting with certain pivots.
24048 API Optimization Categories being created in wrong location when using <category name>.
24057 API Filters Fixed issue where date filters not always work correctly in Dashboards when AdHocSettings.Culture is not default.
24058 Report Design Filters Field based filters (equals field) not working in reports.
24059 Dashboards Optimization Use previous or is disabled in dashboard as it cannot be used as a common filter. Each tile can have different logic in the report, so this logic will not be common among all dashboard tiles.
24155 Dashboards Visualization Autocharts not working in Dashboard when a report with sub report are loaded
24170 Report Viewer Optimization Fixed Reference Error when adding field to report in viewer
24174 Report Viewer Fields Added Field in Report from Report Viewer Showing as Count or Sum by default. Resolved (March 22, 2016)

Hotfix (March 24, 2016)

Case Category Subcategory Description
HF:23784 VisualGroups Bug Fixed: First field in a report, with VG enabled, can disappear when subtotals added and report is previewed.
HF:23491 Joins Bug Fixed: Issue where if you to add multiple joins to the same table you must save the report in between adding each field in order for additional table joins to appear.


Case Category Subcategory Description
8453 API Feature Izenda Reports - Added labels (EX: SUM, COUNT) that appear on the hover-over of a subtotal.
11189 API Feature Addition of commentary to Izenda serialization.
21937 Dashboards Feature Dash2.0 - Adding support for Fusion Report Cache timestamp to appear on report tiles in new Dashboard.
22505 Instant Reports Feature Dash2.0 - Ability added to easily set default category in Dash2.0 in code. Settings in file: "Resources/components/dashboards/module-definition.js" // dashboard config object: angular.module('izendaDashboard').constant('izendaDashboardConfig', { showDashboardToolbar: true, defaultDashboardCategory: 'Filters', defaultDashboardName: 'dashboard Autocomplete Filter' });
22537 API Feature Refactored Datatable class to increase performance on larger data sets. Implemented setting AdHocSettings.ClearManagedMemoryOnRender, this false by default. When set to true .NET Garbage Collector is explicitly called. To take full advantage of these changes in the Datatable class custom formats can be updated to use the following: 1) Replace IFormatter with BaseFormatter 2) Replace all DataTable occurrences with AdHocDataTable 3) Add override key words to the methods: "public Type GetOutputDataType" -> "public override Type GetOutputDataType" - "public object Format" -> "public override object Format" http://wiki.izenda.us/Release-Notes/Code-for-22537-ReleaseNote All previous implementations of IFormat will still work, but will not take advantage of the optimizations in the new Datatable implementation.
22749 Report Design Feature Cell Highlight - 'High' 'Medium' and 'Low' strings can no longer be used to address the upper, middle, and lower thirds of a range in highlighting or value range aliasing. You can use "x% to y%" range syntax to establish custom proportional ranges instead. High, Medium and Low will now function properly as strings.
23025 Instant Reports Logging Feature: IR2.0 (BETA) - Support for Filter Regex added to IR2.0.
23039 Scheduler Logging Feature: Scheduling - Added ability of configure local SMTP port. Add this method to customadhocconfig: public static System.Net.IPEndPoint BindIPEndPoint(System.Net.ServicePoint servicePoint, System.Net.IPEndPoint remoteEndPoint, int retryCount) { return new System.Net.IPEndPoint(System.Net.IPAddress.Parse(""), 6666); } Add this setting to InitializeReporting: AdHocSettings.SmtpClientBindIPEndPointDelegate = BindIPEndPoint;
23435 Instant Reports Feature IR2.0 (BETA) - added support for setting AdHocSettings.ShowChartTab which can hide the chart menu tab.
23438 Instant Reports Feature IR2.0 (BETA) - Adding support for hide grid feature in New Instant Report Designer. User can now create a Visualization from a grid and hide the grid from view in the report.
23642 Instant Reports Feature Enabling a feature on new Instant Report page to "Show Filters In Report Description". This option allows the filters to show on the screen and in the printed report.


Case Category Subcategory Description
21656 API Optimization Fixed: When using an ODATA connection, the results drop down was not properly working to increase or decrease number of results.
22443 Instant Reports Optimization Fixed: In IR2.0, when checked all field headers now become bold.
22500 Instant Reports UI Fixed: IR2.0 AutoGauge missing size-adjustment slider.
22607 Instant Reports Optimization Feature: IR2.0 (BETA)- 'Expose as Datasource' functionality added to IR2.0. Requires 'AllowVirtualDatasources=true' to be set.
22611 Instant Reports UI Feature: IR2.0 (BETA) - Add 'Hide Grid' UI to make tables invisible for Visualization-only report styling.
22615 Instant Reports Optimization Fixed: BETA New IR page is not paginating reports properly. The first page appears to limit records properly, but the pagination controls do not appear at the bottom of the screen.
22678 Instant Reports Visualization Feature: IR2.0 (BETA) - Help links for visualizations added.
22738 Report Design Filters Fixed: Code conflict that could cause null reference exception using a 'GreaterThan: 1' filter.
22855 Report Design Visualization Fixed: Grouping in Calendar Visualisation shifting values improperly.
22886 Dashboards Optimization Fixed: Issue where certain customizations or report configurations could cause multiple copies of same dashboard pane to erroneously appear upon refresh of a dashboard.
22976 Report Design Filters Fixed: When using a Group(week) or Group(year & quarter) function and "Add Subtotals" is selected, some reports will throw an "ORA-01722: invalid number" error in Oracle. On SQL Server, Izenda will display the error "Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string".
22992 API License Key Fixed: Stack Overflow Exception experienced when reading value 'LicenseKey' from web/config in certain configurations using web.config instead of global API to set license.
22996 API Optimization Fixed: Issue with unexpected date behavior using Timezone offset setting and creating a pivot based on date.
23007 API Optimization Fixed: Situation when manual schema cache refresh is required when adding a new stored procedure. Schema refresh will not be needed to add a new stored procedure to VisibleDatasources.
23035 Report Design UI Fixed: Browser-specific issues with popup drill-down UI rendering.
23056 Report Design Visualization Fixed: Calendar Visualization and Auto-Gauge Visualization being cut off in PDF exports.
23059 Report Design Visualization Fixed: Issue with values containing a ',' using tree-filter operator corrected.
23066 Dashboards Filters Fixed: Dash2.0 - Issue where the filters for dashboard tiles did not apply to the first tile of a report. This occurred when that first tile was a visualization and 'attached to', or built off of, the report summary.
23068 Report Design Visualization Fixed: Description text not used for chart labelling
23079 Report Design Export Fixed: After export, default preview results value ignored upon report update.
23090 API Optimization Fixed: NULL label added to replace erroneous 'column position label' assigned to counted NULL columns.
23102 API Optimization Fixed: When a colon is in the description box and a column group is being applied either through advanced field settings or the field@group method, colon also produces a column header.
23115 API Optimization Fixed: The error - "The ORDER BY clause is invalid in views, inline functions, derived tables, subqueries, and common table expressions, unless TOP, OFFSET or FOR XML is also specified." - displayed when doing certain PERS operations with expressions.
23124 API UI Fixed: Using a view name containing apostrophes was disallowed by the UI.
23150 Dashboards Export Fixed: Issue with dashboards exported to Excel where formatting was lost.
23158 API Optimization Fixed: Issue opening Settings.aspx via a mobile browser.
23176 Instant Reports Data Sources Fixed: Implemneted LazyLoad behavior for IR1.0/2.0. Stored Procedures will not be called/cached until expanded in IR with LazyLoading enabled. NOTE: StoredProcedure columns will not be available for 'search' in IR until expanded and column values cached.
23194 Scheduler Optimization Fixed: Applying timezone to UTC caused error - 'The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime.' - using Izenda setting 'ScheduleTimeZone'.
23208 API Optimization Fixed: On-page UI sort of data by clicking column header using alphanumeric order for dates instead of date order.
23224 API Optimization Fixed: Legacy JS refactored to allow '&' symbol in the name value of a drilldown.
23227 Report Design Forms Fixed: Deploying Izenda using UNC pathing, issues with FORMS product corrected.
23230 Dashboards UI Fixed: "Missing color hue rotate" error resolved in dash 2.0 background hue UI.
23231 Dashboards Filters Fixed: Dash2.0 - New Dashboard slider fixed so that it can be drug one or many segments.
23234 Instant Reports Filters Fixed: "ORA-01036: illegal variable name/number" error when using IR2.0 and Equals(Calendar) and preview results 100.
23235 Instant Reports Filters Fixed: IR2.0 displayed 'Invalid Value' error switching between date-entry filter and calendar date filter operators.
23236 Instant Reports Filters Fixed: 'Object reference' error displayed when switching from 'Between(Calendar)' to 'Equals Calendar' in IR2.0.
23240 API Optimization Fixed: Subcategory creation during report saving using 'Category/Reportname' behaves the same in both Viewer and designer.
23249 API Caching Fixed: Conflict in logic that sometimes results in empty name of the file for schema cache, causing cache to be lost, causing frequent long loading times.
23260 API Optimization Fixed: Issues with pivots and session state handlers in webfarms resolved.
23282 API Optimization Fixed: Changed handling of report SQL generation to better support legacy reports from Izenda 6.7 versions being correctly generated in the latest versions of Izenda with no changes.
23316 Report Design Export Fixed: Issue exporting to Excel in the following situation- Field is a Date(Time) type; VG; Export to Excel
23317 Report Design Visualization Fixed: Autochart legend now mirrors field order.
23331 Report Design Filters Fixed: Issue in the ReportDesigner where datepicker does not open automatically.
23334 Report Viewer Export Fixed: Serialized several objects overlooked in the v6.10.x release. Also corrected bug with limited rows being exported for XLS output
23340 API Optimization Fixed: Session data storage provider is not available error when HttpContext.Current.Session is null.
23352 Instant Reports Data Sources Fixed: When initially selecting a datasource in Instant Reports, the checkbox remains blank and users are unable to create joins off of the tables. The checkbox will now contain a check and users will be able to create joins.
23354 Report Viewer Export Fixed: Distorted thumbnails sometimes generated by EVO engine.
23359 API UI Fixed: Issue with HiddenCategories and 'CurrentUserName' values in session which can clear or duplicate categories for other users.
23378 API Optimization Fixed: Error found in logs that had no effect in UI but did unnecessarily bloat logs.
23433 API Optimization Fixed: Issue with serialization of malformed blank reportSet object when preparing response to getReportDashboardConfig request.
23457 API Optimization Fixed: Regression issue where initialization logic was broken for MVC4 kit specifically.
23458 API Data Sources Fixed: Issue with missing pagination controls on reports generated from Stored Procedures.
23467 API Optimization Fixed: System.ArgumentException: Issue where you get 'URI formats are not supported' error when usingAdHocSettings.ImagesPath. Exception is thrown by .net method System.IO.Path.GetFullPath which was added to ImagesPath setting getter in the commit for mentioned above case.
23487 API Optimization Fixed: Starter-kit code for vanilla Izenda installs modified so that it will pick 1.12 jquery for <=ie8, and 2.1 for all other cases.
23508 API Logging NOTE: Starting in the next version (v6.10.0.5+) ReportSet.GenerateOutput will be obsolesced. The new best practice is to use the ReportOutputGenerator classes directly.
23539 Report Viewer Save Fixed: Issue where saved formats in a report would be wiped out by making any format changes in the viewer advanced area.
23576 Report Design Data Sources Fixed: Database object with " ' " in name causing error in reading visible data sources.
23584 Instant Reports Data Sources Fixed: IR2.0 BETA - Instant Reports page the data source columns sorting based on the field name in the database instead of the alias name assigned.
23588 API Optimization Fixed: Issue if the logger call is incorrectly designed then unhandled exception may occur.
23595 Report Design Filters Fixed: Issue with single empty string value used in filters similar to Equals(Select) in functionality. Example: Empty auto-complete filter generates SQL - WHERE ([dbo].[Orders].[ShipCountry] = N'')
23627 Report Design Pivot Fixed: When adding a pivot the row headers are clickable to view the field panel, column headers are not, but after adding a second pivoted column the row headers cannot be clicked to view the field panel.
23629 Instant Reports UI Fixed: IR2.0 (BETA) - Issue with menu option for print, the dropdown itself does not show, can't print a report on PDF and HTML.
23631 Instant Reports Export NOTE: New settings in default global.asax. - Set New IR as Instant Report Page - Set AdHocSettings.ShowJoinDropDown = true - Set default PDF print mode to EVO
23649 Report Design Save Fixed: Erroneous global tenantID saved instead of user tenantID.
23680 API Data Sources Fixed: Issue with DB Schema cache causing existing database relationships to not work with any FUSION connection.
23691 Instant Reports Filters Fixed: Dash2.0/IR2.0 (BETA) - Issue where report becomes invalid when user tries to filter values created from IR designer.
23724 API Optimization Fixed: Discrepancy between very old code and recently added improvements to cultures handling. This conflict caused issues with cultures that change date format and Stored procedure code.
23732 Instant Reports Filters Fixed: IR2.0 (BETA) - 'Equals' style operators erroneously showed 'No Results' when 'blank' selected.
23759 Report Design UI Fixed: Issue with Equals(Calendar) UI where 'Next' and 'Previous' month buttons were not visible. (February 23, 2016)


Case Category Subcategory Description
HF:23222 Report Design Data Sources Hot Fix (03/02/2016) Fixed: Bug limiting maximum number of joins to ~10 corrected. When adding data sources in Report Designer Advanced mode, additional copies of the same table were not being aliased to allow for self joining
19644 API Optimization Added intelligent schema labelling in ReportDesigner 'DataSources' tab, which applies schema names when two DataSources have the same name from two different schemas.
20555 Report Viewer Optimization Added Support of Server Side sorting in the Report Viewer. Setting which controls the behavior is AdHocSettings.SortGridOnServerInViewer. The default value is set to false so the behavior will remain the same for all existing customers. This change only works in the Report Viewer, on other pages default client-side filtering should be utilized by changing the sort on the field in the designer. - All active field settings are shown and user can change the sort on multiple columns. With pure client-side sorting there is no way to apply sorting hierarchy while in this case we can do this so user can cycle asc/desc/none sorting on any column keeping previously saved sort. For instance, you could sort by Country and by City using this new feature while with the old sorting you can sort either by Country or by City. Applied sorting is respected in exports. In case of a pagination current page is preserved.
22561 API Optimization Added setting for number of recently updated reports to allow client to set a value for how many should be displayed. The default value for the new setting, AdHocSettings.RecentlyUpdatedCountAtReportList is 10 but any other interger may be used.
22608 Instant Reports Optimization Added support for BETA Instant Report page for user to drag new field into the work area between two existing fields on a report. User can drag existing fields around in the report work area to change position as well.
22703 Instant Reports Optimization Adding support for creating pivots in the BETA New Instant Report page. Documentation
22704 Instant Reports UI New BETA Instant Report - Rearranged the Field formatting options on the field panel. Documentation
22708 Instant Reports Optimization Enabled full support of FUSION with DataSourceCategories API for InstantReports 1.0/2.0. FUSION connections and DataSourceCategories now both create hierarchies in IR 1.0/2.0.
23251 Report Design Expressions Changed default of value of AdHocSettings.ShowModifiedReportMessage to false from true. This feature has been noted to cause issues for some client and the default has been changed until a final resolution can be made to enhance the feature.


Case Category Subcategory Description
18570 UI Visualization Fixed an issue where the Drilldown on Visualization "AutoChart" were not properly drilling down on Ipad and similar smaller mobile and tablet devices.
18933 Report Design Optimization Fix of regression bug where if you create a report with a concatenated field, remove & re-add that field from the viewer, it loses its original concatenated value. Also of note, if you edit the report from the same page after this happens, the order of the fields is different.
19948 Report Design Optimization Standardized 'Report Visibility' syntax in XML between ReportDesigner and InstantReports.
21403 Feature Optimization AdHocSettings.UltimateDbCommandTimeout added. When value is >0 DB request for filling the DataSet is executed asynchronously. If specified time is passed but DataSet is not yet filled then DB command is interrupted and canceled.
21620 Report Design Optimization Fixed JavaScript error in Internet Explorer created by Date picker due to change of focus.
21699 API Optimization Refactoring of initialization flags enhancing Izenda's compatibility with various webfarm environments.
21755 Dashboards Visualization When adding a Visualization to a report part on a dashboard, the sizing element has been removed. The size change cannot be saved in the dashboard as the report part is loaded from the current report format. If a sizing change is needed it should be made in the report and saved there.
22000 API Optimization Fixed issue with browser zoom settings overzealously moved the InstantReports preview area to the screen bottom, emulating narrow screen (mobile) behavior on full monitors.
22225 Report Viewer Export Fixed an issue with printing to HTML from report viewer where user could only print one time. On second try there is no response when clicking selecting the Print to HTML print option.
22275 API Export Reimplemented feature "Limit Outputs to CSV". This allows the report designer to select this option on the Misc tab of the report designer and when the report is viewed in the Report Viewer only CSV and XML export options are shown for export. This is useful in larger report sets where exporting may be very lengthy or where data is needed for export.
22348 API UI Fixed issue moving from InstantReports to ReportViewer where 'Area' chart is changed back to 'Column' chart default.
22395 Report Design Optimization Fixed issue where reports with the TenatID global would not load in the ReportDesigner when session included AdHocSettings.CurrentTenantID.
22407 Dashboards Saving In Dashboard V2 after moving two report parts to different locations in the dashboard, if users clicks 'save dashboard' , then it saves. However, when reloaded, the report parts are back to their original areas.
22444 Instant Reports UI Fixed issue with restore default colors button not functioning in InstantReports.
22495 API Optimization Fixed serialization issue with 'Izenda.AdHoc.PdfGeneratorBase' error.
22544 Dashboards Export Fixed issue with dashboards export to Excel of tables using VGHierarchy style where style was changed before export.
22548 API Expressions Feature: Added support for DATETIME and SMALLDATETIME for use in expression field.
22612 API Optimization Updating 'Preview Not Available' image for better user friendliness. Preview will now use a standard report image with a watermark as "Sample" until an actual preview is created from opening the report in the Report Viewer.
22626 Report Design Visualization Fixed error when choosing PREVIEW in the ReportDesigner if not all information is correctly entered to generate a map in the MAPS tab, causing a SQL error to display in IE.
22634 Report Design Gauge When creating a new report using a gauge (from gauge tab)in report designer there is a setting showing how may gauges to display - this is not respected in the dashboard, the limit is respected in the report, but all gauges are displayed in dashboard tile.
22673 API Optimization When using a field where the data contains a comma "," as a drill down filter the comma was not properly escaped in code. This resulted in bad data being sent to the subreport and the subreport was not properly filtered. Resolved, now fields containing commas can be used as drill down fields to a subreport without error.
22734 API Optimization Reverted changes with unintended consequence of disallowing pathing using both '/' and '\'.
22752 API Optimization Added value validation code for 'Records' box in 'Fields' tab of ReportDesigner.
22772 Dashboards Optimization Fixed issues with scheduling dashboards where the schedule type could not be changed from 'Embedded'. Also fixes issue where embedded reports do not export in the correct order.
22776 Scheduler Export Fixed legacy SchedulerExecuting flag - used to determine whether charts must be rendered to picture. Now Izenda sets this flag automatically when SchedulerOutput.GenerateMessage method is called.
22784 API Export CSV export using wrong separator ";" when exporting while using culture set to Spanish. Resolved, now properly using the "," separator.
22802 API UI Fixed issue with SubReport headers are displayed under filters section in reports.
22805 API Optimization Fixed bug in logic in code which renders report in field
22817 API Optimization Fixed issue where artificial limits on paging (10K rows) and report row limit (100K rows) were forced without settings being active.
22824 Report Design UI Resolved issue where chart titles added in the report designer are not showing up in the title section on the dashboard.
22872 Dashboards UI Tiles in dashboard using "user-select: none;" css style, but text should be available for copy. This is resolved now and the text from the dashboard tiles can now be copied.
22893 API UI Added support for Drilldown key passed to subreport to be an aggregate. Prior to this change values would not be passed to subreport if any aggregate function (sum, count, etc.) was used in the field.
22898 API Optimization Setting AdHocSettings.ApplicationHeaderImageUrl not working properly in Webforms VB kit. Issue resolved. Issue can be resolved without this fix by uncommenting the following lines in default.master.vb: 'If (Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(AdHocSettings.ApplicationHeaderImageUrl)) Then ' rightLogo.Src = AdHocSettings.ApplicationHeaderImageUrl 'End If
22932 Instant Reports Optimization Fixed issue in InstantReports where 'Search' values were not correctly reducing available options (greying out).
22933 API Optimization Fixed issue with internal key values for Arabic and Bulgarian localization where the English values were inappropriately used.
22947 Report Design Gauge Fixed an error with 'Count Distinct' function and 'Linear' gauges causing preview error. Also, improved log gauge readability in some situations.
22949 Report Design Filters Fix to various 'time period' filters (EX: 'This Week', 'Last Week', 'Today') which had inconsistent/unexpected results.
22953 API Optimization Fixed difficulty when using VS2015 with Izenda. VS 2015 creates local applicationHostConfig files, solution is to edit ri.csproj to use: true
22962 API UI Fixed issue breaking 'italics' style when subtotals are used.
22972 API Optimization Beginning with the RI for, the AdhocSettings.CurrentUserIsAdmin setting will be put in the global as set to true. This is not a change to the default setting, it is added to make it visible that the default value is true.
22999 Instant Reports Filters Build script removed from final build on archives site. This is an internal file used for building the site and is not needed in the reference implementation.
23013 Instant Reports Filters Fixed issue with export to PDF of Projection Map where map duplicates and the link is not clickable.
23049 Feature Visualization In BETA Instant Reports, reports not saving properly. Issue only seen in complex reports that take a few seconds to save. Optimized save process to speed time and changes made to ensure save process completes.
23053 Instant Reports UI When adding a new drilldown report to the BETA Instant Report page the popup style was not loading properly, resolved.
23054 Dashboards UI Possibly HTML injection issue. When using a link to access a report in the report designer, if the report name does not exist the report name given in the link should not be displayed on the screen in the designer. Resolved.
23071 Dashboards Filters When exporting charts to excel, labels containing dates are exporting as the integer value in excel. Resolved.
23081 Report Design UI When joining a table twice in the report designer, the second instance of the of the join does not contain "No Lock". Resolved.
23104 Dashboards UI Fixed issue with delay in opening 'Fields' dropdown in report designer. Optimized JS to increase performance significantly.
23109 API Optimization Fixed issue when Arithmetic addition checkboxes on the 'Fields' tab were used to sum 3 or more columns consecutively.
23121 Report Design Visualization Fixed errors with Dashboard2.0 tiles loading blank, and broken funnel chart loading behavior. (Requires browser cache refresh)
23156 API Optimization Izenda.AdHoc.PdfGeneratorBase was not properly made serializable, resolved.
23252 Report Design Charts Fixed issue where report name disappears when the cursor is not on the dashboard tile.
23255 Scheduler Optimization Name of field disappears from filter description when user changes the field format from the fields tab of the report viewer page. Example - date field selected as filter and changed from 2/1/16 to February 1, 2016 the filter field description is removed from the filter header bar.
23266 API Optimization Fixed server error when using the 'PopUp' drilldown style in InstantReports.
23281 Feature UI Fixed error with exporting Dashboard Visualization chart parts individually where the links provided for the export were not functional.
23290 Report Design UI Using a Visually grouped field on a field with a URL link applied and a style of Field Value, results in JavaScript error. Resolved.
23326 Report Design UI Time Bubble chart not displaying in Internet Explorer, showing error "Timebubble visualization Object doesn't support property or method 'isNaN'". Resolved. (January 26, 2016)

Important Note about

The update process has changed for stand alone MVC versions using Izenda's solution file.
It is recommended that when upgrading to this version (if you are using a stand alone) to download a new RI. Any upgrades going forward will require to to copy the contents of the Bin folder of the upgrade pack into your existing Bin folder and another copy into the new Lib folder.

Case Category Subcategory Description
HF:23145 Report Design Filter Hot Fix (02/09/2016) for new Date/Time picker feature. By default, the date picker does not use time. The picker can be changed to use Date & Time by using AdHocSettings.ShowTimeInFilterPickers = true.

This ticket resolves the following issues:
1 - Dashboard scheduling was inoperable after the date/time picker was added. This is now resolved
2 - Date/Time Picker respects dates using European format in the filter operator.
3 - The second date for Between Calendar operator was defaulting to the beginning of the day (00:00:00). It now defaults to end of the day (23:59:59). This can be modified by the user, but the second date cannot be set to (00:00:00) it should be set to the day prior and the midnight default (23:59:59). These time defaults match the Izenda queries used if the time function is not used.
4 - Previously when user is manually entering data, the cursor is moved to the "Time" field in the date time picker. This has been resolved.
5 - Date picker icons have different vertical alignment in the Report Viewer and in the Dashboard page. The issue is addressed the new date time picker, which is larger than the old date only version. For this reason the focus for selection had to be changed to the calendar icon to avoid covering the input fields for smaller screens if the user wants to type in the date. Previously, the user could click in the input field to use the picker, now the pickers must be selected by clicking the calendar icon.
6 - Previously, if the user used "AdHocSettings.Language/AdHocSettings.Culture" to implement foreign language settings, the culture was not respected by the date/time picker. The new changes implemented in the current release enabled " AdHocSettings.Language = AdHocLanguage." to automatically set the culture settings when a language is selected i.e. DateTime fields & Currency fields will get adjusted to Language chosen. e.g. When user selects "French" as the language to be implemented then the setting will be " AdHocSettings.Language = AdHocLanguage.French". The Date format will change to European i.e. DD/MM/YYYY & Currency will be changed to Euro.
17815 API Optimization AdHocSettings.AllowVisualGroups setting is deprecated and will no longer be available.
19792 Report List Optimization Enhancement of thumbnail generation process fixing incompatibilities with Azure Web Apps and other scenarios with COM restrictions. Reports must be opened in the Report Viewer to generate the thumbnail.
20471 Report Design Gauge Applying highlight to calculated field then applied to a gauge breaks the gauge. Fixed.
21106 Report Design Charts Fix: The Bezier curves on the Funnel Chart slice labels is off in viewer and Dashboards.
21642 Report Design Charts Fix: Legends not showing in pie charts
21816 Report Design UI Fix: "..." appears in grid; Error with links in CG fields; Issue with "" in field names.
21885 Report Design Expressions When one adds a field, and the adds and expression to that field under advanced settings, that expression is then added to any NEW field of the same name when using either insert field above/insert field below.
21930 Report Design Optimization Fix: Erroneous long decimal values in Dashboard.
21934 Report Design Optimization Fixed long load times as StoredProcedures queried on rpeport load. If following setting is added to Global: AdHocSettings.ValidateExistingReportsInDesigner = false; then Izenda doesn't validate tables/columns in database for existing reports when constructing list of them for reportDesigner (so it still checks if user has access rights to this reportset, tenant, etc. Also it doesn't affect ReportList or anything else except designer). This results in much faster reportDesigner loading, along with no pulling any StoredPProcedure metadata from database for existing reports, though reportDesigner will still show list of subreports, mark datasources which are used in any reports, etc.
21935 Feature Optimization Fixed Oracle numeric types mapping bug and added datatype mapping control. EX: AdHocContext.Driver.NativeToInternalTypesMap["NUMBER(18,0)"] = SqlType.TimeStamp;
21963 Report Design Optimization Fix: Issue with Instant Report pages not respecting FieldsRegex.
22041 Feature Optimization Fix: The date in the header will be displayed, even though we didn't select the "Show date and time".
22070 Dashboards UI Fixed issue with Dashboard background images not covering the top of Dashboard area.
22110 Dashboards UI Hover text from individual dashboard tiles is behind adjacent tiles in the dashboard.
22131 Report Design UI Show Legend Checkbox is implemented.
22140 Feature Forms You can now add css to the body of a form itself using the <!--FORMSTYLE--> add CSS here <!--FORMSTYLE--> tag
22157 Dashboards UI After re-sizing a tile in the dashboard, scroll bars appear on unaltered tiles and will continue to display until the unaltered tile is selected for re-sizing.
22193 Report Design Optimization Refactored Pivot queries for enhanced performance.
22235 Report Design Filters Fix: Issues and inconsistency found in Filters for Fields with NULL or a Blank available as value.
22254 Report Design Export CSV files downloaded from Report Viewer and report Designer are having same file size
22260 Report Design Filters Fixed issue with filters, where with two different joins of the same table, one aliased, any change you make to one is copied over to the other when you click "update results".
22266 Report Design Expressions When Join Alias is added it does not work in the Expression, also table name stops working.
22272 API Visualization Fix: Issues with IE9 translucency of the AutoChart tool-tip
22316 Feature Export Fixed issue with exporting to CSV always returns an excel spreadsheet with the error "Could not pickup appropriate connection" instead of data. Specifically applies to OData connection with BulkCSV enabled.
22329 Report Design UI Adding constraints using the Izenda.AdHoc.AdHocContext.Driver.AddConstraint method caused garbled field headers when using a pivot.
22333 API Optimization Updated report name dialog, so now it respects AllowCreateNewCategory setting and don't show "Create New Category" option when AllowCreateNewCategory is false.
22335 Report Design Gauge Fix: Autogage does not respect $/100 format
22340 Report Design Export Fix: No report found on excel when exporting a report with a subreport on dashboards.
22352 Report Design Gauge Fix: The value and Format of Radial Gauge is incomplete when it is previewed.
22353 API Optimization Fixed issue with exceeding of url length of GET requests in report designer, replaced all with POST.
22377 API Export PhantomJS headers repeating disabled, hiding bug in core PhantomJS tool. EVO PDF engine added as alternative.
22394 API Optimization Fix: Made class serializable that wasn't previously. Exception type: SerializationException Exception message: Type 'Izenda.AdHoc.Webservices.SubreportFiltersCollection' in Assembly 'Izenda.AdHoc, Version=, Culture=neutral,
22401 Report Design Export Dates changing to number text after exporting to excel when grouped by year/month in report designer.
22421 Report Viewer UI Fix: Issue with viewer sorting behavior when ResponsiveGrid is on and more columns are added than screenwidth can display.
22432 API UI Fix spelling error on dashboard scheduler page dashboards says "Recepients" in the email to box. Corrected to show correct spelling "Recipients".
22436 Report Design Visualization Changing the selection process for Visualization types on the Report Designer Charts tab from radio button to clicking image or name under the image.
22449 Dashboards UI In Dashboard V2 when filter panel is expanded, the mouse over function in the dashboard grid is not correct. The mouse hovers over one grid square but a different gird square is highlighted. Resolved hover over grid item is also the selected one.
22456 Report Design Filters Fix to 'Between' filter operator availability and addition of between calendar support to the dashboard.
22508 API Optimization Fix loss of timezone offset when certain grouping combinations are used.
22533 Dashboards UI Corrected spelling on dashboards
22539 API Optimization Separated 'Linear' and 'Logarithmic' gauge scaling
22551 Instant Reports Saving Error message displayed to user when attempting to save a report from New DEMO IR page in a new Reference Implementation without a Reports folder. Change made to create folder for user to save report definition.
22585 API Filters Fixed a null reference exception when report is opened with filter values passed in a URL, also resolving issues where Left Join fails to render a report.
22587 Report Design Filters Fixed lost filter logic parameters upon report export.
22598 Report Design Optimization Fix: Fields dropdown delays in MVC. Implemented optimization in branch FB-22598, now adding field works ten times faster.
22602 Report Design Visualization Heatmap issue with values/labels not exporting to PDF fixed.
22614 Instant Reports UI Add "Expose as datasource" option for Virtual Datasources to new DEMO Instant Report page.
22651 API Optimization Fix: Broken recognition on multiple constraints containing foreign keys.
22662 Instant Reports Filters BETA New Instant Report page added support of Param indicator for filters. This allows the user creating the report the ability to display filters to the report viewer as parameters for changing the report filter values. This ability is based on the sharing rights given to the viewing user.
22676 Instant Reports Filters New Instant Report Page added support for filter descriptions. User can change the name of the filter for viewing in the report viewer.
22683 Feature Visualization User help information added into base fileset for AutoGauge & Flowchart visualizations.
22701 Instant Reports UI Added responsive behavior for reduced screen sizes for New Instant Report page. For mobile all items are moved to left panel and UI elements are are adapted for small screen size.
22712 Dashboards UI Fix: Report Parts on dashboard disappear if Show tile options was clicked while the print tile report is open in another window.
22717 Dashboards Filters Autocomplete filters from reports are not functioning in Dashboard V2. Data is not displaying when user types in any data to the filter. Resolved.
22748 Report Design UI Fixed css style which prevents proper Width value from being applied.
22753 Dashboards UI When using setting AdHocSettings.ShowSaveControls = false; the setting is not removed from the Dashboard V2 page. Resolved, setting now disables all save functionality from Dashboard page.
22762 API Optimization Izenda License keys were not expired as expected. After the fix testing is done in all the environments i.e. SQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostGress, ODATA, MVC.
22773 Report Design Visualization Adding help text for ArcMap and Projected Map in Visualizations area of Report Designer.
22787 API Optimization When using tables with "." in name. Constraints were not loading from the database to allow users to join tables in simple mode of Report Designer and Instant Reports. Resolved now tables names with "." are not blocking constraints.
22818 Report Design Charts Fix: Y-Axis labels improperly formatted for right-hand Y-Axis values.
22861 Scheduler Optimization Fix: Scheduled Dashboard uses 'ReportViewer' link instead of 'Dashboards' link.
22875 API Optimization Fix: Minimization of StoredPocedure calls amount when rendering reportSet with several reports.
22922 Feature UI Folder structure modified to alleviate issues with helper files being deleted on Clean or Rebuild processes in Visual Studio. New Libs folder now contains a copy of the bin folder (must be kept up-to-date on maintenance release upgrades where bin folder is replaced without a new RI) to keep helper files from being deleted when the project is cleaned.
22945 Report Design UI Fixed grid filtering based on Viz drilldowns.
22968 Report Design UI Fixed broken HTML charts (HiCharts) in MVC deployments.
23045 Report Design UI Regression issue using popup filter. The selection of values in pop up after save causes report to display no records selected. (December 29, 2015)


Case Category SubCategory Description
Architecture Update Internal Browser Support Izenda 6.10.0.x versions have dropped support for IE8. IE9+ must be used for versions and later. While users may still be able to access the application from IE8 new and or existing features and functionality may no longer work in these browsers. In addition, bugs or performance issues that appear only when using IE8 will not be investigated or fixed after this release.
HF:22762 Security License Conflict Hotfix patch to Izenda to resolve a licensing conflict. (01/05/2016)
FB:22008 Framework .NET Version Update Updated the Izenda .NET framework to 4.0
FB:13917 Data Data Sources Feature - Addition of support for Oracle Stored Procedures. The only stored procedures supported at this time are pipelined functions that return a table-valued object. See this documentation for more details on table-valued pipelined functions. Functionally, these work just like MSSQL stored procedures as far as Izenda is concerned. The processes for including them in VisibleDataSources, working with constraints, passing parameters as filters, etc are the same.
FB:21959 Data Data Sources Feature - Addition of MySQL Stored Procedure support. The only stored procedures supported at this time MUST be formatted a specific way for Izenda to be able to use them. The connection string must use the MULTI_STATEMENTS=1 identifier. The procedures themselves must use the following syntax: DELIMITER $$ BEGIN DROP TABLE IF EXISTS [SprocName]_spResult; /* Izenda-specific code / CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE [SprocName]_spResult AS / Izenda-specific code / [The normal sproc body goes here] SELECT * FROM [SprocName]_spResult; / Izenda-specific code */ END$$ DELIMITER ; where [SprocName] is the exact name of your stored procedure without the brackets. Functionally, these work just like MSSQL stored procedures as far as Izenda is concerned. The processes for including them in VisibleDataSources, working with constraints, passing parameters as filters, etc are the same. Be sure to change the DELIMITER to something other than the semicolon or else MySQL will not correctly compile the stored procedure.
FB:22093 API Cache Feature - Add support to allow 'InvalidateSchemaCache' to be executed across entire webfarm. New setting implemented, activated through a single setting. If there are two machines "server1" and "server2" in webfarm, for both servers, use the following setting in InitializeReporting:AdHocSettings.WebFarmNodesRsUrls = new string[] { "http://server1/rs.aspx", "http://server2/rs.aspx" }; When invalidate schema cache is used it works across all machines.
FB:19135 API Session State Feature - Added IDataStorage interface to allow customization of the storage mechanisms for sessions. Izenda can be configured to use a custom class that implements this interface. Sample use:// This code should be placed before any Izenda calls.AdHocContext.Storage = new CustomSessionStorage(); A code sample was created to illustrate the concepts. Code Sample available here
FB:19705 Report Design Filters Feature – Add Filter Alias. Prior to this new feature filters must be named the same as the column name or Field Alias set in code. Now to alias filters there are 2 options 1 – Use AdHocSettings.FilterAliases to set the alias for how column names are displayed in the filter selection drop down from code. 2 – User can change the filter name using the new Description field. This can be accessed in the Report designer from the filter tab or from the viewer by clicking the gear icon in the filter. The logic of applying aliases is the following (from the highest priority to the lowest): 1) Defined by the user alias - Description property of the filter 2) AdHocSettings.FilterAliases 3) AdHocSettings.FieldAliases 4) Column name. More information can be found here
FB:19756 API Caching Feature - Cache Interface Added. The first phase of cache changes to allow easy customization of the caching mechanism(s) used in Izenda. A new cache interface (IPermanentDataCache) was implemented for two Izenda data caches. RenderedResultsCache: the Fusion(HTML) cache DatabaseSchemaCache: used to cache the schema information. With these changes, any caching provider can be used by implementing the IPermanentDataCache interface in a custom class and configuring Izenda to use the custom class. AdHoc.Cache.DataCache.IPermanentDataCache is called "permanent" because for these caches we do not use the "storage" expiration approach. The expiration policy of all objects in the cache can be controlled by custom code. - Custom caches can be specified using AdHocContext.Caches property. Currently DataCacheRepository contain only two caches - RenderedResultsCache and DatabaseSchemaCache but we will expand this list to more different caches. Having one repository will make adding them easier in the future. Here is how you can apply custom class for DB cache: AdHocContext.Caches.DatabaseSchemaCache = new CustomDbSchemaCache(); And here is the same for Fusion cache: AdHocContext.Caches.RenderedResultsCache = new CustomHtmlCache(); Be sure to do this before all other Izenda calls. A sample Redis cache for DB Schema has been created for reference. This was implemented using Redis. Code Sample available here
FB:19815 Instant Reports New BETA Page Feature - The new Instant Report Designer page is being released as a BETA version in the Izenda release. This beta release is made available to allow a broad user base to evaluate and give us feedback on the future of the Report Designer, but is not recommended for production use at this stage. This is not a fully supported feature however and any product defects will be noted, but not slated for immediately scheduled work.Please review documentation here
FB:21663 Printing PDF Support In Azure Addition of new PDF engine - EVO. Provides Azure support via cloud service. There is a known issue with HTML charts and EVO printing that is scheduled for resolution in Learn more on this configuring the cloud service here


Case Category SubCategory Description
FB:22308 UI Language Support Updated several language files with incremental changes from recent UI changes.
FB:21917 Report Design Visualization Reintroducing ArcMap Visualization to stock Visualization pool.
FB:22277 Scheduler Scheduler Removed dummy URL references within utility file and replaced with empty string. Supporting use case of offline custom scheduler. Added minor url changes to resolve javascript errors.
FB:21988 Report Design Virtual Data Source Fix VirtualDataSources to ignore TOP setting of last viewer save state.
FB:22660 Report Design Localization Fixed issue with string sources loading with empty values in localization.
FB:22658 Starter Kit Instant Report Updated RI kits for standard deployment
FB:22311 Report Design Visualization Transitions visualization labels overlapping each other in the chart. Updated and now are displaying dispersed as expected.
FB:22135 Report Design Pivots Oracle Pivots bug resulting in 'Invalid Report Definition' error due to improper string conversion, resolved.
FB:21874 API Dashboards Added angular configuration option to show dashboard without list/toolbar.
FB:22512 Data Data Sources Oracle CHAR datatype concatenating values in ReportViewer Filter panel. Fixed in \Resources\js\ReportViewerFilters.js file. Replace "if (newVal.length > 1)" with "if (newVal.length > 0)".
FB:22570 API Language Support Updated Resources files with additional Language files to be distributed.
FB:22078 API Hidden Columns Fix: HiddenColumns - apply to ALL FieldsRegex - apply only to Fields FiltersRegex - apply only to Filters
FB:21806 UI Report List Fix/Enhancement: Improved ReportList search behavior. Now when user types in report name, categories are limited to only the ones containing a similar name as search.
FB:21857 Starter Kit MVC Fix: Workaround to MVC version routing issues when publishing to IIS as a website directly from VisualStudio. Now a vanilla download should be able to be published directly with no changes.
FB:22168 API Security XSS attack security measures conflict with '&' symbol in multi-select filters. Fixed.
FB:22160 Data Data Sources Added additional support for MySQL filters with numeric/decimal field types.
FB:21807 Report Design UI Fix: Corrected erroneous 'flagging' of advanced field properties panel when new field is added.
FB:22347 Printing Printing AutoChart missing from HTML export, resolved
FB:21733 Printing Printing Fix: Support of printing/exporting an unsaved dashboard.
FB:21220 Report Design Charts Fix: Doughnut Pie-Chart wedges very thin.
FB:22146 Report Design Gauge Animation is not disabled for the Gauges visualization when printing. As a result intermittently incorrect data is displayed.
FB:22480 Report Design Visualization When using only visualizations on a dashboard, the sub-report linking doesn't honor the filters selected user clicks-through to the sub reports. Fixed
FB:19428 Refactor Exporting Fix: Refactor of export code to improve rendering performance and memory performance.
FB:21969 Scheduler Scheduler Fix: Scheduler 'embed' option. "rn=" parameter name is missed in the link URL so instead of "ReportViewer.aspx?rn=ReportName" the link uses "ReportViewer.aspx?ReportName" URL now corrected.
FB:22383 Report Design Filters Discovered place in code with the inconsistency - Filter.GetConvertedColumnValue - causes filter dates to be converted to US dates when running filters (MM/dd/yyyy)
FB:20529 Report Design Forms Removed unused code for @total used in form creation as it was not used. Also it was removed from the Smart Tags drop-down in Forms editor.
FB:22555 Report Design Filters Field Comparison Filter not working, displays message “Please enter a valid value in String format" when comparing fields. Resolved
FB:22214 Report Design Visualization Visualizations now support fields of Object type.
FB:22655 Report List Report List Regression issue found with pivot scroll bars, missing horizontal and vertical scrolling function when creating large pivots resolved.
FB:22637 Report Design Forms Removed button "Go To Online Documentation" from within the Features tab of the Settings page. This linked to old Izenda Knowledgebase that will be taken offline.
FB:22711 UI DashBoard Dashboard error "An entry with the same keys already exists" when refreshing dashboard. resolved.
FB:22239 Charts Exporting Trend and Bar charts are being compressed in HTML and PDF exporting. Resolved
FB:22296 Charts Visualization Error when printing to HTML with visualizations, overlapping of visualizations in document. Fixed
FB:22477 UI Charts Pie chart with Separator will not render in dashboard when used in report. Fixed

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